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Missing the old days...

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2 months ago

And I'm here again, and of course we got new topic for today.

I got topic but I wasn't able to publish yesterday as I was busy... Well, I'm always busy anyway haha.

Last time, I posted an article about things that makes me happy. After posting my article, I just suddenly missed somethings. That is why this is my new title for today. Missing the old times.

Want to share the old times I had, things that I missed and wanting to do it again. Okay let's start.

There are things that I truly missed and really want to go back and do it again. Missing the old days, when I can still play basketball and badminton. I was once a varsity of Badminton and Basketball. I really love to play basketball, it was almost part of my life. I always practiced hard just to get on the ace and first 5 member. When I was in 3rd year, I stopped playing half of my third year. that's because I got rushed in the hospital because of my heart while in the middle of the game. We joined the sports festival. I even looked forward playing there but yeah it happened. I mean, I got heart attack. And that's how.... the doctors told me, that I should stop playing basketball. Even the badminton, I didn't continue and play anymore. It was really too bad. I wanted to bring home medals again... but not anymore. in my 2nd years, I won 1 silverand 1 bronze in badminton and gold medal in basketball.. It was really my happiest moment that I got medal from playing.. I still have my picture of my medals, wait let me get in from my facebook photo.

Here. I want to play again... I did try play and shoot, but every time I jumped, my heart triggered. i mean having a slight heart attack. So, I only do watching them from a far. I don't regret it being a varsity player and won a medal but... I really do want to play.... Okay moving on to the next...

missing the old days where I can still play drums and play on stage.

I'm a drummer and also playing bassist. I want to go back where I can still play drums. Just like in playing basketball or any sports, the doctor limit me do this and that, and one more is playing drums. Drums is really one of my favorite musical instrument to play, though I can still play bass guitar even until now. I once experience playing on stage, even just an extra member. I'm still happy that I was still able to play on stage.... Ahhhh I forgot to mention this in 'Things that makes you happy.' Hahaha! I'm so dumbo. But it's fine.  I really love to play drums, it's almost like... how to explain this, give out/ throw out all my emotions by tapping the drums. Hahaha. Yeah something like that. I really love the beat of the drums specially the bass part. I even joined the parades, and I'm one of the drummer... Man I miss playing you. Once I go rich, I will promise myself to bring back my drums. Actually I already have drums but my mother sold it after I was told not to do lot of movements and to get money for the hospital bill. I had no choice... But this time, I promise I will buy you back and play again even just 1 song or as long as I can still go on...

Okay, let's move to the third one missing something.

Missing the old days where.... I'm still with someone I love..

I made an article about her, my #14 of my life... Not gonna lie, I still miss her, this is the reason why I actually write this article hahaha. Missing the old days where we still hang out everywhere we go, we eat together, we go different places, we share problems, we laugh everything. I did everything to protect her. But I was the one who let her go.... I don't want to cry hahaha. It's better if you just read it on my article... this...

And lastly... missing the old days where I can still travel alone haha.

I missed going to Japan alone. Yes, that's right, I traveled alone in Japan before for 4 days only. Japan is one of my favorite country (That even I am ready to abandon my own country haha). It's actually fun traveling alone that was around 2013. At first before arriving there, I got scared because, I'm alone, but I realize, It's really better to go alone XD I mean how to explain this. When I'm with my family, I can't do what I want, I will look after the oldies and this and that hahaha. I wish I could go back to Japan again. I wonder when the covid will end. This will be my 2nd wish list. I will surely going back to Japan. My next destination will be Kyoto, Osaka. Since I've been in Tokyo 2 times, let's do visit in other city this time.

And so that's it... Oh man, missing those old days when I'm still little but still have no friends hahaha but it's fine.

Ahh! Also, missing the old days, when I still had my imaginary friends, Actually I missed them. I cannot forget them as they were still in my mind. I wrote an article about them, here let me post it here and just read it.

Anyway, that's all I can say for now. I think I'm losing my english words this days? Hahaha My mind is not working properly this week. I wonder why haha. Okay that's it.


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Written by   203
2 months ago
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