How his birthday went ❤️

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2 years ago

If you have read my recent post entitled "Blessed to meet you, my One ❤️", you will surely feel my excitement in writing and sharing with you the details on what have happened yesterday, my partner's birthday.

January 20, 2022 - his 24th birthday. As I said earlier, I don't have much preparation for his birthday because I was a little busy and I'm kinda broke, you know. Hahaha. Anyways, yesterday was a blessed day for the both of us as well.

Actually my original plan was to wake up at 6am and prepare then leave home at 7:30 because I still need to get the customized cake that I ordered as well as my gift watch for him. Unfortunately, the weather is not good because it's been raining since the midnight. Oh, I forgot. I didn't greet him at exactly 12am because I wanted to tease him, making him think that I forgot his birthday. But, to assure him that I didn't forgot his birthday, I saved a screenshot of my message and will send it to him once we meet.

Back to the topic, I didn't get to prepare at 6am but I'm already awake. I decided to move my schedule to 7am. So I got up at 7am but my mother asked me to help her with the laundry. I have no choice but to help her. It was freezing cold outside but we still manage to finish the laundry around 9:30am.

After we've finished the laundry, I ate my snacks first then take a 10-minute break before taking a bath. After everything, I left at home at around 10:30. I was not in a good mood because the seller whom I ordered the watch said that the watch didn't arrived yet. I was really disappointed because I trusted her so much with that. So I just got my money refunded then I went to the bakery where I ordered the bento cake.

This is the bento cake I ordered. It's a little bit messy maybe because it got shaken on my way to their house. He was not aware that I'm going to their house. In short, I surprised him. He really didn't expected me to be there. But actually, we have already a plan. We will go out in the afternoon, but I just got a little early.

Sorry for the very high quality picture hahaha. After, he prepared himself too, then we went to a mall. Actually, the original plan was to watch Spiderman: No way Home in the cinema.

We arrived there around 1:23pm and the next schedule for the movie is 3pm. So we bought the ticket first then decided to eat first. Since we wanted to other restaurant, we decided not to go to Jollibee but to Chowking.

Hi LOVE! ❤️

We ordered their best selling Lauriat but it didn't go as we imagined it to be.


HAHAHAHA We just laughed when we saw this. Anyways, it also tastes good but we still prefer Jollibee. Since it's not yet 3pm, we decided to go to timezone and have fun there. We were a little bit ignorant on the rules there. Hahaha they gave us a card where our money was put.

We are used with the token but now, since it's pandemic, they have changed their rules. So instead of inserting token, you will just swipe this card and there is a certain amount for every game you wanted to play. We play about 10 games hahaha we literally spent all our money here.

We both love singing. Maybe it's one of his talents I'm attracted with.

I didn't get the chance to take pictures from time to time because I don't want to spend on my phone when I'm with him. We just enjoyed here. However, when it's already 3pm, we hesitated to watch the movie because if it will start at 3pm, it will be finished around 5:30 and we will be going home late. Our ride will take about 45 mins and I don't want to go home late. So we decided to not just watch the movie. We are really so stressed because we've already paid for the ticket. We are also shy to refund our money because maybe they won't allow us. So, my boyfriend just told me that "gift ko nalang yun sa kanila". So, we decided not to refund it anymore. It costs about $10 also.

Before we went home, we decided to buy pasalubong for my family and a gift for my friend who will be celebrating her 21st birthday on Saturday. We just bought J.Co doughnuts then went home. Thankfully, the weather is finally good so we didn't have hard time going home.

I bought her a tumbler with pastel color.

We arrived home before 6pm. Our family was happy with our pasalubong hehe. Before my boyfriend went home, we played one round of Call of Duty , it's a mobile game we play when we are bored. He leave before 7pm.

He did not went home yet because his friends asked him to come and asked him to treat them, so they eat first before he finally went home.

While I was waiting for him to reach home, I just spend my time doing crochet.

He reached home around 9:30. Before we went to sleep, we played another game of Call of Duty. HHAHAHA I was already addicted to it. We went to bed around 10:30. I sent him first a message and asked him if he enjoyed his birthday, and he undoubtedly said YES. We video call until we fell asleep. That's all. GOODNIGHT! ❤️

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I'm sure this would be the best birthday he has had so far... You all had great fun and that's what love is all about Good one friend

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2 years ago

I really did hope so. I know he enjoyed it so much. Tho he's not feeling well today hahaha

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2 years ago

Orhhh... I wish him quick recovery and more enjoyment like that other day

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2 years ago

I really hope so. Thank you for your concern! ❤️

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2 years ago