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Christians: Somewhere inside.

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6 months ago

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It has been a while since I pray or go to church. I used to think that it is a must-do activity for a christian. It does not mean that I do not pray at all. It just that I no longer show others that I pray. What is praying? I do not believe that there is a definite answer to this question.

I talk to God. I think I do. I never did hear a reply as in hearing someone else speaking but I can always see the answer I need. Every time I prayed the replies will be shown to me instead of waiting to hear an answer. Sometimes, action is more meaningful than words therefore I learn to observe more on my surrounding in silences.

So it is during this pandemic. The era of Covid-19. Living in the territory of Mr and Mrs Corona.

I can see their smiles and listen to their laughter while they are in the crowd but then when they are on their own, the true feelings arise. There that I realized that I am not the only one in troubles. Those who often laugh also have their own problem and when it is unbearable they tend to express it with anger or a rude attitude. I cannot blame them for I, myself have been doing the same.

I taught myself to have more empathy but it is not an easy task to perform compared to just typing it here. Towards God, I also need to learn to be empathetic. The world is full of people and everyone has their own prayer and God must have been busy reviewing all of them.

I am glad that I still have my job at least, compare to the other. God knows for how long I can keep my work. They said that if we work for the government we are secured but recently, I realize that it is not the total truth. There is a possibility to be fired if we are not able to keep up to the standard. When the economy drops down and there is not much budget to pay for the salaries, the amount of unemployed graduate will be increasing. Requirements for employment changed to cope with the economical problem.

During this pandemic, a lot has lost their job and lucky for us here, the government tried their best to help. Thank God for pouring kindness into the heart of the government. It might not be much but at least there is something rather than nothing. Other than that will be on our own efforts.

Some are grateful and some are complaining. That is human nature and it is unavoidable. As for me, I am grateful to have known other than the previous platform that I known before. Earning BCH here has been a great help to me during this pandemic. Furthermore, writing has always helped me to keep me sane during stressful days.

These days of the pandemic has shown me the true meaning of Good Samaritan, learn to be considerate and furthermore, learning to be more of myself.

Some people prefer to be independent and some are totally dependant. I cannot force those who want to be independent to work the way I do because what I have now is all the things that I gained through experiences and they can never feel the same as I do. As for those who are dependant, the only thing that can be done is to guide them slowly until they are capable of standing on their own feet.

Someone said to me before, If you want to feed someone a fish, you can give him some. Plus, teach him how to fish on his own so whenever you are not around, they still can survive.

All submission will be compiled in one single article after I read them all.

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Written by   244
6 months ago
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We are in war I heard in a discussion. The world's leaders started it, governments without a backbone. Obama wanted to divide Russia into 3 countries, Biden continues it, the EU supports it and fights Swiss and keeping the pandemic alive even where there's no need to is good to spread fear and register everyone. The fake vaccination is the start, not the end. I don't want to be part of a world where hate it spread because of a handful of wealthy people who seem to have eternal life.

If it comes to prayers I doubt there are rules for it. It's about the intention not bending, kneeling on a cold floor or be hit with a whip.

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5 months ago

Our world has changed in a drastic way, we do not know how long it will last or if it is only the beginning of other things; whatever it is, I hope that God helps us to be victorious in the face of so much uncertainty, that no home goes to bed without food on the table and that every child grows up with health and blessing.

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5 months ago

Amen. Let us keep on praying for the best. I once heard that the world will end someday but I also read in the bible once that God will never again destroy the world population as he did during Noah. Not sure what will happen but we can always appreciate our daily living.

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5 months ago