The Feeling of Refreshment

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2 years ago

Today's article is in connection with my 2 previous articles with regards our celebration of our 2nd anniversary. If you haven't read it yet, just visit my profile or you may click the links below.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Love ❤️

Beyond Blessed 😇

Yesterday was really a blast! It's really nice to not expect big because the return is unexpected too. It is true that the more we expect, the more we are hurt but it also goes with more good returns and excitement. Anyways, here's a short continuation and realizations about yesterday's affair.

He went home early because he still have some errands to do and it's already raining so I let him go his way. Actually we have plans of going to a famous tourist spot near our place but because it's raining, we wasn't able to go as planned. If you are visiting our place, you can go here too.

Because of the bad weather, we decided to just postponed it. It's so dangerous to go there when it's raining because the road is slippery. It is not yet cemented and motors can't go through it. We still need to walk for about 10 minutes before we reach the place. But it's all worth it when you arrived there. Just make sure that the weather is fine so you can enjoy the view especially the majestic Mt. Mayon.

Since we postponed it, we just stayed at home and play Call of Duty, which is our favorite game for the past months. We played around 6 times and we stopped at 4pm. He decided to leave around 4:30pm since the rain already stopped. While waiting, we just have some deep talks, take selfies and eat meryenda. After that, he went home and I rested for a bit.

On the evening, after I take my dinner, I called him via video call. We talk about things and how grateful I am for the things he has done to me. We also watched the tiktok video I created. We laughed, got serious, laugh again. It was a really nice way to end our night. We ended the video call around 11pm because we are already sleepy. It lasted about 1hr and 16 minutes.

If you also want to see the video I created, just click this link. Hehe Nonetheless, we already fell asleep.

Waking up earlier in the morning, I'm feeling something that I already felt before. It was the feeling of being loved. I feel like, we went back to the time when I first answered him. I feel like we are dating for a day only. I felt like I just answered him yesterday. You know, when you feel something but you can't explain it. All you feel is happiness and contentment.

I told this to him, surprisingly, he also felt the same way. The feeling when are just starting our relationship. This time, I feel like my love for him grew 10x stronger. I was overwhelmed of what happened yesterday and the feelings I have is overflowing.

You may say I am exaggerating, but maybe that's what Love brings. You will describe things more than the usual, you tend to be overflowing with emotions you can't understand, you feel so blessed that you thought it might be just a dream and afraid of loosing it.

There's a belief than we you feel happy today, something bad will happen tomorrow. And I am not manifesting that kind of belief.

I believe that you are happy because you deserve it. You are happy because someone is making you that way. There's no need to worry about tomorrow when all you need to do is enjoy that moment.

Why do we let negativity ruin our day? Let's just have fun like there's no tomorrow.

The feeling of refreshment is what I experienced today. I feel like my mind have been refreshed as well as my feelings. I have doubts but it all went away yesterday. I even told myself, "Why am I worrying about useless things? It just makes me uncomfy and paranoid."

Here's a friendly advice:

There's no harm in expecting as long as you can handle both positive and negative
outcome without blaming other person. Also, never let your fear hinder you from being 
happy during the moments that you should be happy. Never waste any second of your life
worrying things that are not worthy to worry about.

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Hi po, congrats n happy for u po, u deserve that one po, wishing u all the happiness n love po, God bless n stay safe n enjoy your day po with your man po :)

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2 years ago

Hi Ate Bheng! It's been a while. Thank you so much po! ❤️

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2 years ago