Body Parts Vulnerable to Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Them

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Have you ever had or currently have stretch marks? In this article, I will discuss it because it is important to discuss so that you are more confident without stretch marks. Stretch marks are a type of wound that occurs on certain parts of the skin. Usually, the appearance of stretch marks in the form of reddish or brownish lines and feels prominent and itchy. Generally, stretch marks are located on certain body parts and there are various ways to get rid of stretch marks that you need to know.

Stomach Section

Stretch marks are more common in women than men. This skin condition is common in pregnant women. During that period, a woman's abdomen grows so fast that the skin can't keep up with it. This also causes the elastic fibers under the skin to break and cause stretch marks.

As you gain weight, a pregnant woman's stomach will feel itchy and tense. Signs of stretch marks will be seen on the skin that becomes reddish or purplish. The color also gradually changes to white or gray after a woman goes through the process of giving birth.

At least 90% of women get stretch marks around six or seven months of pregnancy. Genetics also plays a role here. So, women who have mothers with stretch marks are likely to get them too. In addition, women with dark skin usually have lighter lines than their skin.

  1. How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Stomach

    Some stretch marks will be disguised as fine white lines, but some are clear and dark. The best time to treat stretch marks is when the wound is still red or in its early stages.

    • A study shows that people who use a gel from a mixture of onion extract with hyaluronic acid can reduce stretch marks after 12 weeks of regular use.

    • Another option is to use a retinoid prescribed by a doctor. These chemicals can speed up cell turnover and stimulate the growth of new collagen. Then, retinoids will make that part of the skin fuller and healthier. However, the use of retinoids is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    • The next option is to use a laser. This expert treatment uses a special laser that heats the skin. This process will increase the growth of collagen and dilate blood vessels. This method may have to be done several times to get the desired result.

Breast Section

In addition to the stomach, pregnant women can also get stretch marks on the breasts. However, the same thing may also happen to women who are not in pregnancy.

The condition the appearance of stretch marks in this area is common and is caused by the breasts that have undergone several changes. The phase of breast changes is influenced by time and age, especially when women go through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormonal factors are also the reason for the increase in breast weight that occurs during pregnancy and puberty.

When these changes occur, the connective tissue in the skin with collagen and elastin fibers is susceptible to stretching beyond its capacity and tearing the tissue, and leaving scars. The possibility of breast skin experiencing stretch marks is higher than other skin areas. This is due to the thin skin of the breast so that it is easily pulled and damaged due to physical strain.

Other causes of stretch marks on the breasts are:

  • Implants and drastic weight changes that cause breasts to change in size

  • Descendants

  • Lack of hydration and exercise

  • Hormonal changes due to birth control pills

  • Medical conditions such as Cushing's syndrome and Marfan syndrome

  • Use of drugs with steroids

Some treatments can fade stretch marks so they are not easily visible. The first way is to use Collagen Injection. This method controls the deficit in collagen which functions to give strength and elasticity to the skin. By injecting new collagen into stretch marks, the skin will plump up and disguise the scars. Even so, it takes several injections in a certain period to get the desired results.

The second way is using Microneedling Radiofrequency. Some clinics provide this method by injecting a fine needle. These needles can flow heat and trigger the production of collagen so that the skin tightens and improves its texture.

The last way to use cosmetic surgery. This may be the last alternative if the previous method does not work. Surgery is performed to strengthen the skin using implants. Loose skin will fill in and help the wound look blurry.

Buttocks, Thighs, and Hips

The buttocks, thighs, and hips are other areas commonly affected by stretch marks. The appearance of line sores in the area is generally caused by weight gain in a short time. Weight gain makes the skin in these areas widen and stretch the skin. Collagen in it is also damaged due to extreme stretching so that stretch marks occur.

Increased muscle mass also has a hand in this. This cause is common among bodybuilders and athletes who build muscle without or with repeated use of steroids. Muscles that are disproportionately enlarged and show dissimilar colors will result in visible stretch marks.

Hormonal factors, especially in young women who have just experienced puberty, also allow the appearance of stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs, and hips due to physical changes.

Hormonal imbalances can also be experienced by people who are obese, as well as during puberty and pregnancy. This reaction causes the elastin and collagen to tear and leave streaks because the skin is stretched too broadly.

  1. How to get rid of stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs, and hips

    • Several ways can be done to disguise stretch marks efficiently, such as by undergoing cosmetic surgery and some dermatological treatments. A stretch mark recovery treatment option is Chemical Peel. This method includes a drastic step to disguise stretch marks. The dermatologist will provide chemicals from plant extracts to be applied topically or applied to the wound. The skin will undergo a process of exfoliation and exfoliation so that the outermost part of the skin erodes and exposes the soft skin underneath.

    • Next use Microdermabrasion. This is the method commonly applied to long-standing stretch marks. The process is done by moving a tool slowly across the wound. The tool will exfoliate the area and remove the outermost part of the skin.

Calf Section

Sometimes, stretch marks can appear on the calves. People who experience accelerated growth or increased weight changes can trigger stretch marks in the calf area. Genetic factors and muscle strengthening exercises are also another reason why stretch marks appear on the calves.

Stretch marks that are horizontal in the calf area indicate horizontal growth, most likely due to increased height. Meanwhile, stretch marks that look vertical also occur due to vertical growth, which may be due to weight gain, either from increased fat or calf muscle size.

  1. How to get rid of stretch marks on calves

    Some of the ways that dermatologists offer to treat stretch marks on the calves you can follow. On the other hand, the use of steroids and exercise that rests on the calf needs to be reduced. Try to build muscle slowly and not try to build calf muscles in a short time.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

In addition to the use of chemicals and direct treatment from a dermatologist, there are several natural ways to get rid of stretch marks, including:

  1. Sunscreen products

    Although it can not restore stretch marks that are in the deep layers of the skin. Sunscreen can improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. It can also prevent sun exposure which makes wounds visible and damages the skin's collagen fibers.

  2. Diligently hydrate the skin

    Using a moisturizer after bathing or when the skin is wet will make it easier for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin and make it smooth and elastic. Hydrated skin thanks to the moisturizing content is also good for the dilated belly of pregnant women. Coconut oil is also useful as an alternative to moisturizers.

  3. Aloe vera

    In addition to using onion gel and hyaluronic acid, you can also apply aloe vera as a natural healing ingredient. A study says that this plant can reduce itchy stretch marks that are not related to pregnancy. It can also prevent the urge to scratch, which will aggravate the wound while helping the stretch mark healing process.

  4. Sugar

    Some people believe that sugar has an effect similar to the microdermabrasion method. Although there is no research to support this, sugar can work as a natural exfoliant. Sugar can exfoliate dead skin cells and even pave the way for beauty products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented?

Unfortunately, no way can be done to prevent stretch marks let alone remove them without a trace. However, stretch marks that have just appeared are easier to disguise with skin treatments such as topical medications and the various methods previously mentioned.

If there is also a genetic role in the emergence of stretch marks. One of the best ways to prevent it is to keep your weight steady. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary to hydrate the skin, which helps prevent damage when the skin stretches.

Foods that have benefits for maintaining healthy skin can also reduce the chance of stretch marks. Some of these foods contain a lot of zinc, such as nuts and fish. In addition, also consume foods that store vitamins A, C, and D.

Also, understand some of the treatments from a dermatologist because each method may provide different effectiveness depending on the individual undergoing the process.

Once you know how to get rid of stretch marks, you can get an idea of ​​the right treatment for what you're looking for. Consult a doctor so you can get the best results.

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stretch marks are harmless, but they cause self-confidence in women. I had stretch marks on my breasts during puberty, my friend told me to apply aloe vera cream and the scars disappeared in a week

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