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Supernatural Stories 4: Engkanto Part 3

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2 months ago

"I have a Twin! A Twin?" This faith healer sounds ridiculous. And that crystal ball of him looks like a jackstone marble!

At first I thought that he was a fraud faith healer but my Mom believed in him.

And in fairness I was cured during that time. He told us to go back and continue the medication.

But days and weeks gone by, nothing happened to me. Until years passed by, I'm living a normal life without thinking those unbelievable phenomenon that happened in my life during my Elementary Days.

Until I reached Highschool. My life came back to normal and we did not ever went back to the Faith Healer again.

Highschool Graduation is coming and we are all busy preparing for it. We are cleaning the whole school. All of us graduating students has been told to clean.

I went home feeling tired and sore all over my body. So I immediately went inside my room and take a nap.

An hour later I woke up because the itchiness of my head is unbearable. It's very itchy! And I felt hot! Very hot all over my body.

I immediately looked at my fingertips. All of the ten are swollen red! My face became itchy too!

Small rashes and bruises all over my face and body!

I rushed to my Mom Store and told her that the swollen of my hands came back but she ignored me and thought that it's nothing as I'm already healed. That was she thought though because it's been a while that I didn't have an attack.

She called Aunt Flora to go with me at the Faith Healer's house here in our Barangay.

Unluckily when we arrived at the Faith Healer's House he was not there!

I felt very weak, hot and itchy. I can't literally explained unless if you experienced what I felt too. But all in all I felt very horrible!

Then one by one my body became numb and frozen. Starting from my feet up to my legs. It was hard and became paralyzed.

Aunt Flora lay me down at the bench outside where we are still waiting for the Faith Healer to arrived.

Next is my arms, it is very hard and became paralyzed. I cannot moved at all. Even my private parts, I can felt it was frozen hard.

My hands was bend upwards. Very hard and paralyzed. Aunt Flora was trying her might to massage my fingers but it's no use at all as it is very hard to moved.

Then I spoke to myself. "Is this the end of me? Will I die?"

All is frozen hard and paralyzed. I cannot even blink my eyes!. So I called Aunt Flora in a whisper way as I cannot moved and open my mouth but thankfully I can able to speak.

I bid farewell and said goodbye to her. Because at that time I felt hopeless and are dying.

We called it here on Cebuano word."Nanamilit". I told her to please tell my mom that I cannot hold it any longer. I'm feeling numb and paralyzed. I felt like dying!

If you looked at my fingers which is bend upwards. It looks like I'm possess but I'm a fighter. Even though my body surrendered but my mind did not!

They cannot freeze my mind. I'am the one controlling it!. They cannot easily destroy my faith and determination.

I was about to close my eyes when I heard my Mom shouting. She arrived and was horrified upon seeing my situation.

I totally closed my eyes. I just don't want to close it but it's also freeze and very hard to open.

They thought that I fainted but I'm not. I can still heard the voices around me.

My Mom shouted in panic and asked the Faith Healer's Daughter it's whereabouts.

Then I can hear she immediately ran and left me with Aunt Flora. After a few moments she came back with the Faith Healer.

The Faith Healer massage my feet and arms gently while mumbling his latin words. Those words that we cannot understand but yet so powerful.

And actually I learned a one Latin words from the Uncle of my kids. It will protect you from any harm and accident when you went out your house and until now I still utter this Latin words everytime I will go out.

It's very useful too during the giving birth of my youngest daughter. And that is in my Article "Aswang".

Slowly my body became soft and I can feel the pain of massage. Thanks God I'am healed! I thought I was going to die at that very moment.

But too sad Aunt Flora died later because she was cursed by Barang that is also a part of my Supernatural Natural series.

Finally I was fully healed. The Faith Healer said that it is still the Unknown who caused me my nearly death experienced.

Again? I thought I was fully healed and cured. Just what they want from me?

I felt very angry and disappointed inside of me. What a joke of Fate. As if Destiny is playing with me. Playing with my life. Will I escape the death that is lurking beside me? Waiting for a chance to strike again and bring me to the underworld.

Just who exactly that Engkanto. Why They will never give me peace? I offended them but I already asked and offered for forgiveness and now they are back again.

This time is it really my Twin???

To be continued.....

leejhen 💞

Maybe you are a wondering if this story is really true and happened in real life. Yes it is 💯 percent true and my true to life experience. Why I wrote all of this? I just wanted to share and maybe it might be helpful for those who experienced a phenomenon like this or for those who did not Encounter yet this kind of experience I do hope that it will give them knowledge that those Unknown really exists in this world.

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Written by   464
2 months ago
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grabe napaka interesting nmn po yarn 😊

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2 months ago

Yung Lolo ko po isang magaling na albularyo, minsan sinasama nya ako sa panggagamot pero bawal ako pumasok kapag nagsimula na sya. Minsan naririnig ko sya nagsasalita ng Latin. Oo nga pala ate ano ung Latin na orasyon na sinasabi mo para protektahan ang sarili?.

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2 months ago

That was a really horrible experience. :( And about Aunt Flora of yours, so sorry for that po.

Can't wait for the next part.

$ 0.03
2 months ago

Yes thanks. Mas grabe yong sinapit ni Auntie Flora parang lahat ng sakit na experience niya before she died at hindi siya nakangiti mukhang namimilipit siya sa sakit. Kung saan man siya naroroon sana nakatawid na sila.

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2 months ago

Wow! At first, I thought this was fiction... But as I read on, I started to think to ask you if this is a real-life story or not. And it is... Interesting story. I think @jonicabradley would be interested in this.

$ 0.03
2 months ago

Thanks. It is my real life story. I just wanted share even though reminiscing back then is a real disaster haha.

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2 months ago