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Be Responsible: Start with yourself.

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5 months ago
Topics: Health, Work, Experience

Covid-19 has become the biggest enemy of the world since the year 2019. It's the hardest one to defeat since it cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

Many people shared different stories after contracting the disease. A lot have lost their loved ones. We heard so many battles of different individuals and the lessons that the pandemic taught them.

Being one of those affected just like most people who warned us before, I want tell you how serious this virus is. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

People around me are too complacent, to confident thinking that Covid is just the seaonal flu that we usually experience. NO! It's not that kind of simple flu that goes away easily.

I am one who followed the basic protocols like washing the hands regularly, wear face mask and face shield at all times especially in public places. I distanced myself as I talk to my clients or even in lines and even in crossing the roads. I was very cautious because I go home every day to a family with kids and oldies.

As much as possible I always make sure of my own safety and ofcourse my family. I did everything I could but no matter how much you try, there are people who are careless.

Not everyone follow the protocols. Not everyone believes that's this virus is real. Not all of us are responsible enough. Sad thing is that only few people are. Despite all these scary stories and experiences all over the world shared on social media, still people are skeptical about Covid-19.

In this world and in this country where people had been fooled by the broken promises of leaders we can never blame these distrustful citizens. But not also to blame the leaders, it is still our responsibility to follow and just be mindful of our actions. Responsibility and discipline always starts with ourselves.

I have heard words like:

"Covid is just the old flu, they upgraded its name"

"They are raising the cases for more income"

"It's just a simple cough and colds"

"They wanted to sell out the test kits and vaccines"

"We don't believe in covid, nothing happened to us"


Maybe you experienced mild symptoms and easily survived...

Maybe you have strong immune system that's why you haven't experienced any symptoms...

Maybe none of your family members experienced what other families have gone through..

Maybe you are young and fit...

But what about the old people who have weakened immune systems due to their age?

What about the infants, toddlers and kida who are still in the developing stage?

And those with hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other pre existing conditions..

Do you think they will make it just like how you did??

I know some friends and relatives who are in doubt. There are lots of them. Even if they experienced the symptoms, they still go out like the usual. Mingle with people, go to malls, churches and attend lots and lots of gatherings.

Even if they have heard of friends dying from the virus and still never believed in it. Most of them in full denial of their symptoms. Because it's just a common cold.

It's not just a common cold

Symptoms may vary depending on how the body responds to it.

As for my own experience, it is not the common cold where you get a runny nose and then goes away with a single dose of medicine. It's clogged as if something is stuck inside that it will make it hard for you enhale or exhale so you have to breathe with your mouth. It felt like my nose is being douched.

When the cough came out, it was dry. It's like coughing air and you can feel the vibration in your chest. It hurts both chest and head when coughing. A small amount of clear mucus will come out but it's hard to spit out because it's very sticky. Sometimes when you cough, it flies out uncontrollably from your mouth. You will end up vomitting because it's so difficult to let it out by forcing yourself to cough out that phlegm. The mucus doesn't easily wash out with water.

It's totally different from the normal cough that goes away with few doses of medicine. And it is long term. After a month I still have few coughing episodes.

The days were like hell to me as I struggle with these "mild symptoms". Moderate according to my friend is already in need of oxygen support. How much more for severe cases?

That mild for me is not as easy as what others have experienced. That is why I couldn't just say "it's just mild". It affected not just my physical health. It also took away my normal mental and emotional aspects.

COVID-19 is legit!

My cousins shared their experience and they looked proud that they made it without anyone knowing it. Yes they survived but why didn't they inform us of them getting sick?? They should have atleast isolated themselves! I was so upset when they told me. That happened few months ago. Good thing no one outside their family got infected. If this didn't happen to my family they wouldn't tell us. How upsetting and irresponsible. 😔

Then they would just laugh about it. And tell me it's nothing. I got the positive result because I have colds that's what they always remind me. The good side is for me not to think too much that would trigger my anxiety. Still I'm dissappointed on the fact that they made a very irresponsible action.

We have had experienced the same symptoms that's why I can tell they had been infected.

My other relatives also experienced the same after our house was envaded. And what I did was coach them on what to do to treat themselves at home. I am happy that I was able to help them survive without infecting other families.

As I came out from quarantine, I still see a lot of people going out and not following the 2 meter distance protocol.

People are scattered everywhere despite the growing number of Covid-19 cases in our area. They are fearless yet hard headed and non compliant to authorities. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

The main thought of this article is to tell people to be responsible not for themselves but for the sake of their family members and friends who might not be strong enough to fight the virus.

Stay at home for non-essential transactions 'coz you might experience the worst.


Thanks for reading!

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Written by   128
5 months ago
Topics: Health, Work, Experience
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Nung start ng pandemic honestly ako talaga iniisip ko na ano lang yan para pagkaperahan kasi maaaring may country/countries na maggegain out of this global pandemic. Yung hindi ako naniniwala sa COVID pero sumunod pa din ako with the proper health and safety protocols. Labo noh? Hehe. Then napaisip ako na bakit ang dami pa din cases if people are already following this protocols. Tapos naisip ko na baka naman airborne. Kasi kung droplet eh paano pa magkakadroplet kung nakamask and shield na. Sa akin lang naman yun na feeling. Kaya everytime na lalabas ako, lahat kailangan mahugasan or labhan tapos ligo agad ako. COVID is real talaga. Kaya sana mawala na siya.

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3 months ago

Tama.. yung iba naman kasi talagang matigas ulo ayaw sumunod sa protocols.

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3 months ago

Agreed we all need to be responsible and help one another. No one is safe until everyone is safe

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5 months ago