Farewell Year, Farewell With Read Cash?

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Just waiting for a few more hours, the world will roar with the farewell of the year and welcome the new year. On December 31, 2022, at 19.30 (eastern Indonesian time), for more details now, I sat pensively in the house without lights and only looked at the lights of the Christmas tree which was still standing upright in the corner of the house.

Reflecting at the end of the year, The light of the Christmas tree in the corner of the house. Alone.

This is the time to reflect, the journey of life that I have passed throughout 2022.

There is a word sorry. πŸ™‡

There is a happy word. πŸ™Œ

There is a word of despair. πŸ™

There is a word success. πŸ™‹

There is a word fail. πŸ™…

There is a word hurt. πŸ’”

There is a word jealousy. πŸ™Ž

And there is a sentence: Goodbye. πŸ‘‹

What I have passed in 2022, provides a very meaningful lesson in life. It's time to think about the next future, age goes on and time can't be held back.

There are things that must be maintained. ✊There are things that must be left behind. 🚢There is something to be pursued. πŸƒ

Every memory will always be locked in the memory of the brain and always felt by the heart. It's hard to let go but that's human nature, not everything will stand forever because there are times when everything will fall. 2022 was a gloomy year for me, I had to face many failures and deadlocks. Maybe it can't be said in words and sentences, in essence, there is more pain than happiness. But that's life, hard and happy must be lived. Now goodbye, already on the corner of the lips ... and goodbye.

What about Read Cash? have to say goodbye like goodbye in 2022? It's hard to put into words, many members have said with certainty that they have left Read Cash and will not be coming back, but some are still sticking around.

I have grown up well on Read Cash, I have come to know Bitcoin Cash well because of Read Cash. When I didn't have a job, my family often suffered from a lack of primary needs, but when I got to know Read Cash, solutions to meet the family's needs could be found. Even though I couldn't sleep all night just to make articles and be active on the platform, gratitude always flows in my heart because I am proud to be able to support my family from working online. I can say, My family and I have eaten a lot of Bitcoin Cash, in the Read Cash family. This is the reason why it is very difficult for me to let go and leave Read Cash.

If other people say goodbye to Read Cash, then I have to say welcome back to 2023, as long as Read Cash still opens its doors, I will always enter it. Right now I don't know how long Read Cash lasts, but as a human being who has enjoyed the goodness of this platform, I will always be there until Read Cash ends.


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This really makes my heart emotional, I truly understand why they leave but, still, I hope for a better read.cash community this 2023.

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1 year ago

Let's think about it, while Noise.Cash was updated and not closed. What's more, this most interesting Read Cash will definitely not be discontinued and there will definitely be updates.

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1 year ago

We can all hope it remains. At the very least maybe it will become something new like noise.cash became. Regardless I hold my time here so far as a great opportunity to connect with a great community of people.

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1 year ago

Tuan is a spirit for souls who have been broken hearted. Actually there are a lot of people who are not active here, but because of the amazing idea from Mr. Read Cash members still look alive and excited again, at least they can heal the wounds they are facing. I salute you sir, I hope your eyes can be completely healed and given abundant blessings.

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1 year ago