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3 years ago

When it comes to fitness goals, some folks usually take an approach consisting of a "one fits all" type of diet, in which the change in their food choices leads to an improved health, improved aesthetic and improved health. This goal does not correlate to what actually happens in real life. And not only that, they also attempt to attain this major achievement by doing some quick fixes and expect to see in no time (just a matter of weeks) results that may take years to get.

This is mostly due to the huge impact of social media on people's "information". Like, for real, who the hell would go into the trouble of fact-checking what that fit chik is saying about that product. "I mean... she looks amazing and she claims she uses it, so it might surely work".

Examples like those come in many forms and colors, but the main thing behind it is that people go around thinking there is some secret formula out there that will help them get everything they wanted and even with none to little effort.

Everybody is free to believe what they want. I think is both wrong trying to scam people with products that just don't work as well as trying to force them to believe you when you tell that's just bullsh*t. Choose your battles, not all people are ready to hear you. No matter how "right" you may be, it's just not a question of facts, it's merely emotional. They WANT to believe.

Of course that at some point they realize they were bamboozled. The so-called magic fix didn't do anything (this would be your "NO SH*IT EINSTEIN" moment). And then comes the sad part: they don't think (or at least not all of them): "Oh shoot... maybe my friend was right and this is just dog sh*t, I should try another approach". No. They keep believing that the only way for them to reach their goals is with yet ANOTHER magic product. And so the show goes on...

But some other people get it. They realize that there is nothing (at least up to date) that will give them the benefits of an adequate lifestyle. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. You want the results of a lifestyle that respects your physiological needs? Then hop on right on such a lifestyle. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

It just ain't easy. Because it involves activities that kind of separate ourselves from our modern life. Starting with our day-night circadian cycles. We go to bed late and wake up early. We then spend most of our days on our bottoms. Some may think "Hey... I do crossfit 1h per day everyday". Cool, you're a sedentary that trains. Then we stuff ourselves with energy-dense foods, when there's no need for them (because we spend most of our days on our bottoms....). But we can't seem to stop overeating because it is a social thing and also it makes us feel better and in this stressful world we live in, who wouldn't want a happy snack?

Flipping all those things is what makes it hard. Your body surely can lose fat and gain muscle, without even goin near a supplement store. But the changes you have to make are hard. You gotta chop down some trees that have very deep roots, in order for some other more "adequate" trees to grow (trees are the habits, in case you didnt' get the analogy).

So the thing is... How do we convince people to put on their lumberjack outfits and start banging those awful bad habits trees down? That's the question and if I knew the 100% effective answer, I've would have won the Nobel prize already...

For me it starts with trying to open people's eyes. Showing them there is no easy way out, that change is hard but is is doable. Also, trying not to force people into doing something they are not ready for.

"True learning happens when someone wants to learn, not when somebody wants to teach"

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3 years ago