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3 years ago

A quick thank you to the entire Bitcoin Cash BUIDL community for all the amazing (hard) work that everyone is doing. in particular is a "technical" marvel (so impressed), it's also pretty easy on the eyes. Not sure how long this site has been alive, but it's inspired me to write/blog for the first time EVER.

A Brief Origin Story

I've been a professional developer for the last 24 years. Started a BBS in my parents basement, Midnight Run, that gave me my first glimpse into the world of tech (2 years before the Internet, Prodigy, Compuserve, etc). Being a SysOp was the best education a young developer could ever ask for.

You're probably too young, but this was the Internet, before the Internet

I was graciously supported (with content and knowledge) by strangers who dialed into one of my 8x phone lines (started with 14.4k, to 28.8k and then oh boy did 56k make things fun).

Can't remember everything that I hosted (none of the "bad" illegal stuff), but there were plenty of warez to go around, as you might know, you gotta upload to download. I'll never-ever-ever forget the first time a saw (topless) Pamela Anderson appear pixel-by-pixel right before my eyes -- took about 25 minutes for that JPEG upload, but oh was it worth it -- good times.

shoutout to my boy Anthony, the #1 co-sysop ever!

My education during that time primarily focused on function though: learning about .zip compression, hex editors, Turbo Pascal, all the while leading into TCP/IP (you know, the Internet).

During that time, I was also the SysAdmin for both HS computer labs (not officially of course), which gave me unfettered access to the entire school network (with great power came great responsibility). However, I was not always responsible, which I routinely expressed with after school multi-player Doom tournaments over the Intranet (yeah! the Internet was still a ways off).

The cool thing was, you didn't even have to be in one of the labs, any classroom or library connected computer would do, so we had LARGE events.

Fast forward a bit

University was pure awesome! I was able to finish my first semester of IT in about a week, so they made me a TA, and once again, I had POWER! Got a part-time job (working about 12 hours on Fridays-only), so I had MONEY! A freshman with money AND power, what would you expect to happen next?

Day trading during the dot-com bubble era was eassaaayyyy

I took a 2nd gig freelancing on my spare time for a Wall Street day-trader, who tasked me with the responsibility of alerting his clients every time he had a "trade idea" (this was back when they still used beepers). I quickly realized that this guy was good, REALLY GOOD, and started trading myself.

TL;DR—bought my first car all cash and moved off-campus into a gated community. and this was only the beginning...

Fast forward a bit more

Considering that my guidance counselors (I had two) had me in the top decile (approx. $65k/yr) of potential earners upon graduation (2 1/2 years away) and I had already received multiple 6-figure offers, I did the only thing one can do .. I took the fuckin' money.

TL;DR—although I started as a Junior Developer for $75k (less than expected, but I decided NOT to work in the city -- you know quality of life and all), I was extremely fortunate and doubled my salary that first year.

Okay, so I would definitely call this my peak. Life was good. My proudest moment came when I installed a Clarion AutoPC in my car. It would talk to me and I could talk to it. So basically I had Kitt, from Knight Rider.

Who needs a BOSS anyway?

Entrepreneurship is a dominant gene in my family (both core and extended), so it was only natural to branch out on my own.

I started a real estate consulting business on the side, basically doing online marketing for Realtors. It was mostly automated ads to Craigslist. The work was rewarding and the money was steady and growing. It was the first time I could make money in my sleep.

Okay, so you've basically just been listening to me gloat about how fabulous my life has been. Well.. that's about to change. As much as I love reminiscing (especially with an 80-proof-bev-in-hand), that's NOT the point. YOU NEED CONTEXT. That's the only way you'll understand how I arrived to where I am today.

A fate-changing car crash

One ordinary day on my way home from work, I was t-boned by a reckless teenage driver. Fortunately, he hit me on the passenger side (which became no more) and sparred my life. But I still had 6-months of recover, therapy, etc, etc.

I never drove that car again :(

TL;DR—I eventually decided to give up my nice "cushy" executive position as a team leader and decided to go FULL entrepreneur.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhhhh...
Life. Became. Difficult. (read fuckin' miserable)
Within a few years (honestly like 2), I was POOR. HOMELESS. and IN DEBT.

More money, more problems

So here's the thing though. Being poor did have its benefits. I HAD NO MONEY, AND COULDN'T DO SHIT! So the only option really was to work, and work I did. Decided to forgo food and alcohol in favor of a shiny new ISDN line (in my shared apt -- where I worked and slept on the couch).

Enter that little green robot

I happened to be in China when the first dev phone released. My buddy (the aforementioned Anthony) bought it and sent it over. It took 6 weeks to clear customs (along with the rest of my tech gear), but it started one of the MOST rewarding times of my life.

The start of the mobile revolution

TL;DR—There is an immense joy that comes from writing software for YOURSELF. At this time, I was on a one-year sabbatical, so I was selfish and just wrote apps for myself. And I loved every minute of it.

As there was very little competition in the app store at the time, I had great success with 3 of the 20 apps that I published. One in particular got picked up by a major telco that licensed its use and pre-installed it onto their mobile devices.

The heavy hand of Google

My Android apps (20 in total) were spread over 3 companies that I had at the time (real estate, IT and entertainment) as well as my own personal account.

Bitch-ass Google!

One Thanksgiving, I believe in 2011, I published a NSFW app on my own website. I created a "Lite" version that was SFW and published it in the App Store, which was very common at the time. I also ran my billing through Google Wallet (is that what they called it back then), which was probably NOT the best idea.

Within about 90 days, my revenue had reached about $9k/mo, but all good things came to and end, when the folks over in Mountain View decided not only to close my "personal" account (which published the NSF version), but also the 3 corporate accounts that I had linked to my name. With it I lost my 20 published apps, all revenue, with NO means of recovery.

Yeah, so I could still publish all of my apps on my OWN respective websites, but srsly Google, WTF?!? These were C class corporations, which as I understood were their OWN entities. I don't even understand how they could legally do that, but who could afford a lawyer to fight Google???

All the apps were still installed on user's devices, but now I had ZERO revenue. I thought about switching to PayPal for billing (which I kinda did for a lil' bit), but I realized this would probably be short-lived as well. Besides the fact is I had 4 PayPal accounts and couldn't risk a Google-esque closure of ALL my accounts, AGAIN!

Ahhh, alas, enter Bitcoin

In the fall of 2012, after exhausting all options with Google (those bitches wouldn't even tell me WHY), I decided I needed to find a better way to handle online commerce moving forward. There were the "hi-risk" merchant services, but their UXs was so damn terrible on mobile, so they were a non-starter.

The first Bitcoin halving occurred on the 28th of November 2012. I believe I had "heard" of Bitcoin before that, but THAT was the day I decided, "whatever, what the fuck? what the hell do I have to lose".

The next day, I went to MoneyGram and sent US$1,000 to Mt. Gox. Each bitcoin was about US$12 back then, so I had about 80 BTC to start experimenting, and experiment I did.

Not quite 50BTC for pizza, but at one point, I remember paying 10BTC for a graphic design. I can't find it now, but it's somewhere on BitcoinTalk.
(btw, I am even allowed to use that site anymore? -- or don't hate the haters)

As I often did and still do, I was determined to become an expert before I committed anything to this new opportunity. So I spent the next 8-9 months studying cryptography (thanks Udemy) and reading any and all source code I could find. Since I'm NOT proficient in C/C++, the majority of my blockchain education really came from BitcoinJS (thanks to Stefan Thomas @justmoon for that).

Let's build an ATM

So I was approached in 2014 to redesign the Project Skyhook for commercial use in NYC's nascent Bitcoin market. It quickly became apparent that there were "critical" flaws with the machine's setup (notably, its bill acceptor would accept fakes), so I had the "brilliant" idea of creating a "better" skyhook (still very affordably priced at under US$1,000).

The Lil' Bodega was born (check out the Indiegogo campaign).

I launched the first model (which was actually its 2nd generation) in Brooklyn just before BitLicense was announced.

Oh-My-God! WTF?!? Word of mouth is a hell-of-a-thing.

First day, we did $12k, and we hadn't announced it to ANYONE (the machine wasn't even properly installed yet).

But who wants to deal with regulators, so we quickly setup shop across the river in NJ. It was actually the first Bitcoin ATM for the state.

Hardware is really, really, really fucking HARD!

This is the part of the story where I start to breakdown and get a little emotional. And I know I'll soon be left with an empty bottle (bourbon really is the best medicine), so please bear with me.

Technical problems with the hardware just never went away. Inserted bills not being counted, Internet connectivity issues, camera/qrcode issues, touchscreen issues, battery/backup issues, it went on and on...

Throughout it all, I had a lot of help from the resources provided by ATDC, Georgia Tech's technology accelerator, as well as my amazing mentor Michelangelo Ho. They were amazing and provided me with the best resources available in the region.

My struggles continued.. but it was slowly moving in the right direction.

Big block OR small block?

At the time, I thought it was just annoying to have to wait so long on days when the volume was high and the mempool was full. However, those days became more and more frequent. I didn't know it at the time, but the core developers had ulterior motives (to the tune of $30MM) for keeping the blocks exactly the way they were.

Perhaps, I should have pivoted sooner, but I guess I was too hopeful that this "problem" would get solved soon enough. Umm, it didn't.. My days became filled with watching for block confirmations. And that was it! My job became moving bitcoins into a Goddam hot wallet all-day-long (well at least during ATM operating hours).

Who needs sleep anyway?

So a few of my operators had the good fortune of securing 24hr locations. Sounded great! Except, I still needed to keep up liquidity and now there was ZERO downtime.

It was simply unsustainable, which is when I was forced to redesign the system to support non-instant transactions. Basically, the customers would receive an IOU upon transacting with a web-based, status monitor as to where and when their coins would be delivered.

This actually started working amazingly well. No one complained about the delays, I guess cause they were already used to waiting at least 10 minutes anyway. I also included a live chat with the status page, so if they had questions, they could get instant answers. Sweet!

Wait! You lost how much?

At some point, probably due to the ridiculous confirmation times, I ended up with just a single exchange that held all the deposited "operator" funds. Unfortunately, that exchange (the largest at the time) was the ill-fated Bitfinex.

They got "hacked!" for 119,756 BTC (US$72MM at the time). I kept ZERO funds in BTC, as I was obviously there just to hedge against the price volatility. But they decided that they would just take from everyone's funds, since that was "fair".

About half of my operators demanded a full withdrawal (read bank run), while the others (who didn't wish to kill their golden goose) were willing to cover the loss, with the condition that I segregated ALL wallets, so they could monitor on-chain.

Oh cool! Not a problem at all. Just give me ~3 months to whip that right up.


I waited weeks for a Bitfinex resolution, but in the end, I had lost all confidence for the BATM business. I realized how dependent we were on the exchanges to hedge against the volatility. But the exchanges had ZERO accountability for their actions. ZERO! This was NOT a business. This had become gambling. I hate gambling! (though I do enjoy watching others)

Is there any life after Bitcoin?

So I went back to doing what I do best. Offering technology solutions. Always on-site (I'd just sleep on the couch or wherever) for fairly short terms (average was 3 months). I've never really had a problem making $$$, so this time was basically me just treading water, while I figured what the fuck to do with my life.

I was in Crypto Depression.

I also kept a close eye on Ethereum (having participated in their ICO). Tokenization was what I desperately wanted back in my Bitcoin days, which I thought was possible through the use of colored-coins.

In 2018, I nearly pulled the trigger on an ICO with a team of influencers that I had previously worked with (so glad I didn't do that -- I see you SEC -- I don't want no trouble).

BitPay starts accepting Bitcoin Cash

I honestly never paid BCH any mind before BitPay started accepting it for their wallet and debit card. The fees were ZERO? How? Must be a total scam. But I knew the BitPay team. My office was literally right next door to theirs (Atlanta Tech Village), and we often spoke of collaborating.

So I just accepted BCH as a gift that would quickly fade away, just as Bitcoin had done. But the really weird thing about BCH is that it worked! Perfectly! Doing exactly what I had thought Bitcoin was supposed to do.

So what the FUCK was all that 1MB bullshit about?!? Oh yeah, that's right, core devs sold out an entire ecosystem for US$30MM (and probably a happy ending or two).

It's a New Year. It's a New Decade.

2020 has brought with it a new life for me. It's time to move on...

Towards the end of 2019, I was approached by one of my former operators who desperately wanted to solve the exchange HODL problem. I spent about 4 months developing a solution for his team. I repurposed the "usable" assets from my past. In the end I built a solution that would utilize stablecoins (USDC, USDT and Dai) to allow operators to HODL They Own Coins, while still hedging against volatility.

The team eventually abandoned the project (don't know why exactly), but I had already decided this was the new way forward for me.

Sooooo, I'm back!!!


First off, thank you ever so much for letting me share my story. It's been very therapeutic and releasing of (tension, stress, anxiety, all of it), and that's what I need as I transition to this new phase of my life.

And I do hope that others can find similar relief by sharing their own "Dev Tales" (yes, that's the name of this new community).

Life is but a journey. There are highs and lows. Who's ready to get high with me??

I have a 2 projects that I want to focus on in 2020 (maybe a 3rd, we'll see what happens after the May halvening).—is everything that I've managed to salvage from the platform meltdown I suffered back in 2016.

I've plucked all the goodness and left behind the drudge.

If you're a BATM operator who'd prefer to HODL Your Own Coins and improve your customer's experience, please visit for more info.

Check out this link for a preview of Telr's customer perspective:
(or you can scan the QR Code for the optimal mobile experience).—this is a 100% passion project. I see no better way to show my ❤️ and appreciation to the BCH community than to build an ephemeral "web" wallet that's privacy focused (CashFusion maybe?) and fine-tuned for on-boarding the uninitiated.

Hush Your Money

It's already built (the code that is), but it needs to be properly packaged. I've initially laid a foundation using the IOTA Spark wallet ( for its amazing UI/UX. It's quite unfinished, but I'm on this full-time, so I'll get an alpha/beta online pretty quickly (early Feb?).

In the meantime, you can visit the sub ( for more info and to comment/critique.

Donation address?

Sooo.. I'm really not looking for tips, but they are very much appreciated. A bit of validation that others care about this sort of stuff would definitely encourage me to write more (I literally skipped talking about an entire decade -- of straight debauchery).

Also, I have no intention of withdrawing any tips received, I'll just pay them all forward (this community is super easy to support).

I WOULD greatly appreciate any and all "constructive" criticism/feedback on either or both of my upcoming projects though.

Cheers and Happy Coding Devs!

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3 years ago


Kudos to you for writing this article A great read

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3 years ago

Welcome to the world of BCH - bringing back the delight to Bitcoin

If you thought exchanges were a problem earlier, check out also lets you transact in BCH without internet

Are you on Titter?

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3 years ago

Are you on Titter?

oh God, i really hope you mean "Twitter". but yes, I just got back on a few days ago @ShomariPrince

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3 years ago

LOL..I meant Twitter..get ready for some permissionless tips coming your way

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3 years ago

lol .. thanks!

yeah, chaintip is awesome, just got acquainted with it about a week ago on r/btc

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3 years ago

What an exciting story and thanks for reminding me of the good ol' BBS times (I ran one too with my brother from our parents 2nd phone line).

Thanks for telling your story and kudos for repeatedly standing up after falls.

and, I guess most importantly: welcome home ❤️ as some here like to say to people re-discovering Bitcoin (Cash).

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3 years ago

good ol' BBS times

was the best of times for me

Thanks for telling your story and kudos for repeatedly standing up after falls.

and that's what it's all about. my story doesn't talk about all the help from friends and family. its easy to go-all-in on an idea (or a dream), when you don't have the fear of falling too far. but I realize that not everyone has that available to them, so hopefully my words provide some added confidence for them to fail and get back up to try again. in my life, I've fallen so many times and each time I learned how to stand up taller for longer.

welcome home ❤️

thank you for the ❤️.. its been a warm homecoming. (this does start feel like home now)

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3 years ago

the BBS times where amazing. I'm born in 74, so I was still in my teens. It started to dawn on us what was happening with computing and especially networking. Of course the implications weren't clear to see, but it was pretty apparent we were part of something huge. We literally thought we were on the brink of massive change and it's not even far from the truth. It's still playing out... just a bit slower than anticipated and quite differntly.

I'm still undecided wether "the net" or "crypto money" is going to turn out as more impactful. Maybe this question doesn't have to be answered... the two go hand in hand anyway and I have a suspicion future historians will kinda lump the two together, not quite being able to grasp how "the internet" (or whatever they'll call it) could even exist without cryptographic money.

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3 years ago

just a bit slower than anticipated and quite differntly.

this is the truth .. as i've matured, i've learned to be patient .. its also important NOT to "force" tech, as it happens in its own time (Steve Jobs was the best at this) .. also, its really important to recognize "cycles", because history has a way of repeating itself (if you get good at this, its like being able to see into the future)

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this. A great read!

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3 years ago

Great post, and looking forward to reading more from you get feedback on your projects!

Bitcoin is Cash :-)

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3 years ago

thank you. its my very first published article EVER. so to actually have ANY positive feedback is amazing. thanks to you all

i just NEEDED to put it all out there, because i NEED to leave it all behind and just move forward. after i hit "publish", it felt like a put down a ton of baggage i've been carrying for years.

truth is, its THIS (BCH) community that powering me now. i'm still in disbelief that Bitcoin is "real" again

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3 years ago

Hey @nyusternie, are you on Telegram?

Also, please consider adding a [sponsors] tag to the bottom of your posts. I would love to make more use of this feature and to sponsor cool people that way.

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3 years ago

are you on Telegram?

not on telegram (for personal reasons) .. but I do use Slack extensively for live chatting and you can always dm me on Twitter (yes, I'm BACK on Twitter)

please consider adding a [sponsors] tag to the bottom of your posts

tbh, not really looking to get sponsored .. i have a "commercial" project that I'll be promoting later in the year (after the halvening) .. .. and I DO plan on doing some sponsoring of my own ;-)

appreciate you @Jake, thanks for the support

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3 years ago

Welcome back and great to have you with us on the journey again. In 2012 I had a lot of energy for Bitcoin, it came and went but 2016-2020 has shown that all that energy is going in the right direction again. Looking forward to checking out your projects and thanks for being here. To be honest, we need you.

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3 years ago

i'm really glad to be back. i never wanted to leave. but i just lost all faith in the entire Bitcoin Legacy (aka Core) community. just got tired of being betrayed (throughout life) by those that I once adored, supported and advocated for.

BCH still seems way-way too good to be true, but I guess i just really want to believe "this time" will be different

anyway, as is my nature, i'm all-in. once again, down the rabbit hole i go

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3 years ago

but I guess i just really want to believe "this time" will be different

Frankly, many people didn't leave, just moved on with BCH in 2017. I was with BTC since 2013, but moved completely to BCH as soon as it forked. For it's still "this time", but those were very turbulent years (still are, too many trolls, too much toxicity, but it's much better than in 2017-2018)

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3 years ago

Frankly, many people didn't leave, just moved on with BCH in 2017.

i remember jan '17 .. that's when I came out of my daze of being so badly beaten and bruised. lol. at that time, there was no one who could have made me believe in anything.

fyi, it looks like Gavin is back too

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3 years ago

Yeah, I really-really wish Gavin was with us in BCH. He's super cool and was completely undeservedly booted from Bitcoin.

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3 years ago
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3 years ago


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3 years ago

Yeah, I really-really wish Gavin was with us in BCH.

probably just needs the right "nudge"

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3 years ago

fyi, it looks like Gavin is back

what do you mean by "he's back"? Back in Bitcoin (Cash)? Sounds more like he likes ETH now.

I would absolutely love to welcome him back to the project he really started. And I remember him saying Bitcoin Cash was the Bitcoin he worked on back then. I don't really get why he isn't coming back. Maybe there's more to it than we see.

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3 years ago

Sounds more like he likes ETH now.

back in crypto

And I remember him saying Bitcoin Cash was the Bitcoin he worked on back then.


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3 years ago

Question about Nito - it's unfinished, right? It's kind of like just a design / mock-up? Cause $0.23 price is weird and the Request button doesn't do anything. But it's really neat, very nice looking. Really-really like it.

Is it going to be a BCH wallet?

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3 years ago

oh yeah, totally "unfinished". its basically just a screenshot of the Spark wallet atm, lol

i loved the Spark wallet UI as soon as I first saw it, and since I suck as design, and I have no resources atm to pay for any design work, and as its open-source, figured wtf, let's just start there.

thought i would've had more time this holiday weekend to work on it, but "life" got in the way, so far its just a few minor edits from the original.

i have completed "production-ready" web wallet code for both bitcoin and ethereum, so i figured how hard could it be to roll something out for BCH (a week, maybe two). plus, @Devalbo just dropped ( on me, so now I'm thinking 48 hours TOPS to get to a working Beta lmao

anyway, the BCH wallet is just the beginning. i've wanted to do a "universal web" wallet for a while now. i don't know if you're familiar with Instawallet from the early days of Bitcoin. TL;DR—it was a very popular web wallet, that made "doing crypto" super convenient. the company got hacked and had to shut it down (amazingly everyone got their money back). i totally respect the security compromises that have to be made to offer such a thing again, but i'd say this time around, making it NON-CUSTODIAL should really solve all of those past problems.

in addition, i'm a big-big fan of (Ethereum's zkSNARKs) and would love to see something similar for BCH (i guess that will eventually be CoinFusion? -- i hope, i hope).

the goal is to build something that combines the convenience of Installwallet with the privacy of / CoinFusion, while keeping it super-simple, super-fast. ( is another great source of inspiration)

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3 years ago

Actually, CashFusion is pretty great - I wrote about it recently and it should help immensely for anonymity and it's already in public testing.

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3 years ago

Also a few ideas I've had about the wallet.

1) To make it a bit interesting for a wallet developer - one can take a small amount of satoshis from each transfer - like maybe a dust amount. It doesn't change much for the transaction, but definitely makes wallet developer life much more interesting.

2) Bitcoin Cash has a regulated stablecoin USDH, it's not DAI and has a third-party risk, but in the absense of smart contracts (if curious - there is a second part), but USDH is pretty good. There's also, which is an exchanger, but without AML/KYC and by a guy with a good reputation. So if there was a wallet that could exchange between BCH and USDH seamlessly - that could be pretty useful, since it seriously decreases volatility risk.

$ 1.00
3 years ago

damn! i'm just seeing this comment now (smh) definitely having issues with keeping up with the comments (not really that comfortable with social media -- but I'm working on it)

it's really tough being a n00b. I've been scrambling to keep up with all this NEW information (from my lost 3 years). its information overload. there's just so much to READ (the dev funding drama didn't help), plus i'm also very anxious to move development forward and start BUIDLing (so much code to study).

one can take a small amount of satoshis from each transfer

zero fees intra-coin/token (other than chain fees) .. the plan is to integrate (eg. btc -> bch, bch <-> dai, etc), which charges 1%. I receive a portion of that, depending on which provider is used (changelly, faast, changenow, etc).

but in the absense of smart contracts (if curious - there is a second part)

oh wow! ethereum smart contracts on BCH is what I've been researching for weeks, and just TODAY, i concluded its just NOT possible to achieve what I envisioned, simply because CashScript (and Spedn) DO NOT offer "state" (ie. I can't save the changes).

Don't think I've seen "Tobias Ruck" as yet, but I'm watching the vid now (and its encouraging). i already get he's suggesting protocol changes, so i'm not super-confident in the timeframe being within reason (especially with the dev drama going on); but definitely the DIRECTION I WANT TO GO IN.

I'll review the other article soonish' (it's loonnngggg)

There's also, which is an exchanger

yes, i've tested it, works great .. it's my current "backup" plan, since I'm not sure when telr will actually be ready for production. funding will be needed for that project (amongst other things)

so very much appreciate the great feedback. keep up the fabulous work! (btw, didn't realize you guys are only 3 months old -- that's CRAZY!)


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3 years ago

that's CRAZY!

For us too, we kind of expected this to have zero results, but "that escalated quickly" :)

$ 0.00
3 years ago

CashScript (and Spedn) DO NOT offer "state" (ie. I can't save the changes).

covenants are not enough to save state?

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3 years ago

Awesome! Wow! Welcome! I'm still reading the story, but it's amazing to have people from 2012!

EDIT: Oh yeah and the BBS screenshot... that brings back some nice memories from somewhere deep down :)

EDIT2: Finished reading. Awesome story!

$ 0.00
3 years ago

i published while it was still fairly raw, just to "pull the trigger", and get over the hump. but i'm planning to fill out some areas that I rushed through. or perhaps i'll make them individual articles.

HODL Your Own Coins is something that I'm very passionate about now. back then, it just wasn't practical (or really even possible), but it's what EVERY ATM operator should (and could) be doing now.

$ 0.00
3 years ago

Yep, not your keys, not your coins.

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3 years ago

Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I really was touched by your humanity-line across the centuries. From the beginning of Internet to blockchain. You used your life to describe the world changing. I'm not as good as you to write, and especially to write in English. I'm an Italian Romantic Crypto Songwriter, but I would like to create a song for you "the blocks-trotter" or "the code-trotter". YOu really was able to share your passion for coding, like mine for music. YOu really was able to explain which is the real purpose of this cold blocks > humanity. And I feel ensured about your story because I believe about dialogue and it is not always easy to hear a geek-heart-beat. So I was able to hear it, to hear your music, to feel your emotions behind the screen. So thank you very much because I feel often lost inside these cold blocks, sharing music like an idiot Italian Romantic songwriter inside a fucking crypto odyssey. No harbor, no really plans, no really money I can use to pay the bills, only faith and music. Crossing hundreds of different blockchain platforms from Musicoin, Steemit, Choon (shutted down), Hyperspace (shutted down too), Whaleshare, Weku, and so on. I came from centralised world where everything is unfair, but clear. Only 0,01 % of artists can survive with their music, and the others not. So I started play music 30 years ago, Why? That's a good question. Maybe to change the world? MAybe to only declaim the world.

And then the world change me in 2005, homeless and poor, it was the best moment of my life to make music 24 hours a day. And to start finally from the bottom. And the point is that I felt happy and free at the same time. And I was able to declare to myself:

"Music is my life, Poetry is my joy, practice is my way"

I realised how this world is unfair, especially for poor artists, but it is unfair for rich artists as well. Many of them die before 30 or 50 years old.

So we need to collaborate together I think. In these last two years inside the blockchain world, sharing thousand of posts and hundred song, collaborating with many other crypto musicians I was able to create something not only for my self and for music

But for many other artists inside as well (sorry for using Google site, but I'm not a geek :) ). I'm running ambassador program inside it.

I would be very glad to synergically work together for a better world, at least for artists. Trying to implement Musicoin blockchain to its real purpose. Developing a new concept of proof, Proof of sharism

What do you think?

Here it is "Crypto for Venezuela", where crypto works better then fiat

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I'm an Italian Romantic Crypto Songwriter, but I would like to create a song for you "the blocks-trotter" or "the code-trotter".

ummm, yeahhhh!!! can't really put into words how much i love music. "life" has me dealing with some family issues atm, but once I hit the road again, it would really-really cool to have my theme song playing in the background lol

And then the world change me in 2005, homeless and poor, it was the best moment of my life to make music 24 hours a day. And to start finally from the bottom. And the point is that I felt happy and free at the same time.

that's the thing that 99.99% of people don't realize. money does nothing in the long run. i wish people were required to follow their dreams (like how some countries require a few years of military service), then they would realize truth.

in school, we HAD to learn the fundamentals of math BEFORE we could use the calculator. i feel like in our society, we're all forced to SKIP the "basics of life". but once you learn to live with NOTHING, you realize how to prioritize the things that matter to you (and everyone is different). unfortunately, by the time we start our life careers, we're so burdened with "materialism" that we just work-work-work NOT TO LOSE IT ALL.. its a fuckin' SETUP!

right now, in my life, I have absolutely NOTHING (besides a backpack and my gym bag). i see no reason to go back to THAT life, ever again. i'm hoping to start writing for a 2nd community i started "Off-the-radar", to teach people what I know about living with little to nothing. I know people talk about "off-the-grid", but I can't do that, i need hi-speed Internet (at least 2Mps) and I also don't know how to make my own bourbon.

So we need to collaborate together I think.

yeah, absolutely! please teach me about the needs of a starving artist living in a crypto world. i'll do what i can to help (in the meantime, i've got some new tunes to move me)


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