Node teams: Let's raise the bar for voluntary funding (campaign offer starts in ~4 weeks)

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3 years ago

First we want to say a big thanks to the leaders of EatBCH for cooperating with us as we try to get the first version of Flipstarter done in such a short period of time.

Flipstarter assurance payment campaigns are already working in internal testing. Now we are getting ready for the beta campaign with EatBCH.

We also want to get started on "Flipstarter 500k, 6 independent campaigns". At the time of this article, there are about 4 weeks left before the original planned start date for the node campaigns.

For any node teams that are interested, please contact us and we can give you access to a private live test campaign.

Raising the bar for both funders and projects

One of our objectives for Flipstarter is to raise the bar for voluntary funding - more funding from holders, more accountability from projects and better communication from everyone.

More funding from holders - fairness and reputation

Flipstarter's choice to focus first on assurance payments (all or nothing) ensures that you only pay for a project when it gets fully funded from the collaboration of many contributors. Now you will have an alternative to paying alone and not being sure about how far your donation is going to go.

Additionally, with the option to share a name and comment on pledges, it is a small step in allowing funders to build a reputation for funding impactful projects.

More accountability from projects

Here is a basic list of things that a funder would probably like to see when thinking about pledging to a campaign. However it is up to the node teams to create what they think is appropriate for attracting funding.

  • History of team, people

  • History of accomplishments

  • History of budgets and disposition of funds

  • Overall objective

  • Clear scope

  • Deliverables

  • Budget

  • Schedule

  • Backup plans

  • Policies / processes / culture

  • Accountability, for example:

    • Metrics for measuring overall objective and individual deliverables

    • Accounting transparency and method of verification

    • Regular communication about progress

Better communication from everyone

We expect that the campaign itself will be only one aspect of the overall communication that happens. We look forward to seeing articles and discussions about present and past campaigns, leading to a virtuous cycle of projects learning from each other about how to plan well, attract funding and have a positive impact on growing the best money in the world.


For node teams to create a campaign, please send us at least the English version of these items by March 30. After launch on April 4, the expectation is that there will be no changes. We are committed to making these campaigns available in both English and Chinese so if you need help with translation, please let us know and we can take care of it for you.

  • Text content:

    • a short, clear introduction to the campaign in English. The campaign page fits 500 ~ 1000 characters well.

    • full detail about your campaign in English.

    • same as, but in simplified Chinese.

    • same as, but in simplified Chinese.

  • Output(s): The simplest case is one output but it can also be a set of them. All outputs will be combined as one total assurance payment. For example, the EatBCH campaign will pay separately to EatBCH South Sudan and Venezuela but the total amount must be reached before the assurance payment can complete. For each output you need:

    • Name

    • Image

    • Address

    • BCH amount

A reminder about Flipstarter expectations

  • Flipstarter is made so that anyone can setup and run a campaign independently, without depending on a platform. Platforms will be great and necessary for larger scale usage, but they do not exist yet.

  • Although there is no platform, we are offering to setup and run exactly one campaign as a special case for any of the 6 nodes that want to participate.

  • After this initial set of campaigns, anyone, including nodes, wallets, charities, shared libraries, adoption efforts, etc. can run as many campaigns as they want with the open source Flipstarter project. They will need the ability to setup a Flipstarter website or hopefully a platform provider will step up.

Let's talk

Please join us on telegram and have a chat.

If you want to talk privately, please contact:

  • telegram @emergentreasons

  • keybase @emergent_reasons

See you soon with the EatBCH campaign.

Lead image by Free Photos from Pixabay

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Kudos, impressive progress guys.

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Thanks George.

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