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Is this really happening?

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8 months ago
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Date 5th Jan 2021

Something doesn't seem right to me. I thought that we lived in a democracy here in the west though I fear we are fast becoming a dictatorship!

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France said in an interview for the 'Le Parisien' newspaper that he intends to make life difficult for the unvaccinated.

He said 'I really want to hassle them and we will continue to do this-to the end'

To me this sounds quite threatening language, though it seems many people support him!

France has recently taken away the option to provide a negative lateral flow test to visit many public venues.

Covid Passes will be required to access many public venues. Picture courtesty of pixabay.

They are only a step away from forced vaccinations!

Vaccinations are now mandatory in Austria and in Greece anyone over the age of 65 can be fined €100 per month for every month that they don't take the Covid 'vaccine'.

You can read more about this here.

Here in the UK maybe we should consider ourselves fortunate that vaccines are not yet mandatory and that a negative lateral flow test can still be used to enter large events or nightclubs, therefore giving us the option to take a test instead of a vaccine.

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 appears to be milder than previous variants and here in the UK, Boris Johnson has said that he wants to 'ride out the Omicron wave with no further restrictions'.

Many have questioned if this is the right policy, though I feel that we need to try to learn to live with this virus sooner rather than later as it is not going away anytime soon.

Surely we cannot be vaccinating people every 6 months indefinetly.

I know there is a virus, which I know we need to be aware of, though the Omicron variant is much milder than previous strains and therefore much less of a threat.

Shouldn't we all really be thinking about getting our liberty and freedoms back instead of having a narrow focus on the virus.

Those people who diligently listened and obeyed their respective governments and took their first and second doses of the Covid vaccine thought that this would mean a return to normal soon.

We are a long way from that, in fact the double jabbed will soon be classed as 'unvaccinated'.

The definition of fully vaccinated will soon require you to be 'boosted' as well.

The pressure on people to get vaccinated is immense, the unvaccinated have become 'The Others' a scapegoat to blame for this unfolding crisis, which will become an economic disaster, and plunge more into poverty.

I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure this is not some kind of nightmare.

I respect your choice if you have chosen to be vaccinated, however the route we are going down in blaming the unvaxxed is immoral and wrong! To exclude them from normal everyday life in the name of 'public health' is wrong.

How did we get here, many people in our society seem to have lost their ability to think for themselves?

One explanation for the current crazy state of society is offered by Dr Robert Malone. He is a highly qualified Dr who played a big part in the invention of mRNA vaccines.

Here is a clip from an interview on the 'Joe Rogan Exprience' in which he explains the 'Mass Phycosis' which is infecting the whole planet!

Check it out here.

What can I say, is this really happening?

One thing I can say for sure is we must:

  • Stay alert

  • Stay awake

  • Protect our liberty

  • Save lives

It is becoming clear to me that this whole 'pandemic' is being used to keep us in a constant state of fear and only a few 'scientists' know the way out of this.

We are so afraid of dying that we have stopped living!

I think the errosion of our liberty is of more concern than protecting us from the virus.

If we are concerned about catching it there are many things we can do to protect ourselves.

We can choose not to visit a nightclub or large venue, we can order our shopping online, we can wash our hands reguarly, take vitamin D, get regular exercise and eat well.

We can never eliminate all of the risk in any area of life.

Which is the most important thing to you, your quality of life and your social bonds or catching a virus that you are likely to recover from.

Of course you can still catch the virus even if you are vaccinated, and the vaccine is not completely risk free either!

This is why to take the vaccine or not should be an entirely free choice to the individual, without duress of coercion!

If you made it to here, thank you for reading.

You can check out some of my other articles here.

Article is my own.

Pictures courtesty of pixabay

Video: YouTube

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Written by   64
8 months ago
Topics: Health, COVID, Economy, Finance, Politics, ...
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Yes, it is happening and it's global. Same discourse, same agenda. They will go as far as we let them, as they need us to enforce it. This has been brewing for years. Time to choose which side of history we want to be on. Final goal as I see it: a NeoFeudal system, one group on top connected in a pyramidal structure by blood and relationships of vassalage, and under it: peasants/slaves--tied to the land, need permission to move to a different sector and are considered human resources, not human beings.

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8 months ago

That is really quite concerning, we need to be prepared to fight for our freedoms, I mean in a peaceful way if possible, but I just think there comes a point when a government can push things too far, then all that is required is that good people do nothing and they will then achive their objective. Speak up, warn people what is happening or it will be too late...

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8 months ago

I believe the only way out is non compliance. But it needs to be massive. We are still in the information phase. If we manage to understand and share a clear vision, people do understand. Crypto is a big part of this. We need to get out of the banking system. On the other side they are rushing in the Nazi passports. They must mot accept them. Search gesundheitpas.

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8 months ago

I'm with you on this one. New normal is not normal. Mass formation Psychosis, Mass hysteria, mass psychogenic illness. Time for people to wake up and realize the cracks in the narrative.

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8 months ago

Yes people really need to wake up soon too!

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8 months ago

As of now, unvaccinated individuals are also not allowed to go out in public.places here in my country.

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8 months ago

Its becoming too much, in the name of 'public health'

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8 months ago

And it was so stressfull

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8 months ago