Life Against All Odds

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1 year ago

The end of the season is just a couple of breaths away in the world of Splinterlands. And as I was waiting with the others for the season calendar change, I decided to squeeze in a few more battles to test out some lineups. For this time, I tried using a Life Splinter lineup. I wanted to see how they would fare against other Splinters.

And without further ado let the games begin...

For this particular endeavor, I chose to go with General Sloan as my summoner.

I wanted to build an uncommon Life Splinter team that is focused on Ranged-attack rather than being tanky and high HP. Who knows? Maybe the opponents will be surprised by my unusual lineup and I would be able to get some wins. Using General Sloan as a summoner gives you a buff of +1 for the ranged-type monsters. And to capitalize on that buff, we should use ranged attackers too.

In the Life Splinters, there are a few monsters that could damage the opponents from distance. And here are some of the monsters that are available to all.

The Venari Crystalsmith is an integral monster if you want to build a range-focused lineup. It does not only deal damage from range but it can also heal and bless your tank with extra HP. That's a huge deal because if your tank could withstand a barrage of hits from the enemies, then the longer your hitters can deal damage freely.

The Pelacor Arbalest is one of the good ones. It has decent damage from range and there's a chance for him to be even better because it has the potential to attack again after his every turn. That extra attack may swing the tide to your favor in some cases.

The Portal Spinner is another monster to look out for. It has the ability to deal damage not only to its intended target but also to the monsters next to the target. That's gonna be amazing if those neighboring monsters are monsters with super low HP. Imagine taking out monsters that you didn't target, that's an extra turn for you, right?

So anyway, here's how my matches went.

At the first battle, I was up against a fellow Life Splinter user. And it just so happened that he also used General Sloan as the summoner. I think that it will just be a fair battle. May the best General win.

And here's how are cards were stacked against each other.

I had only 3 cards against his 5. He brought a lot of attackers but he didn't have a solid tank. That proved to be his fatal flaw and my monsters swept the floor with his monsters.

You may see the replay of the match here:

The next match was a battle between Life and Death.

Being natural enemies, Life and Death Splinters surely will have an intense battle whenever they meet on the battlefield. They usually negate each other and it's up to your fortune whether you succumb to Death or you live to fight another day.

The match looks like this:

It's 2 against 2 and it looked like it was going to be a neck-to-neck battle. But in the end, my lineup came short when it came to endurance. My monsters were outlived by their counterparts because they had higher HP to begin with.

You can see how things unfolded here:

The next battle was against water Splinters.

It's going to be a tough battle for my monsters because the opponents are faster and sturdier, thanks to the buffs of their summoner.

We were given a little bit of room in terms of the mana allocation so we were able to choose our monsters well. The opponent made use of the neutral monsters too.

Needless to say, I lost this battle. Their defense was just impenetrable and their speed impeccable. My monsters were dead even before I realized what hit me.

You can check out the one-sided affair here:

For the next battle, it was my Life Splinter monsters going up against flaring hot Fire Splinter monsters.

The opponent used a summoner to make the monsters on his side faster. I get it, sometimes, it's just a matter of who could hit first. Our cards were laid out and the table was set.

The opponent brought a mix of ranged and melee monsters against my range-focused lineup. But just looking at the cards here, it is obvious that there is a disparity when it comes to speed. What do you think? Did I manage to survive the quick-hitting combos of the enemy, or did I lose even before the game started?

I have honestly forgotten what the outcome was but you can see the replay here:

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Wanna try this game too.

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More wins for you!

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1 year ago

I just joined and learning how to play this game with best Summoners. Although I lost all the tournaments but I am happy at least I am getting some information. Can you suggest something to improve my Splinter land game.

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