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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Part-5)

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1 year ago

We could not sleep because of what happened last night. Scenes from that night never left my eyes, and I spent the night wandering around.

"Doc ..."

With a knock on the door

"Sons, haven't you got up yet? It's already 11 o'clock."

My mother did not like sleeping until near afternoon.

It's just waking up last night and they both fell asleep at 3 am.

They both knew about their mother, so they quickly went downstairs with a fresh face

"Tell me, when did you go to bed last night?"

"Hey, hey, it's hot last night, so I turned around and fell asleep at 3 am."

Thuya nodded from side to side in support of my answer.

"Okay, let this be the last one."


The two answered in unison.

The school is closed, so I have nothing to do and I do not want to go to classes.

"Hey, let's walk to our school tomorrow."

"Oh, good boy."

"Yeah, I'll get up early in the morning."

"Ok, before the sun gets hot."

"Hey, how did you feel about that yesterday?"


"Long time no see, you's a big deal with Sein Le Phyu."

"Oh my gosh, I see that there are still things in the world that we do not know."

"Yeah, that's good to see."

Early the next morning, the two men were walking down the street. Unlike other days, today is the direction of our former temple.

Walk this way and that way

"Hey, what are you two doing?"

I heard a voice and looked at the only girl friend at school

"Hey, what are you doing in school?"

"The answer sheets are being stolen, ha ha ha."

Thuya liked my answer and laughed.

"Aung Mar Thura Nin has a lot to say. I'm not a bad person to steal the answer sheet ´

"Yeah, I know, so why are you ..."

Before I finish my question, Ya Min said

"It's been a week since the teacher called me."

"Did you sleep here last night?"

"Why I go to sleep?, I come here early in the morning and come back in the evening."

"Oh ..."

"Keep it up. What are you doing?"

"We are walking," he said.

"Hehe, have you ever heard of going to bed early? Get up early?Let's walk early?."

She did not ask any more questions for the answer.


So where are you going now?

"Ma Sein Le Phyu is going to move house because she has something to buy."

"What if Sein Le Phyu is going to move?"


"Where are you moving?"

"I do not know."

"Oh, do what you have to do, and we will go too."

"Calm down."

He greeted you and came out.

Will this be the end of my story with Sein Le Phyu? Introduction? Who knows?

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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