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Supernatural Stories 3: Aswang Part 3

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11 months ago

We finally went home! Smelling the familiar air of my hometown.

Thinking that I'm finally free from all the Aswang! But I know I'm not! I can feel it hehe.

The month of March the year 2014. I gave birth to my youngest daughter. Creepy labor happened and giving birth to the sound of the dogs howling.

I feel the pain at 4 pm so we immediately went to the maternity clinic.

My 2nd and 3rd child was born in the Maternity Clinic. It is like a house very convenient unlike in the hospital in which the family members are not allowed to enter. Well except for the Aswang.

11:30 pm I was in the delivery room. Feeling the pain while the dogs are barking and howling.

I felt something odd was happening on the outside as I saw my midwife whispering to her assistant to go out and checked why are the dogs are so noisy.

I saw the fear in her assistant's eyes. She didn't want to go out. The dogs continue to make a noise. And for my safety just in case there is an Aswang outside. I utter the Latin words that Brother Berto gave to me.

Then in just a blink of an eye, I saw a flash of shadow in the window. The window is made of jalousie so I can vividly see if there's a shadow outside.

All the hair of my skin stands up, feeling the tingling and chilling sensation. Aswang is there outside!

They said you can be under their hypnotization. Aswang will enter your mind and will hypnotize you.

Once you will under their spell. They will eat your baby with no mercy. So I keep my mind busy uttering the Latin words then praying to God for my baby's safe delivery.

The dogs never stop barking till I finally give birth and nothing happened. I'm very thankful for God's protection.

On that very day of giving birth, I immediately went home. I can't stay any longer in the said place and spend another creepy night in there.

Later did I've known that the said Maternity house had a successive cased of mother and baby deaths. It happened last year 2013 in March too.

It was said that all pregnant women giving birth on the said place suffered from blood loss resulting in miscarriage and death of the babies and sometimes both baby and the mother died.

They are very healthy and okay before going to the maternity house. Then after labor, some of them suddenly died.

And thinking for my midwife and her assistant whispering in the middle of my labor. Just maybe it's true that Aswang will always be there whenever someone will give birth and eat the baby with no mercy. The assistant was so afraid to went out. And she never did.

After this incident, I thought that I will be free and done with this Aswang. But I'm not! They always hunting me.

One time in school while picking up my second daughter. An old woman approached me. Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom so all of us are waiting outside.

I'm carrying my youngest daughter which is two years old at that time. There were no more seats available. Then out of the blue, an old woman suddenly appeared in front of me. Saying that my butterfly earrings are very beautiful.

She touched my earrings then my shoulder. I felt an unexplainable discomfort after that. But I still respect the elderly and offered her a seat as I saw a vacant chair. But she immediately said no and distance herself from me.

In my mind, Just what was that? My instinct keeps telling me that there is something wrong. My heart was beating so fast and I don't know why. The old woman never looked at me again. I didn't mind it all but my whole system is signaling a warning.

We went home and buy at my Aunt's store. It was timing that the old woman passed by together with her grandson who is the classmate of my second daughter.

I asked my Aunt if she knew that old woman. And she answered me that the old woman was rumored Aswang. She will victimize children by giving them candies and chocolates.

And the victim will become an Aswang too!!! Just how cruel she is. They are all children! The poor little boy showed odd behavior.

The boy started to lose appetite. Even his favorite foods he doesn't want to eat anymore. His tantrums became worst and his eyes became red too!

The boy's mother went home to her province in Bogo Cebu. The boy was treated there by a Faith Healer and was diagnosed for being an Aswang! But the transformation has not been completed yet.

Because the boy still doesn't like to eat and they said chicken wings can complete the transformation to become an Aswang. Just what the f???? That old lady wanted me to become an Aswang too!!!

And at home, I suddenly felt very sleepy. And I can feel an ache all over my body. It's like a small needle is piercing your skin.

I really sleep at that time. Then at night the cat outside are very noisy. It's a raging cat!!! The cat sounded very angry. And it circled our house. I can hear it's voice running from front to the back.

I even record it's voice in Viber and send it to my husband. Then I open my purse and saw the amulet that was supposed to be given to my husband. But he left it inside the cabinet so I decided to used it and put in my purse just maybe it will give me luck.

And it indeed gave me luck. Because of the amulet the Aswang powers didn't conquer my whole system or else I will became an Aswang too.

That morning I decided to see a faith healer and he let me drink the special oil. The "lana". Three drops of lana in a hot water.

If I will vomit that means that there will be a possibility that I will became an Aswang too!.

My hand was trembling while drinking the hot water with lana. Fortunately, I did not vomit! The faith healer asked me if I have a protection amulet. Then I remember the amulet in my purse.

I showed it to him and he told me it saved me from the Aswang. Good thing I put it in my purse and was with me all the time.

Later on, the pain of the piercing needle in my skin was gone. But the Aswang was still there. Always giving me a weird glance everytime we will meet at the school.

When my second daughter turned grade one. The kids are also classmates with the Aswang! Her grandson was classmate again with my second daughter.! What a coincidence.

I decided to sew the amulet and attached in the garter. And tie it in my body. So that it will always be with me wherever I go.

This is my amulet. It is still with me in my body.

I can easily know if the Aswang is near me. As the hair of my body will stand up. Feeling an unexplainable cold tingling sensation. There was come a time that I felt all my energy was very low and wanted to vomit then I turned around and the Aswang old lady was there at my back!! Just a few steps away.

It's unbelievable I know. But to experience all of these. It make me believe that supernatural creatures really exist in this world that is full of mystery.

The amulet is still at my body until now. I lose my other amulet so I did not wanted to lose this one as it is very helpful to me.

But still, the best amulet is prayers. If we have a strong faith in God evil cannot penetrate and harm our mind and body.

Just a little reminder: please always be careful while walking in the middle of the dark night especially when you are alone. Because anything might happen. Supernatural beings are just hiding in the dark....


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Written by   491
11 months ago
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