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My Struggles with Covid 19

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3 months ago
Topics: Health, Work, Experience

On my 7th day, I woke up feeling cold and weak. My cough is unstoppable. My heart is beating fast and loud, I could hear it. My body is trembling and my anxiety came up again.

I didn't want to get up but I have to prepare my food. Good thing I brought some rice cooker, rice and canned goods. I tried to lift up my body even if my hands were shaking. I wanted to eat but my cough kept on coming and it's just hard to swallow food. I was shocked and so afraid of what's going to happen to me next.

I felt even more anxious when I remembered some of my friends who had experienced Covid warned me about the 5th day onwards from the start of the first symptom.

5th - 12th day are the days where the virus gets stronger. I have to be ready for whatever worst things may happen. I felt even more weaker of the thought.

After every meal, I wash my utensils and go back to bed after taking my vitamins and medicines. I can talk properly, I can laugh with my friends on video calls and I don't even have a fever. I'm way tougher than the others but why do I feel weak? It's frustrating.

There were times I wanted to eat but it seems that it won't go through my throat. But I have to feed myself even if my stomach doesn't want it. I have to fight it because literally, "food is life". This is not the time for skipping meals. It's a very important factor in this situation.

As my anxiety rise up, I started calling the doctor for help. I know I only needed some sleep. The doctor approved of my medicines. My heart still beating fast until I broke down. I needed to losen up my tears to relax.

My cough went worst that night but I took some anti asthma medicines and lozenges to calm it down. It seemed like a normal flu but a little way harder to manage.

My number one enemy that's making me weak is my anxiety. I couldn't stop my mind from creating scenarios and it made me feel heavy. My shoulders were heavy, my knees were weak and sort of numb but I can stand. I know I'm okay.

The symptoms were mild and very much manageable only if you won't think of it as a deadly disease. You just have to fight the fear to keep your strength. I was just too scared being brought to an unfamiliar place with no one to call if I feel something or if anything worse may happen.

My friends kept telling me that as long as I don't have oxygen support, no fever, that's very much fine. But why don't I feel fine?? 😔😔

My Symptoms

Stuffy nose

Dry cough started on the 6th day

Heart palpitations (with intense anxiety attacks)

How I managed symptoms

Simply manage symptoms like normal flu. But always stay focused and be cautious. One must have is the pulse oxymeter to monitor oxygen saturation. This way you'll be able to check the level of oxygen your body is receiving. 95 - 100 is the normal level according to health workers. Below these numbers need medical attention. Always take note of your symptoms if it's improving or getting worse over time. Many of us cannot afford this although not really necessary to have, it is a big help.

Take vitamins to boost immune system such as vitamin C with zinc, vitamin D3 and B complex. Daily exercise and a dose of sunlight for 15-20 minutes a day can make you feel better. Get enough rest and sleep. Some doctors recommend melatonin suppliments to help get a good sleep.

I also did the traditional steam inhalation with ginger, lemon, pepper salt and oregano. Also best with eucalyptus oil or a drop of vicks vapor rub to help relax the airways. Steam also helps soften mucus in your airways. Great for cough and stuffy nose.

Hot ginger tea with lemon, honey, cinnamon and olive oil is the recipe my husband found on youtube as shared by a doctor, which also worked as a natural moculytic. This worked well with my cough.

Virgin coconut is also recommended to fight the virus. 1 tbsp three times a day is suggested for best results. I also use VCO to clean my nose everyday and I noticed my stuffy nose has slowly faded away. I also put a drop of it in my gargle.

Observe proper hygene. Wash hands with soap frequently, never forget to brush teeth and follow up with a gargle. You can use betadine or bactidol for gargle. But the simplest home recipe is salt in warm water. Take a steam bath everyday.

Eat healthy foods like fruit and green vegetable soup. Always have a balanced diet and avoid junk foods. Drink plenty of water. Fresh fruit juices are also recommended.

Everyday I deal with this routine. It hurts my tummy and my acid reflux went worst, making my anxiety levels go up. The hardest part is vomiting sticky phlegm along with the food I just consumed. Vomiting could be an after effect of too much coughing accompanied by hyper acidity due to medicines taken including the herbal ones.

I felt like I was in my worst nightmare. I was worried because the cough is still there, though it has improved but it felt as if it's stuck in my throat forever.

They brought him here...

4 days had passed and I received the PCR results of my father and my husband. Both positive as expected. I was enlightened by the thought that I'll be seeing my hubby any time of the day. Maybe if I see him it would make me feel better.

The volunteers called, they're bringing him in the facility. Still I questioned them as he could still continue his isolation at home since he was alone and besides we have never went out of our door even the time when I was there. They couldn't answer my questions.

Who could have implemented this pointless policies? It just doesn't make sense to me. Why would they want to complicate things? They brought us in a dirty facility, with no food and drink. No medicines. How are we going to get better? Good thing I have prepared everything most importantly the medicines.

When he came, I was shocked to see him riding our scooter. I thought the volunteers went to fetch him with their service vehicle. The scooter was loaded with his baggage. He even has to go back to get the other things. They wouldn't allow him to go back but he got pissed off and he insisted. The house was left with the lights on so he really has to go back. They allowed him after a short arguement.

Then they transferred me to another room where I could stay with hubby. While waiting for my husband I went to clean the new room. Then, after a few walks, I got dizzy with shortness of breath. I stopped and took a rest.

When he finally came I asked him to help me lift my folding bed but the volunteers shouted at us. He's not allowed to enter my room since my co worker is also inside. So I had to drag my bed all by myself even if my chest felt heavy. I had several trips back and forth transferring my things.

This was my first room. It's where I slept with mosquitoes feasting on my toes. No water during day time and the toilet looked totally gross.

In that facility no one will help you. No one will come to give you a hand with heavy things. I lifted the 18 liter drinking water by myself to a 10 meter distance from the entrance going to our room. So I thought being there was really tough. If you are weak you will have a hard time recovering.

My husband still pissed off kept nagging. He has to continue cleaning since I am experiencing shortness of breath. I have to relax coz maybe it's because of my fast heart rate. I was too tired to move. Then I was able to sleep properly for the first time.

2nd room fixed at almost 12 midnight.

Early morning the next day when I was just about to prepare breakfast and my husband still taking time to rest from last night's tiring activity, the volunteer called. They wanted us to transfer again to the other side of the campus! 🙄🙄

The last classroom where we stayed.

I'm like "hey, are you kidding me?!". They made us choose a room then later on transfer us into another dirty room and that means we have to clean again! They want us to transfer to the other side because our current location is intended for travellers. They did not inform us.. OMG!! It's making me mad. My husband was mad. He cleaned up another room and we started grabbing all our things again.. 😒😔😔


We made ourselves feel comfortable in that place. That's the only thing we can do. We managed to survive the days. Until my 14th day came. They called me to pack my things. I insisted to stay with my husband because of my mental issue. But they didn't allow me. These people were purely inconsiderate. He was left alone again.

Just imagine: they took me 6 days after the test. My husband and I were exposed to each other for a very long time. Their purpose is take me out of the house to protect my husband as I have the virus. When he tested positive, they brought him to that school and put us together in one room. Then pull me out again. But my quarantine period will still extend when he gets home... They just made things complicated. If only they allowed us to just stay and do the home treatment. What they did was very useless and nonsense.

Then they said we are not allowed to go out yet and get in contact with people because we need to complete a 7 day home quarantine but they instructed us to take a cab going home?? Absurd! 😅😅

When I arrived home I felt hungry. As if I haven't eaten for months. I took the opportunity to eat as much as I can. Then took a rest after my routine. I fell asleep early unexpectedly.

I communicate with my kids and husband through video calls. I still felt sad with our situation but we just have to be patient.

4th day at home, I was talking to my husband on video when he suddenly turned it off. Then he came back and said he experienced a weird feeling. He felt heavy and dizzy, he described it to me which I recognized as how I get anxiety attacks.. Told him to ask the volunteers if he could come home and thankfully they released him.

He came home that night. Again with the scooter loaded with things. He went back and forth four times to the facility to collect all the things.. 😅😅😅 The service vehicle was so useless..


Thanks for reading 😘

I'll be sharing more of my covid experience on the next article 😉

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Written by   118
3 months ago
Topics: Health, Work, Experience
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Nakakaloka sila. Hindi lang nakakaloka, nakakagigil pa. But I am happy that you are already home and I suppose by this time you have already reunited with your husband and your children. Nanggigil talaga ako. Pero ang tanging dasal ko ay mawala na sana ang virus na ito. Take care and always stay healthy. God bless.

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1 month ago

Oo okay na ako.. hanggang ngayon may trauma pa din ako..

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Gisapot jud kog basa sa imong article ay. Kamo pay nagsakit, mura rjud mog gibinuangan og transfer2 og room unya paulion rman diay then mag taxi. Kaloko 🤦‍♀️

Pero ang importante nga okay namo. Thank God kat nalampasan ninyo na nga struggle. Praise the Lord ❤

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Nakuyawan kaayo ko og nganung gisapot ka sa akong article.. Hahahah! 🤣 Pero true makasapot jud diba?? Nastress jud kaau mi sa style nila. Ok lang unta kung dili na mi need maglimpyo.. Naa pay gibati, masamutan pa jud kay nahago na og panglimpyo. Sa style pod nila nga pull-out2x kay aron dili magtakod pero giipon ra pd mi sa room diay dayon paulion ra pd..😅😅

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3 months ago

Mao man. I don't see any point of it gyud ay. It doesn't make sense. Haha

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3 months ago

Nag ka covid ka sis. Hopefully gumaling ka na at mga anak mo huwag madamay 🙏

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Thanks sis.. Ok naman mga kids.. Ako lang medyo nahirapan kahit mild lang symptoms pero nakakapanghina yung ubo na tagal mawala. Minsan naisip ko kung ok pa ba ako.. Nagpacheck na din sa doctor ok naman lab results.. Minsan lang talaga inaatake ng nerbyos yun ang mahirap e fight sa part ko..

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3 months ago