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They say that experience is the best teacher. I couldn't agree more on that. And scientifically, it has been proven time and again that the best course of learning is hands-on experience. If you don't want to agree with that, then you can be haunted by hundreds of lab rats' souls who underwent such harsh everyday training for the sake of Science.

It also makes sense because there are a lot of things in life that we wouldn't be able to learn and master if we don't go through them firsthand. Just take a look at driving for example. Yes, we may be taught about the theories and concepts of driving inside a classroom setting but nothing will prepare us more in the skill of driving than to experience controlling the steering wheel and the pedals. You may know what pedal to step on but knowing how much pressure to exert will vary in each vehicle and can only be ascertained when you are sitting in the driver's seat already.

That is just one example of the point I am trying to make, but there are countless more. And I don't think that I would be able to finish this article if I would start to jot down every little thing that I thought could be included in the list. Plus, some of them may not be suitable for the general audience.

Moving on, the concept of learning through experience is also very much applicable to playing games. I was able to apply and benefit from it earlier. I logged on earlier and decided to play some matches on my phone while I was taking a short break at work. I was just trying to get on with a groove and suffered a few losses along the way.

And after a while, a match that seemed familiar to me appeared. I thought that it was a nice opportunity for me to try out something.

It was a low-mana game. It was set at 12 points only. Depending on the summoner you want to use, that means that you just have around 8 or 9 mana points to play around. With that low mana allocation, you can only bring a few monsters or several low-ranking monsters.

As I was staring at the countdown timer tick, I remembered a battle that I was in a while back. It made an impression on me because I was devastated then. I was so confident with the lineup I used and was feeling good about the match because I was able to stretch the mana allocation to the fullest. I was able to bring several monsters and I thought that the lineup was balanced enough. The enemy then brought only one monster and he was able to wipe out all of my monsters from the field. I was so frustrated that I watched the replay of the game several times. I was maybe hoping that the replay will have a different outcome, you know, maybe I would be able to open a door to the multiverse, lol.

I decided to try that strategy and used it in this battle.

The Lineup

For the summoner, I chose to go with the Wizard of Eastwood so I can use the Earth Splinter monsters where the monster I was trying to use can be found. Usually, I use the Obisidian to summon Earth Splinter monsters because Earth Splinter has a lot of magic-wielding creatures. I was hoping that I could maximize her magic buff. This time around, I don't have any use for a magic buff so I went with the Wizard who has an armor debuff to the enemies to complement the melee attack of the monsters I would like to use.

In the first position, I played the Mycelic Morphoid.

I just had an extra mana point so I was able to take this monster into the field. And it also proved helpful in the end. I placed it in front to take the first damage so my main monster wouldn't have to.

And for the main event, I used Unicorn Mustang.

This is the monster that my opponent back then used to wipe all of my monsters on the field. He left me dumbfounded and I was just in awe of how things unfolded. The Unicorn Mustand is a good tank because of its high HP. It is also a good attacker since it has 3 melee damage points. That's gotta hurt. The only catch in using it is its high mana requirement. It costs 8 mana points. That's a lot. So I didn't really think about using it in a low mana allocation match.

Adding to all that is its Void ability which reduces damage taken from magic attacks. And we all know that magic attacks hurt the most inside the game.

And then the game started. The opponent chose to go with Water Splinters. Luckily I chose the Wizard of Eastwood as the summoner and totally negated the armor buff that the enemy summoner gave the opposing monsters.

The stage is set and it was already evident that I was outnumbered. It was a battle of 5 against 2. But I wasn't worried right away because as experience in the game had taught me, it's not about the number of the monsters, it's how well they do in the battle.

A hit here and a lot of splashing there, the battle ended with my win. The Unicorn Mustang did it again and it trampled all monsters in front of him. I'm still in awe of how well the Void Ability worked against the magic attacker.

If you want to see the battle for yourself, you can click on this link: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_7950ade5ca436877dd7c952a20fbca09&ref=rbshinichi .

You can also use the link provided to create a Splinterlands account if you still don't have it.

And if you want to see a video replay of the battle, you can visit my Youtube channel by using this link:

Hey there!!!

This has been my entry for this week's social media challenge hosted by Splinterlands.

I really appreciate you dropping by and thank you for all the support.

That's it for me and until we read again...


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Experience things is somewhat different than actual knowledge. The best thing for experience is travelling in sensing people behaviour and know the culture

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1 year ago

It's like knowing all the facts and procedures by watching youtube and newgens today thought they already know everything and how to do certain things. Actual application is way different from just merely watching it. Exactly , experienced is the best teacher of all. I know nothing bout games anyway. lol! good day.

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1 year ago