Fear of losing

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10 months ago
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Togetherness, faithfulness, unconditional love, forgiveness, admitting wrongdoing, and acceptance are all the things needed in a relationship. There should be a balance between two people so they can live as a married couple until their last breath. Nobody should be the head of one another.

On the contrary, most of the community does not have this kind of thought. Usually, they think that it is the man that should be the one to feed the family. The wife's job is to bow down and obey the husband all the time.

A husband should be someone a wife can count on and a wife should be strong enough to support the husband. Not every decision in a relationship will favor both but then there is a thing called compromise.

Even with compromising each other when the other gives more than the other, things will still go awry. That is the reason for a heart-to-heart talk from time to time. It is easier said than done to be the truth. Probably because they fear losing.

Fear is the one thing that can make things worse but it can also be the one thing that capable of making things better. Sometimes the right thing to do is the excruciatingly unbearable emotions to carry inside one heart but it is still the right thing to do. If it can save the person we love, I said go for it. The love you have for them will keep you strong.

The truth is love alone is not enough, we need to have a strong will accompanied by faith to go through the heaviest challenge we could ever face. Never make giving up an option. Once we thought about giving up, our strength will slowly fade.

Face our fear with wisdom, mend the broken bond with unconditional love, and take the right step with bravery and kindness. Add a little bit of hope, put a little bit more faith, daily prayer, and more action than mere words.

The whole world might not have the trust that things can be mended but as long as you kept that dim light of hope burns, it might get brighter someday. Never hope for what you wanted but instead pray that things will go as it suppose to be.

Keep on moving forward and do the best we can because sometimes it is the only thing that we can do. Give chances instead of a chance.

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10 months ago
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Those thoughts are thoughts of the old and things have changed now. A woman can be the sole provider

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10 months ago

I agree with you. There is still a higher status for men as a husband but I don't think he is the one that must work when the wife is a woman with a career.

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10 months ago