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Why is it important to clarify your statements?

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2 months ago

People nowadays love to comment or argue on social media. And there are some people that will use your words against you. Some people may quote you of what you have said and twist your words as if you've said something wrong. That's why fake news is very evident. They can easily splice videos, edit some words you said, and create a different story.

Some people may accuse you of something. They will take your words and they have a different interpretation of what you said in a statement. And their interpretation is what they believe in.

There were some people accused me for victim-blaming a person. I asked them to show me a proof that I said a statement that I actually victim-blamed the person.

I got the screenshot. The screenshot is about me asking questions. Asking a question is not a statement. So, I corrected the person who accused me that telling a statement and asking a question are two different things.

Here are some examples but not related to my situation.

Belle is stealing.

This is a statement. That means what you say is true and there is evidence.

Is Belle stealing something?

This is a question. You are not sure or you don't have any idea if she actually stole something.

I have a feeling that Belle stole my comb.

This is a statement. This is also an assumption. But I have no evidence that Bella stole something from me. I just have a feeling or a haunch. I need to investigate if my feeling is correct.

Maybe Belle stole my comb.

This is a statement. This is also an assumption. Adding 'maybe' to a sentence means I am not sure if she actually stole something from me. I have no evidence.

Is there a problem with reading comprehension?

I really want to tell those people that they have a problem with their reading comprehension. I clarified and explain to them that what they have told me is not true.

The other person was saying that I said many statements that are actually wrong. So I told her to show me these statements that I said something bad to the victim that results me actually victim-blaming a person. But again, there is none.

"Some people expects something in return. The girl was told by a guy that he has a million contract."

The two sentences above are something I said in a comment. And other people have a different interpretation that I said it's the girl was expecting something in return just because a guy told her he has a million contract.

Let me single this out...

Some people expects something in return.

This is a first statement pertaining to some people expecting something in return. There is no way I was referring to a girl. So I'm talking in general.

The girl was told by a guy he has a million contract.

This is another statement and this time I am talking about the girl. This is a fact.

Two sentences. Two statements. Two different people.

Although the girl was told by a guy he has a million contract, I don't have any evidence that she is expecting something in return. So, the other people I was arguing with were seeing this angle that I victim-blamed the girl. When in fact, I said nothing. And I never made any assumptions that the girl is expecting. They combined the two sentences as if I was talking about one person.

The comments were written in Tagalog. But there was a time I wanted to translate my statements in English just to clarify with them my statements and their own interpretation of my statements are just very different. You know, just to prove them wrong.

Anyway, the administrator turned off the comments because they got tired typing of their comments. And possible or maybe they got annoyed with me.

I type very fast and I actually enjoy typing my opinions. When a person starts to argue, I love to clarify everything and ask questions more.

You know, questions like...

Are you sure I said something like this?

Is there any proof that I victim - blamed the person?

Will you please show me a proof that I said something bad to the other person?

Seriously, I want to give them a pizza whoever can show me a proof I victim-blamed the girl.

Anyway, this is actually a long story. My original post never talked about the girl.

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Written by   118
2 months ago
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Mao jud nay problema sa ubang taw sis. Mucomment lang dayun without even understanding the statement. Maong ubos na ang rank sa reading comprehension sa Pinas.

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2 months ago

Nowadays sa social media specifically sa facebook, kahit di naiintindihan kasi yung comments or what, dami nila hanash. Talagang yung pagkakaintindi nila sa comment mo yung gusto palabasin, hindi yung gusto mo ipahiwatig sa comment mo. Paladesisyon sila minsan eh noh ? Haha

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2 months ago

People will misunderstand depending on which vantage they are receiving the statement/questions from.

Some people would always feel being attacked when they are not. Kaya I avoid potential heated discussions.

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2 months ago

Before anything else to comment down any circumstances it should always recommended to analyze first doing somerthing else.

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2 months ago

There are so much noises and fake news circulating online. Yeah, sometimes people didn't understand and get what the whole point is. It's good to analyze the sentence first, before leaving a comment or share it with friends.

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2 months ago

People now are hesitant to any change they are use to live with all these Eire things

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2 months ago