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Fishing is a term used to fish in seas, lakes, rivers and other seafood such as shellfish, crabs and octopuses. Fishing is further divided into sport fishing (fishing as a hobby) and commercial fishing. Fishing is an old and widespread activity with various techniques and traditions, but also with the application of modern technological aids. Fishing on rivers and lakes predominates in our territories.

When I say fishing, I don't mean just fishing, but a comprehensive experience that includes going out in nature, socializing and, as the end product, fishing.

Water etiquette

Being a fisherman does not mean getting up early, going to the water to bake everything that is hooked on the hook, then the faster the better home to fry and eat the fish. If you treat fishing and fish this way, it is easier and cheaper to go to the fish market and buy fish. Read these basic rules of conduct on the water and try to follow them.

- RETURN THE FISH THAT IS UNDER THE MEASURE IN THE WATER !!! (Carp 30 cm, Pike 30cm, Timber 20 cm, Perch 35 cm, Carp 20cm, Sturgeon 30cm, Deverika 25 cm, Catfish 60 cm)

- Clean up the garbage you found, it's much nicer to fish on a clean shore. Put all the trash in a bag and throw it in the dumpster when you get home.

- Always leave the coast clean. Don't leave garbage, papers and other rubbish behind, you will be sorry the next time you come to that place and find a dirty shore.

- Do not make noise in the fishing place, it bothers fish and other fishermen.

- Always ask permission (from a fisherman who came before you) to fish near him.

- Handle utensils carefully and do not pass yours over someone else's.

- Do not throw close to the colleague who came first, move away from him.

- UNFORTUNATELY there are no private fishing places and don't try to argue with the "intruder" who sat in your place (your fishing day will be ruined). The fact that you prepared and fed it does not mean that you rented it, try to get up earlier than the "intruder" or find a hidden place where there is no "intruder".

- In the passage to the fishing place, always greet the fishermen you come across, NOT with a happy catch, masters, but with a simple BISTRO.

- Don't splash on the water.

- Save complete accessories (everything you need) before fishing, do not allow yourself to ask a colleague to lend you a hook, pencil, etc.

- If a child asks you for a hook, give it to him, they are still our heirs.

- Do not advise anyone, do not impose your opinion if no one asked you for advice and opinion.

Fishing tackle

What should a beginner fisherman know: which fish he wants to fish, on which he leads, and for that fish, what length of rod does he need and what actions should the rod be?

Do not take this division for granted, it is impossible to even recommend a rod for one type of fish. The same equipment is not used for fishing scrapers on the Drina and Sava rivers. The difference is in the accessories, whether you fish the same Sava scraper from a boat or from the shore. Before buying a rod, look at what older colleagues are fishing for, feel free to ask them for advice or contact us to help you.

-Light rods: They are intended for catching white fish (babushka, bream, bodorka, skobalj….), The weight of the throw is up to 40 g Recommendation to younger colleagues, for white fish, take a stick of action B-C, with a weight of 20-40 g. length 3-4m (depending on the water on which you fish).

-Medium rods: The purposes are most often for hunting predators and larger white fish. When choosing this type of rod, you should take into account where it is fished, which baits and how many fish are expected. The length of the rods ranges from 2.10 to 4m, if you fish from a boat a long rod can only bother you (when accepting fish), but if you fish from the shore and need to throw the bait 50m, or attract fish between water lilies and obstacles then the rod of 3-4m the right solution. These are usually sticks with a throwing weight of 40 to 80 grams of action B-A.

-Heavy rods: These are usually two-part rods, less often telescopic, which are intended for catching catfish, silver carp, grass carp, large carp. These are very "stiff" action A sticks and throw weight greater than 80g (even 100-200g). The same applies to the length as for the middle rods.

When choosing a stick, keep in mind that the "speed and sharpness" of your counter depends a lot on its action.

Action A or 4.5-5.0: bends only with the tip (extremely hard sharp stick).

Action B or 3.5-4.0: bend the first third of the stick.

Action C or 2.5-3.0: bend more than half of the rod.

Action D or 1.5-2.0: bend the whole rod

Throwing weights are the weights you will throw with that stick.

The materials used to make the sticks are the most diverse, we will single out the graphite sticks. The price of the stick is closely related to the quality and purity of the graphite used in making the stick. When you see the inscription "graphite composite" on the stick, it means that it is a stick with a very small percentage of graphite. NOTE: Graphite rods are excellent conductors of electricity, so we do not recommend fishing with them during storms and under power lines.


Sport-recreational fishing is unthinkable and impossible without a hook. It is as old as this sport of ours, only over time we worked on its improvement, both in terms of the structure of the material and its appearance. There are many hook manufacturers, we would single out: "Gamakatsu", "Kamasaki", "Mustad", "Dam" and "Golden Lion". The size of the hook you will use is closely related to the type of fish you plan to fish. There are them with one, two, three and even four arms, the colors are white, yellow, brown, silver and even red. Depending on the size of the hook, plates for their numbering were made, but there are two: "Reditch" and "Kendol". Some countries use the Kendol table, while a larger number of countries have opted for "Reditch". Judging by some indications, everyone will soon switch to the "Reditch" scale. Hooks can be divided into good and bad. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Fishing thread

Silk, cotton and other threads, or horsetail hair, are a thing of the past because they have been replaced by synthetic materials: nylon, perlon and others. Nylons differ in durability, elasticity, resistance, color fastness, durability on the knot, but also in the duration, which is very important. It is very difficult to recommend a certain brand of nylon because new brands appear almost every day. We will recommend you some basic rules that we follow ourselves. It is essential to know that thinner nylons are used for fishing smaller fish and vice versa. Change the nylons on the typewriters regularly (every season), because in principle all new nylons are good nylons. Find a seller who has a good turnover, because otherwise you can buy nylon that has been standing in warehouses for 2 years. We have colleagues who change their nylon on the typewriter every 5-6 exits to the water, it did not happen to them that their nylon breaks.

Fishing techniques

The basic division of fishing is into sport and commercial fishing. Sport fishing can be further roughly divided into: waiting fishing and moving fishing. Each of these two methods adapts to the gear, water, fish species and other circumstances prevailing at the place of fishing. Waiting for fish can be deep or with the help of a float. If it is deep with sliding lead on the bottom, the baits are almost immobile or of very limited movement. In such cases, the fisherman is not in a better position either. His activity is limited to sitting or standing in anticipation of trembling the top of a stick or ringing a mounted flag. Float fishing is a little more attractive if you are fishing on a "ride", for the bait to swim downstream together with the float. Then the hands are in motion and something is constantly happening.

Fishing with movement involves cheating and torturing. These ways of fishing are considered real sport fishing, because a person must outwit a fish with a piece of broom, plastic, wig… At the same time, the fisherman is constantly on the move, recreating in nature. The success of fishing with artificial baits is often weaker than with natural baits, but the pleasure is much greater.


deep fishing, float fishing, cheating, music fishing.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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I haven't seen so many texts about fishing on the platform, except for the craze for robots. We will all start fishing en masse and make baits according to @ Varda42 instructions :)

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3 months ago

Good tips and instructions for those who want to go fishing. I believe that our colleague @varda42 will like your article, because that is his profession.

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3 months ago

An interesting article about fishing.

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3 months ago

This is a really nice hobby, probably calming.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

After shooting, I put fishing in the second place as the most beautiful sport. Don't get tired, you spend your free time in the fresh air by the river, lake ... It relaxes you and relaxes plus if you go and the company is a fantastic party

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3 months ago

My grandfather often fishes on the stream with the help of a plant that contains milk, a valuable article for beginners in fishing, would you like to sign how many species of fish there are in Serbia?

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3 months ago