Beyond Blessed! 😇

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2 years ago

As you know, my last post is my appreciation post for my partner because we are already celebrating our 2nd anniversary today. You can read it by clicking this link Happy 2nd Anniversary Love ❤️.

So how did our anniversary went? It wasn't what I expected it to be. It was way more than my expectations!! I know I should not expect, but there's no harm in expecting as long as you're ready with the outcomes.

I woke up early in the morning because I need to go to our school for our thesis consultation with our adviser. I left our house about 9:10am and arrived at 9:30am. The consultation started before 10am and it only lasted for about 30 mins. But before we ended up, me and my thesismates held first a meeting for the finalization of our machine. While we are on the meeting, I texted my bf to just wait me outside the school because we are about to go any minute.

After several minutes, the meeting finally ended. I thought he was already outside but he has nowhere to be seen. So I chat him and told him that I will be waiting in the shed. After several minutes, he replied. He told me that he was just waiting for the rain to stop and he will play Mobile Legend first because it's a tournament. 30 minutes have passed but he's still not yet coming. I started to loose interest in celebrating our anniversary because of the thought that he prioritized first his game than me. So I chat him that I will be waiting in 7/11 instead because it was already 12nn and I am already hungry.

After buying a drink, I waited for him outside the church. I was really so annoyed to him. He constantly apologize and I just told him I wanted to go home. So we did. While we are on our way to our house, I started crying and getting mad at him. I didn't utter any words since he was driving and might loose his attention.

When we are near our house, I wiped off my tears because my family might noticed it. When we arrived, I just got off his motor and went straight inside our house. To my surprise, there are already decorations and foods in there. And from that point on, I started to burst out in tears.

I really never expected it. He even asked for the help of my mother and sister just to surprise me. I don't know what to say anymore. I am just so speechless and loved.


Chadaaaan! He also bought my favorite Jollibee! He knows that whenever we are in an argument, or I'm mad at him, Jollibee will always be the solution. Hahaha

Actually, our original plan is to have Samgyup because I've been craving for it. But it didn't happened because of this surprise from him.

I just wanted to thank God and thank you for being this sweet and make me feel I am loved! Even though I have trust issues, you remove it all away from me. You proved them wrong. I never asked for anything from you, but you've given me so much of what I deserve.

Honestly, I am so proud of him because today, he conquered all his fears. First, he don't want to go inside stores to buy stuffs because he was not used to it and afraid he might get yelled at. Next, he has trouble reading objects that are far from so usually, I'm the one who's getting our order at Jollibee, but today, he conquered that and ordered everything by himself. Lastly, we was not really into surprises because he don't know how to do it, but conquering his fear of doing something new amazes and blesses me so much. No more words!


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2 years ago


Happy 2nd anniversary sa inyong dalawa! Keep strong and God bless your relationship!..Ang ganda ng bouquet at ang sarap nung Jollibee.

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2 years ago

Personalized crochet sunflower yun then inayos nya nalang hehe I'm so blessed to have him talaga ❤️ And jollibee will always be my fave 😁

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2 years ago