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Not too long ago, I found out the importance of Music Lessons in Rising Star game and I realized that I should be doing them as much as I can because they are crucial to my little goal of keeping my ego low and keeping the ratio of my fans to skill at a 1:2.

Oh yeah, before we go on any further, this article is about Rising Star game and I am not just going crazy out here that my mind made me blabber about some fictional world or something.

Now that we are on the same page, let's continue.

As I was saying, I found out that doing Music Lessons inside the game is a very important part of the progress. Doing music lessons helps in keeping your ego level low and it increases the skill points you have. The number of skill rewards earned from the lessons varies however and they are dependent on the number of instruments in your collection. To be specific, the Luck points on the instruments you have will dictate how many Skill rewards you can potentially earn.

And with that newly equipped knowledge, I splurged a little on instruments so I can benefit a little better from the music lessons inside the game. In my case, I focused on Guitar lessons so I scoured the market to find some affordable guitars. And let me present to you my small collection of guitars. And again, I am talking about the instruments inside the game, alright? I can only dream to have a guitar collection in real life. I wanted a room in my house just for my guitars, that would totally rock, right?

First off, I pulled this one I think from a pack that I bought a while back. It has a Luck point of 10. I like this one because it looked like my very first guitar in real life. The strings of that guitar were nylon. I noticed that 10 Luck points will increase the potential Skill reward by 1, so from 10-20 potential Skill rewards per mission, adding a guitar with 10 Luck points will make it 11-21. Not that big a difference if you ask me. But if you collect enough of those, maybe you can have a significant increase in your rewards.

The next guitar in my room is the Des Appalling. I guess that this is a really cheap electric guitar because as you can see it has only 1 Luck point. I also realized that I got scammed when I bought this one. With only 1 Luck point that didn't really affect my skill rewards, I paid a lot for this one. Dang it.

The next one I bought was this Mid Range Guitar. It's another electric guitar but it's better than the previous Des Appalling because it has 10 Luck points which added 1 Skill reward to my potential earning.

The next one is this Pink Guitar. I bought this one because it looks cool and yeah, it was pretty cheap. Also, it added to my unique collection.

A pretty neat guitar this one is, the Pearl White Acoustic. This one reminds me of that white guitar played by David Cook in American Idol. That being said, let me belt out The Time of My Life with this one.

One can never have too many guitars, right? But I honestly forgot why I have a lot of this Juicy Orange Guitar. Yeah, I mean, it's a juicy kind of guitar but I don't like it that much to have so many of it at once. Also, it only has 1 Luck point so it doesn't really do much when it comes to the Music Lessons.

The next guitar is the Carbon Fibre Acoustic. And just as the caption said, it's not that good. Well, aside from the matte finish, it doesn't really give much. It looked like a cheap guitar wrapped in carbon fiber. And it just has 5 Luck points.

And now, it's time for the good ones. I bought this Flame Guitar because...why not? It has flame decals and it gives you 50 Luck Points. That's pretty decent. Also, try playing Sweet Child O' Mine on this bad boy and you will really feel the burn on your fingertips.

The next guitar is the Semi Acoustic. It has that classy but awesome finish. It really looks good and it also performs well since it provides an additional 50 Luck Points. I would love to play Canon Rock on this guitar. Oh yes, make those strings cry.

Ah, the Green Lightning. A really good guitar that only certified rockstar can wield. Also, you can't pull this one out if you don't have that rocking sense of fashion. Play that solo with your tongue out, that's the only way it has to be played anyway.

And last but definitely not the least, the Sky Blue Guitar. There are only 500 of these guitars making it pretty epic. It also gives an additional 200 Luck Points, as expected from an Epic instrument. I guess, the thing that made me acquire this one is its color, I mean... look at it, it's blue! I would play a blue guitar any day. And I have to say, this one's my favorite judging solely by its looks.

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