The spirit of sportsman

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What is sportsman spirit, we actually don't know what is this sportsman spirit. Here we will discuss that. May be we reach the conclusion, on may not but we will come up with an answer or we will come up with the better question, better understanding of sportsman spirit.

All in your life, you must have listened about the sportsman spirit. So what's actually the sportsman spirit. Is it about having attitude to get something, to win or it's just about giving your best and then accepting the failure or is it all about accepting the failure and trying again and failing again and then getting that thing.

there is a quote that says that

"if you fail, try again, fail again, fail better"

Sportsman spirit is not about getting a thing or working hard to get the thing it's more than that it's not just about winning or losing.

First we will look at some of the greatest sportsmen ever

Here I came up with the names of Top ten sportsmen. This is my list of top ten sportsmen ever

10- Floyd Mayweather

9- Cristiano Ronaldo

8- Jahangir Khan

7- Nadal

6-Serena Williams

5-Michael Phillips

4- Michael Jordan

3- Usain bolt

2- Pele

1- Muhammad Ali

We will try to understand these top ten sportsmen's spirit and we will try to understand their way of working, their way of competitiveness and their mind set that made us talk about them.

We have no doubt that Muhammad Ali is literally the greatest sportsman ever. He are not only the great boxer but a great human being. If you read Muhammad Ali's biography you will come to know that he was such an intelligent person as well as he was very humanitarian. Once in a TV show George foreman said that if you study Muhammad Ali then you can become a better boxer, a better doctor, a better lawyer and better at literally everything. All his life he struggled for black people rights and he gave up everything for them his titles, his money, his family, his career and even he was ready to give his life. Once he said that struggle now and then live rest of your life as a champion. He said that he wanted to become famous to help his people. In his later life, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's degrees but he never left hope, he kept on trying and living his life. Parkinson's disease could never make him weak. Even during his disease days, he kept on moving from country to country for making this world a better place. Once he said that if people loved each other as much as they love me, this world would be a better place. Mike Tyson once said that no one can achieve the greatness as Ali got and no one will ever able to achieve that fate.

Now we discuss the attitude of Pele, no doubt he was a great footballer but also one of the greatest sportsmen of the 20th century.

Michael Jordan not only the richest player but also one of the greatest of all time. His level of competitiveness was beyond other players. Once kobe Bryant said that he has not seen anybody with that level of competitiveness in his life.

Sportsman spirit is not only limited to sportsman. It is in everybody's life we learn from sports that it's not just about winning or losing, it's the sport itself that makes us happy. We can compare it with life, like in life, we may not achieve something or we may you achieve something that doesn't matter, the thing that does matter is you gave your all when the time for a game ends you must not have any regret and its same about life. Life is passing on and you should bear all the hardships and and you should keep going.

Likewise stephen Hardy said

If you are going through hell then keep going, why would you stop in hell.

This is a thing that we learn from sports it's not the result that matters it's the attitude of a player and of the team.

In life, happiness is a little moment, the big moment is the pursuit of happiness. This is what we learn from sports. From sports we learn that we should never lose hope, always keep trying, always keep struggling, always keep getting better.

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In the end I want to say that again life is not about passing life is about living.

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Absolutely right dear,We should all adopt sportsmanship. All are humans and we have to care each other in every field of life. Sportsman are always plays with each other and they try to show their spirit

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