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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Part -6)

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1 year ago

Time is running out. The day has come for the success list to be announced.

"Hey, let's go get the list."

"It's ok."

At around 3 in the morning, The two of us came out to look at the list.

"Hey, there are a lot of people out there, so let's get in."

"Let's get in."

As Thuya spoke, I looked ahead. I dimmed a little behind him.

"Come on, find yourself."

"Calm down, you know that too."

The two of us were scrambling to find our name in public.

"Oh! I see," he said. "Hey, I have 2 distinction, you search fast. I'm going to die soon.

"Wait a minute, I'm looking for you."

As I was talking, I was looking for one line after another

'Hey, isn't that you?'

"Yeah, yes.

Ha ha ha ha...

The two of us were having fun and emerged from the crowd.

"Ha ha, there are even five distinction."

"Yeah, I have two distinctions."

"Ha ha ha."

When I returned home with a smile on my face and told my mother the good news, she was so happy that she cried.

"Son, you are very good. Your father will be proud of you"

"Yes, mother. My father will be satisfied too ´

I dropped my distinction in Myanmar subject with about 5 points.

When the scores came out, Thuya dropped his distinction with 2 points in math.

When I chose a university, I applied to the medical school, just as I told my mother. Thuya chose to go to a construction university.

Before going to the university of our choice

'Hey, we will meet again one day, Htet Myat Aung´

"Yeah, I'll see you later, Thuya."

If I had known this was his last words, I would have been holding on to him.

Being away from home is one thing; My mother said

"Son, going to university does not mean sitting in a Ferris wheel and sitting in the classroom."

"Yes, Mother."

"My son will not be young. you will grow up gradually. Without your mother, you will be left alone. So, my mom have to apply for my son's life.University life will teach you how to apply"

"Yes, Mother."

"So when you get to university, stay in the dormitory." "I can also support my son's life ´

So I inquired about the dormitory in advance and rented it out. Now I put down my belongings and falls asleep.

"Hey, Htet Myat Aung"

"Isn't that right, Thuya?"

"I came to greet you, my friend."

"Hello, how are you?"

"Okay, I'm going to have to go. You stay good that I' gone without me. Don't drink alcohol without you want to able it and don't get a girlfriend is the best. It's time I have to leave and I want to talk about it."

"Hey, what are you talking about? Where are you going?"

As he spoke, the form of Thuya chewed and gradually disappeared.

"Hey Thuya! Thuya! Thu ..."

I woke up scared. Next to me, I heard the phone ringing, and answered.

"Hello, mother, why?"

"Son, keep calm, you know?"

"Why, mother?"

I was worried

"Come home tomorrow and I will tell you when you get there."

"Yes, I'm going back."

I immediately went to the bus stop because something was wrong with my mind

"Yes, the bus stop?. I'm going to take a seat in the bus that will leave for Mandalay at 9pm tonight ... Oh yes, thank you."

It was still six o'clock when I got into my bathing suit and let the dormitory manager to come back because he wanted to see me because it was important.

When I got home at night, I got back at about 6am in the morning.

"Mother.I have arrived." shouted by me in front of my house for a while.

"Clam down my son."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes

"What's wrong mom?"

"Son Thuya, he died in a car accident and taking him to hostel yesterday."

My heart sank. "Thuya, who is like my brother, is dead, is he?'

"What the mother is saying is that Thuya has told me that he will see me again after university."

"Son, answer with Dhamma, son."

Tears welled up in my eyes

"Where is Thuya now?"

"The hospital will pick him up tomorrow."

That night I could not sleep with tears in my eyes. In the morning, my mother told me,she was not to go, so I went to the hospital alone, half-believing in my mind.

When near the operating room

"Well Well Well"

My steps quickened

"Son Htet Myat."

I did not hear Thuya's mother's call. Thuya removed the white towel and saw that Thuya was sleeping peacefully

"Hey, why are you sleeping here?"

"Son, Htet Myat Aung"

"Aunty, tell your son here. He's sleeping here in the morgue."

"Son ..."

Thuya's mother's voice faded

"Hey, get up. I'm coming. Your friend Htet Myat has arrived. Get up, you too."

"Son, give him a break."

"Aunty, what are you talking about? He even told me He would see me again after university."


Aunty's face was full of tears and my face was like that. I stopped talking to Thuya and

I was sitting next to me saying nothing and crying.

After a while

"The body has to be buried."

I'm not sure if it 's because I do not know what to do with it.

"Son Htet Myat, come here to me." said by Teacher.

I can not and cry because I have been a teacher since I was a child

"Son, be an animal, be lucky. Let your friend to go free."

I could not follow until Thuya's body was buried, so the teachers sent me home from the operating room. When I got home, I fell on the bed with 'Boom'

"Hey, son, do it. Who's still there ..."

Mother's voice faded and the whole world gradually dark.

To be Continued...

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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it's my first time subscribing you.. I just saw your post boosted here I am. I cN feel the sadness one feels when a love one dies. keep writing..😊

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