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Personal Vlog:The Essence of being a Mother

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Written by ย ย 456
4 months ago

Since it's Mother's Day. Let's talk about this one Word Mother.

What comes into your mind if you heard the word Mother? Is it a woman with children? What about those Fathers out there who became both Mother and Father to their children.

What about those Single women out there who became a Mother to their nieces and nephews?

What is really the Essence of being a Mother? Does it really necessary to get pregnant in order to be called a Mother?

Do you really need to get Married? Or Let's just simply said. Whoever you are if you have an Essence of a real Mother deep inside your heart then anyone can call you Mom.

Autobiography is always been included in every lessons that we experienced. And that question, "How can you see yourself 10 year from now?

And being an excited innocent heart. We Always dreamed of Graduating in School, Finding a nice job and building a great and Happy Family with children.

Never that we thought that having Children is not easy. This time we are not dreaming anymore. It's reality and we are the one writing our own story.

What do you think is the ending of you becoming a Mom?

From the very beginning of a monthly period. Women experienced pain how much more delivering a child?

Not just once but sometimes ten times right? Good thing I only have three children lol.

But kidding aside, Entering the Journey of Motherhood is the biggest Challenge a woman could ever experience.

Especially if you value your career so much and it's hard for you to let it go. But for the sake of taking good care of your children. You can only choose one.

And a Mother should always choose what is best for their children.

What about if you are a Single Mother and you need to work? There's nothing else to do but to work and earn a living. It is still for the sake of your children.

What about your Husband leaves you with your children. How will you think for your future? Do you ever ask what will happen to my children?

But a Mother only cry once and later on needs to get up find a way in order to give her children's need.

Eventhough she is left alone but she will never return. Instead she will move forward in order to survive in this Journey called Motherhood.

As we can view, there are many Mothers out there who will suffer just for the future of their children.

That last spoonful of foods that she will eat. She would rather give, for her Children to become full even if she is still hungry.

You will see her get angry but love is hidden inside her heart. She may scold and lecture you but it's only for your own good.

She smiled at you but secretly cried.

And that is what happened to me way back year 2019. I almost gave up. Lose half of my weight. And cannot properly sleep.

But I can't continue being like this. I need to stand up for the sake of my children. I need to laugh and not to cry. I need to eat, I need to sleep and be lively again.

The saying is always been right. "If the mother is not well, the Family is unwell".

This saying or quote just only came into my mind just now when I'am writing. I really don't know if there is a quote or saying like this.

Good thing I surpassed all of this but the anger never subside. God knows how much I tried to forget and forgive.

But the hurt and anger eat me alive. If I continued being like this. What will happen to my innocent children?

So being a Mother I set aside all of this and start a new beginning. But I know a storm is coming but didn't mind it at all.

I'm a mother and will always will be. My children is my number one priority. Even if my heart is stabbed a million times. I need to endure a trillion times.

And for me this is the real essence of being a Mother. Even if you died, you need to stay alive...

leejhen ๐Ÿ’ž

I'm gonna share again this poem way back 2 years ago. When I'm about to gave up but I hold on and keep going on.

"To my Children"

It's mom! Your pretty and beatiful mom

It's mom who will always be at your side and willing to do anything

And everything

But I'm sorry

Mom is tired

So tired

She tried to be strong

But things gone wrong

She tried every way

So that no one

Could take away

The Family that you've known but someone

Block her way

She tried to protect

With all her might

With all her soul

With all her heart

She is lost

Walking at an endless path

Full of dakrness

Full of misery

Full of tears

Full of hatred

She is finding

An ending

To the path she walks on

Right now but can't see any

Children give your mom

A light even just a small

Light who will lead her

Out in the dark

Shout her name

So that she can hear

Reach out your hand

Towards her and pull her

Out in the dark...

Bring her where the sun

Shines so bright

So that she can see the light

Be the light who will give

Her strength and reason to live...

Embrace her

Wipe her tears

And tell her

I love you mom...

Happy Mother's Day to all. Especially for those who are not a Mother but has a heart of being a Mother.

leejhen ๐Ÿ’ž


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Written by ย ย 456
4 months ago
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Yes you can endure a trillion times.. of blessing ๐Ÿ˜‡ love the photos and the poem too.. Happy mothers day!

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4 months ago

Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š

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4 months ago

Wawo yup mother is blessing and your kids are lucky that you are their mom. Without mother a children can be good or bad and more Chance he would grow bad. But mother make every child like so pleasant and happy. I love yo see child growing with mom's at school. Shoping. This is true every child feel happy with mother and more comfortable. We can share those fact with mother which can't with father. Everyone loves their parents. Thanks beautiful thoughts. Keep it up.

$ 0.02
4 months ago

Yeah thank you too.

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

Single mothers are built to be strong and independent woman. May mga iba kasi dyan na pag nlaman na single mom, iba na agad ang iniisip. Nevertheless, happy mother's day po! I am so proud you and sa lahat ng nanay at tumatayong nanay sa mga anak nila

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4 months ago

Thank you. Happy Mother's Day to your Mother too๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š

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4 months ago

I never thought you're a single mother of three lovely ladies. I salute single mothers because they endure everything just for their kids. They set aside their own happiness but the smile on their children's face is enough to light up their world and keep them going. Stay strong p din momsh for your kids,. Kudos,, Happy2 mother's day

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4 months ago

thank you I always been single eversince the world began. My relationship status as of now is complicated ๐Ÿ˜…

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4 months ago

Belated Happy Mother's Day po. You are a very loving mother, I know your children knows that and they are very proud of you.

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4 months ago

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š

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4 months ago

Happy Mothers' Day, ate. Thanks for not giving up being a mother to your kids. They are so pretty! May God always bless you and your family. <3

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4 months ago

Thank you๐Ÿ’š

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4 months ago