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Christians & restrictions

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Written by   747
5 months ago

Curation Duo Week 2 started
The theme is: pandemic
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Not the pandemic but restrictions infect people worldwide.

No matter if you catch or caught this type of flu, are immune, the rules count for everyone. At least that's what the government tells us. "We do this together" is the slogan and "we do it for the elderly" and of course "vaccination is a free choice".
To some, this feels bitter because we all know if it comes to it there is no free choice. Many people aren't eager to get this shot and there's a good reason for it next to the over 45 vaccinations we already get during childhood in the Western world. Vaccinations are questionable and do harm the immune system. The number of people suffering from autoimmune diseases, mainly women, increases drastically.

"There are no side effects," the media told us but it turned out not to be true. Suddenly there were and of course, it was announced later, weeks later. Wasn't it important because only women were seriously infected? "We won't stop vaccinating those with side effects are a small number only beside it will be added to the list of side effects of the vaccination's leaflet," was the response. But no one ever sees the leaflet and if side effects are known it's called own free choice and you can not complain if you get seriously ill, you can not sue the state! Those few women aren't worth worrying about but strangely enough, those few overweight men with more than one health issue ending up on the IC are.

They told me the bible says all life matters. I should love my neighbour like myself and the story of the Samaritan was told over and over again. It was an example of how one should be. War or not if someone needs you, you reach out to that person give him your coat, the last piece of bread and you don't let him bleed to death. We should care, sow to be able to harvest but if it comes to good deeds it's hard. Job endured what most of us will not, not in the name of God, Jesus, a king or our country. In reality, you can sow, care for others till you drop dead but the harvest time will never come. One needs to be realistic and realistic is what I am from a very young age. A priest should be an example, live by the rules, reach out, know who is in need. Vatican city I find a disgrace. All this wealth while so many are in need, go bankrupt, live in poverty. With need I mean real need, not those scammers who lie and cheat and even dare to complain in the name of their god what they get is not good enough.

To me it is questionable the pandemic is the reason why we stay away from people.

Social distance forced upon us is not the reason why we no longer care. Perhaps to some all the fear spread by the media and kept alive is but most people already gave up on social contacts in real life from the moment on a computer and internet connection entered their home. Socializing is what we do online. Preferable with those who don't know us. Friends overseas are a saver and you don't need to say how you feel, show the real you and can even pretend you are poor and not a Christian. What the governmental restrictions did bring us are negative feelings. In a democracy, the nation should be asked and decide. The constitution is about 'same rights for everyone, freedom of opinion, speech, no discrimination. False promises, false prophets rule and these are things Christians fight. They are educated and raised to think by themselves and have an opinion. This opinion no longer counts. The government treats us worse than toddlers and threatenens those who refuse to believe what is told, have an opinion of their own and disagree, like to be responsible for themselves.

I no longer live in what is called "the bible belt".

It is too much religion forced upon for me, frequently with sexual abuse, humiliation and no rights for women. Still, I understand why some people and some Christians are against vaccination. I do understand why these religious communities kept visiting church with 600+ people or more on Sundays. And for your information within these close communities, the Christians didn't drop dead one after the next. Like they say "we trust in God and whatever happens, it is his will". It's the kind of faith many of us miss these days. We tell ourselves it is, repeat those words like a mantra but don't feel it. We are easily talked into what the media wants us to do. No one likes to be called a criminal even a murder because he refuses a vaccination.

If it goes wrong with us we blame someone else and hurry to a doctor, the doctor those Christians hardly visit because God knows what is good for them.

My faith isn't as big as theirs if it comes to God and it will never be but I know myself and have trust in me and my body if it comes to Covid-19. Indeed there might be a first time for everything but I never had a social life and never had the flu in my entire life. I survived many diseases children are vaccinated against today and most of these vaccinations I find unnecessary. To my opinion people, elderly people included, are wise enough to decide for themselves what is good for them. To me faith in God or yourself is as good as healthy food or vaccination against the flu or fear for covid-19. Most important is we have a free choice and are not threatened or discriminated because of what we believe. Just like we are free to visit a doctor and can refuse to see one or a treatment we are able to decide what is good for us.
Let us keep in mind it's not only a fact we all die but a right to do so too. Let us decide how to live our life, if we are willing to take the risk to get sick while we reach out, greet, meet and hug. Don't let others decide about who has to live and who has to die. No one will live forever and we can not beat each disease. We humans are part of the cycle of life just like viruses and the only guarantee we have is our life will end.

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Written by   747
5 months ago
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I did not take the vaccination too. I believe that I might encounter new problem in the future without the vaccination but then I do not want to rush things. My decision will be the decision for my little one too and I do not want to decide because someone else asks me to do so.

I think the only things left in me regarding Christianity is my faith. I have not been to church for years now and I have been judged for being a bad Christian by not going to church. I was once hurt by those words but now, it is all in the past.

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5 months ago

If it comes to the vaccinations... After our government ignored the extreme side effects of the vaccines AstraZeneca and Janssen both vaccine are no longer given. Exception AstraZeneca to a certain group who already had it. The plan was 18-55 years Janssen. Now it's Pfizer or Moderna only. There are intentions to vaccinate 12-17 too although WHO is against it and want those countries to give the vaccines to those countries who have a lack of money and/or vaccines.

Interesting remark about Janssen vaccines: The young ones hardly notice it if they have the coronavirus. The risk of the side effect of this vaccine is too high in consideration of the risk of getting sick. Therefore the vaccines bought will be given to the homeless.

So who can die? 80-100+ will die soon enough and they still might have savings 60+ receives AstraZeneca... They can die they need a pension and those funds are empty. 18+ might be still at work and if not bankrupt some of the elderly might have money. The last generation who learned to save and has no debts. Children we'll see. Homeless is no lost...

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5 months ago

I am still reluctant to take the vaccine. Should I or should I not? Seems like Pfizer is the best option for now.

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5 months ago

I have no hurry. I wait a bit longer. Some countries already no longer ask for a proof of vaccination or if you have been sick. My car cannot be tested anyway.

I read a PCR test will cost me 100 euros, the children need one too. It takes a day to get the result so only 48 hours left if I need to travel abroad. This means on the way back we need another test. Again 300 euros (vaccinated or not you need the test). That is way too much money. Money I can buy a car for.

International vaccination reports are not accepted, the official reports of being vaccinated are not send, it takes weeks, et cetera it's a mess.

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5 months ago

Yes your right it is up unto us. The last decision would be ours. For me I am not against the vaccination but I didn't take it myself because I don't want to. What I am afraid is the rumors stating that we can't travel nor go to work someday if not vaccinated. It's like ceasing our freedom and us, in general. It like a death sentence to anyone who would chose not to get vaccinated. I am hoping and praying this won't happen.

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5 months ago

That is alarming indeed but also against the constitution. In Israel people no longer need to show proof they are vaccinated. If I understand it right Hungarians can travel to Germany without being vaccinated or a PCR test again. Just a pity Austria lies between those two countries. The same should be between The Netherlands and Germany at the moment although you have to announce online you travel to Germany. Might be a vaccination is necessary or ad iced if you want to travel abroad or to certain countries but this advice or vaccination already exist. For sure it is a lack of freedom and one big brother will watch every step we take.

Read what I just wrote as a comment to @heartbeat1515. Each day they change their opinion about the vaccines. People have been threatened, scolded by our minister of health who says he and his family will not be vaccinated because of his believe (religion). He told people if they refuse AstraZeneca they could drop dead (since two days it's suddenly better not to use it and there won't be a delay in the vaccination plan because between the first and second shot are 12 weeks). After they found out Janssen has the same side effects again the minister of health scolded, forced people, said we continue with it although other countries forbid it. Since yesterday it's decided it will be used for the homeless only. Again suddenly there won't be any delay if it comes to the vaccination plan because Janssen can not deliver as much plus the vaccination is not as effective.

They just do something and if it goes wrong they let you drop dead.

It's good not to be the first one because all those tests never mentioned those side effects. If 80% of the population is vaccinated it's enough. Even 60% will do the trick because these vaccines claim to be nearly twice as effective as all those vaccines already used.

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5 months ago

Yes, the vaccine they develop is not a 100% efficacy. It is a trial and error and the poor country was the participants. I do hope and pray that, whatever this evil power may bring to us. Goodness will prevail and God will never allow this to win. God bless to all of us.

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5 months ago

The vaccine is officially not even a vaccine but good enough to get people registered and once done more personal info will added to it. The pandemic is a tool, weapon for a small group of wealthy people to rule.

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5 months ago