11.21.2022: "Converted 0.15 BCH For My Weekly Budget"

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TITLE: <11.21.2022: "Converted 0.15 BCH For My Weekly Budget">

In this blog, let's talk about "budget" & "budgeting." Are you in? No matter the answer will be, let us tag along and proceed with this financial-related topic.

In your own preference, how would you define these two words: "budget" and "budgeting."

Of course, it is all about money. But I absolutely agree to how Dave Ramsey, an American radio personality & businessman, defined the word "budget." According to him ...

"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went."

📷 Source: A-Z Quotes

In order to spend money effectively and to easily track down the previous expenses, an individual must learn on how to do the budgeting, accordingly. That's a must in order for us to survive this demanding world we're currently living in. If a person don't practice it too well? He/she will surely carry such financial burdens, starting in no specific time.

Ever since I am in Junior High School, I've been practicing it. And when I received my first-ever salary as a SPES amounting to almost eight thousand pesos, I had used it for over 4-months.

" .... another things is, my parents don't practice that toxic culture of: "ako maghahawak ng pera mo para 'di mo gastusin sa kung saan-saan." That salary & every money (scholarship allowance, etcetera) that I am having? I managed all of it, alone."

In this part, let's get to know one of my sources of budget & how I do the budgeting.


... is where my budget usually came from. Once I had received such allowances from my scholarship grants, I will stop from converting various amounts from my BCH hodlings for 1-3 months. Once it was down to PhP 1000.00, I will resume from pinching in crypto.

In this article entitled as "Earned 0.27+ BCH Amidst Of Inactivity", I have mentioned that I have earned 0.27+ BCH upon blogging at read.cash and noise.app (excluding Hive):

From November 14-19, I got to accumulate a total of 0.06+ BCH after receiving numerous upvotes from TheRandomRewarder and fellow writers:

Meanwhile, here's what I had after posting different counts of short posts in noise.app:

Noise.app earnings: "November 01-19."

Since I am about to run out of budget, I opted to convert my remaining November crypto earnings amounting to over 0.13+ BCH.

" .... I don't have other choice ey ~ so pikit-mata na lang talaga. Therefore, around 11PM of November 20, I withdrawn my earnings in the two platforms and sent it to my cph wallet intended for cryptos."



Then on the next morning, I finally received what I must receive ...

This amounts to 0.13+ BCH. But I added some BCH from my hodls to make it 0.15 BCH which is equivalent to PhP 901.83.

As I converted it into Philippine currency, I proceeded on cashing it out. Though, I don't cashed-out all that amount as I left 100 pesos for my next weekly load allowance.

Next question: "How do I do the budgeting?"

Before I convert BCH or withdraw such amount in my bank savings, I first do a basic computation on what I need to finance. If it's not yet necessary to allot money for such thing, I won't include it on the amount to be withdrawn. Why am I doing this? To avoid over-spending.

Here's what I had already spent using that 800 pesos ($13.95):

  • Printing of thesis outline;

After my thesis advisor checked & finalized my individual paper, I must submit it to my critic for further checking. My outline? It has 42 pages (including 2-pages of formal letters) which I paid for 115 pesos ($2.00) for printing it. Look at how thick it is ~ partida, outline pa lang 'yan at 'di pa manuscript.

  • Monday and Tuesday allowance;

I allotted 75 pesos for my Monday allowance and another 100 pesos for today, including the lunch.

In total, I already spent 300 pesos ($6.00) and had left with PhP 500.00 which I hope that wouldn't be drained until next week. Forda tipidity muna ang ferson ... (⁠。⁠•́⁠︿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)

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1 year ago


I have always made use of a budget for as long as I can remember. It helps me to manage my money more efficiently and just like Dave Ramsey said; it tells my money where to go 😁

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1 year ago

All hard work will pay off Mae, keep the faith. Kaya yan 💪

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1 year ago

Nagtratry din ako mag budget para alam ko san ko ginagastos yung pera ko.. Hay buti kapa wala sa bukabularyo ng parents mong mag hawak ng pera mo. Samantalang ako, si Mama or olaa nag bubudget before even sa allowance na bigay ni Mama samin and nakakapagtaka din talaga sometimes kasi konti lang nakukuha namin dati.

ngayon wala na ako balak pang mag gumastos ulit ipon ipon nalang din ako hanggang nextyear.

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1 year ago

Even with me im trying to keep the best that i could but if there is no choice i would rather convert it and earn again. The best part is we use it in a nice way

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1 year ago

Sana all naman marunong magbudget. Huhu... That's my struggle. Buti nalang ang hubby ko magaling sa ganyan. Kung ako lang talaga, ubos agad pera. And same with you, yung mga bch hodl ko, paubos na din sa kakaconvert this past few weeks, dahil naubusan kami budget. Huhu, the struggle is real talaga.

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1 year ago

Napaka organized mo langga. Laki ng tulong ng mga platforms langga nuh. May matatakbuhan tayo everytime wala na tayong budget.

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1 year ago