Drake's Judgment

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He was seated calmly as the water from the falls rushed towards him with a great force. Drake of Arnak took the day off to train in the mystical waterfall deep within the forest. He was trying to improve his meditation and deep trance acquisition. He was told that he could also improve a lot when it comes to spur-of-the-moment judgment calls.

He had his eyes shut with his arms stretched halfway. He was trying to feel the calmness in the air, the rustle of the leaves in the nearby trees and he was trying to take in everything nature could offer.

From a little further away, he could hear a group of people caught up in a ruckus. He opened his eyes and determined that he could sense enough trouble that he thought he could say without a doubt that a group of monsters was being bullied. He stood up and with his strong tail, he boosted himself up and galloped his way toward the commotion.

He saw two groups of monsters going at each other and one of the groups is having a hard time. There seems to be an equal number of monsters on both sides so he thought twice about whose side he was going to fight for. And he heard his master's voice telling him that he needs to be decisive when it comes to battle and he needs to be able to come up with a decision and stick with it.

He followed his guts and joined in on the battle in favor of the monsters who were having a hard time. The monsters were surprised by the unexpected reinforcement but they were so grateful that they felt that they will be able to change the tide of the battle.

They did, and they emerged victorious over the other group. They were lying on the ground on the brink of death.

Drake looked around and he was confused when his new comrades proceeded to loot the fallen monsters. They also took whatever they could from the carriage of the defeated monsters.

"What are you guys doing?" Drake finally spoke up and asked the obvious question.

"What do you mean? We're taking their stuff like we intended to do. And oh yes, thanks for the help. We couldn't have done it without you. We didn't know that these guys will fight us back that hard." one of the hooligans said.

"W...What have I done?!!"
Drake fell to his knees in disbelief. He couldn't believe that he caused harm to others with his inability to make a decisive judgment rightfully.

"Nooooo....!!!!" his voice rang out all throughout the forest. He knows deep down that he would bring shame to the Dragon kind if the news of this terrible incident comes out.

He fled the scene as fast as he came in.

And that ends my little background story for this week's Share Your Battle challenge. I hope that you enjoy the little creativity I added to this week's challenge. If you want to see the actual events from the match, here's the actual battle inside the game.

The Lineup

For the summoner, I used the Drake of Arnak from the Dragon Splinter. Unfortunately, I don't really own many cards from the dragon Splinters so I just have to use this free summoner from the base cards as my entry for this week's Dragon Challenge.

Using a Dragon Summoner lets you use other monsters from other Splinters. And for this particular match, I went with Death Splinters.

For my tank, I chose to go with the Cursed Windeku. Actually, this is my go-to tank monster when it comes to Death Splinters because it's a killer deal you get from it with the additional Ability of Thorns. It counterattacks enemy monsters that attack it. Sweet deal eh?

It also works well with the Drake because it receives additional armor buff.

Second in line is an attacker, the Skeleton Assassin. If I'm able, I always try to bring this sneaky attacker with my lineup. I like how it attacks targets from behind.

And with the blessing of Drake, this bony hitter just becomes a bit more sturdier.

For the third post, another hitter is placed there.

Death Elemental is one of my main attackers. It takes out those monsters from the opponent's side who can attack from a distance. And yes, we don't like those crafty ranged-attackers. And Drake gives this monster a little armor boost too prolonging its life on the battlefield by a bit.

Next attacker in line is the Life Sapper.

This one has a little trick under his sleeves. He takes a bit of life from the monsters it deals damage to and adds to his HP. The longer he stays alive in the battle, the higher its HP gets. That's why I keep it way in the middle of my lineup. And aside from the HP it takes from the enemies, it also benefitted greatly from the armor buff of the Drake.

The second to the last place is taken by Silent Sha VI.

A sneaky attacker that has a good damage and have a decent amount of HP. Even though this monster is a melee type, it can be placed anywhere since it can attack from anywhere thanks to its Sneak ability.

And its great combination of high HP and damage is improved by Drake's armor blessing.

For the last monster, Shadowy Presence covers the back.

This serves as a bit of a tank from behind. It takes in the damages dealt by the opponent's sneaky monsters.

Its life is also improved by Drake's buff.

And after locking in my lineup, my opponent was revealed. And it's Life Splinter versus Death. A battle as old as time.

Both lineups took on the stage and the heated battle begins.

And boy, it was an exciting match. I was kept on the edge of my seat. I really thought that I was gonna lose but the Life Sapper came in with a clutch performance and it's really the MVP.

You can view the video replay here:

Or if you want to see the play-by-play replay inside the game, you can use this link:


Also, this link is the key to enter the Splinterlands. Use it if you haven't got an account yet.


This concludes my Share Your Battle entry. In the end, my strategy proved to be the right one and the armor blessing of the Drake of Arnak proved to be important too. And with the outcome I received, I don't think that I would be changing anything on my strategy.

I like the Drake of Arnak because as a Dragon summoner, it gives me a lot of flexibility and versatility in my choices in the battlefield.

That's it for me and until we read again...


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