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It's already the middle of the work week now but I think that it's not too late to publish an update about my Rising Star Progress. I believe that it has been a while since I last posted my standing on the game.

I used to buy a card pack on a weekly basis because that's how long I could collect the minimum 10K Starbits. Each pack is priced at 10K Starbits currently, and each pack contains 3 NFT cards. 1 of which is automatically a Rare card or higher. For someone new to the game like me, that's not a bad deal because there's only a slim chance of getting a duplicate card since I don't have many cards yet. But as mentioned before, it's not the best way to progress in the game and collect cards.

It is better both practically and economically to save up and wait for the card you desire on the market. It's a surefire way to secure that high-ranking card you really want. But still, opening a card pack is still the cheapest way to acquire an Epic or Legendary card, that is if you are extremely lucky. I mean, the rate of the possibility to get those kinds of cards is slim to none, at least for me. I really am unlucky when it comes to raffles like that, maybe I'm saving all my luck for that single lottery ticket that would make me a millionaire in real life.

Here's what my profile looks like.

I still only have 77 cards and really slowly collecting cards. I stopped buying card packs a while back because I don't think that I have the use for people's cards with a high number of fans at the moment. I am currently at level 47 and I have enough fans to do the last mission on the second zone which is the Band Auditions. The Band Auditions mission requires only 1500 fans which I already have but it is only accessible once your account reaches level 75, and I am still so far away from that mission. I need to grind up with the XP before I stack up on fans again.

But of course, I need to grow my account even little by little. I shouldn't just be collecting Starbits along the way. I should also try and grow my account while waiting for that level to increase.

I decided to focus on growing my Skill total. Skill is a really important trait in the game because it basically dictates how much Starbits a user can earn from doing a mission. The higher the Skill you have, the higher the amount of Starbits you can earn. Of course, it is also directly involved in balancing your Ego which also directly affects the Starbits earned from each mission. Skill should always be higher than the number of Fans. Personally, I try to keep the number of Skills at almost double the number of Fans. I think that in that case, the game gives me the most decent amount of Starbits when I complete missions.

To support this goal while waiting for my level to rise up, I visited the marketplace to look for some cards that are on sale. I wanted to buy some cards with Skill values at a cheap price. There were a lot of decent cards but I was on a strict budget so I just bought some common cards with Skill value.

The first card I bought was a Susie. This card is part of the currently available cards if you open up card packs. I know that there is a high probability that I will receive this card if I open up a pack because it's a common card, but I don't plan on opening card packs for a while. So it's a better idea to secure this card by buying it directly. The card has 10 Skill points which are almost equivalent to 1 hour's worth of Music Lesson that costs 40 energy. I think it's a fair exchange since I could somehow earn those Starbits back in just a couple of hours.

The second one I bought was a bit more pricey than Susie.

With double the number of Skill points, it costs more than triple the amount of a Susie. I found that a tad interesting. Maybe I was just too late on checking the market and the cards left were the expensive ones. Anyhow, I bought it for the sake of buying and collecting cards.

Looking at the prices of the cards on sale on the market, I realized that I should really save up for better cards, those cards that would really make an impact on your game progress.


This concludes my weekly report for Rising Star game.

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Title     : Card Shopping
Published : 06-July-2022
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New Era NFT Shopping ^^

I love RisingStar game and it is fun! Thanks for sharing mate ^^

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