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3 years ago

First, thank you to everyone for feedback and requests about Flipstarter. The response has been inspiring. Multiple requests to run campaigns and a lot of encouragement as well as constructive feedback.

I would like to lay out our next steps and invite you to talk with us on telegram.

Private testing for the first version of BCH assurance contracts

Target for completion is March 7. (Edit 2020-March-09: Testing started in the first week of March and it is working now. Doing revisions and cleanup now.)

We are working hard to setup the site and systems to manage a campaign. Progress is good and we aim to run private tests next week.

Fund one campaign for EatBCH as a public beta

Target for funding is March 28. (Edit 2020-March-09: We would like for this to run at least two weeks to give enough time for people to check it out and get used to the plugin. That means we would like to start the campaign by 2020-March-14.)

We have a lot of respect for the EatBCH volunteers in Venezuela and South Sudan. We would like to help them by funding one month of activities in both countries with the first Flipstarter campaign.

Fund the BCH ecosystem with 6 independent campaigns and an overall 500,000 USD target

Target for funding is May 2. It will be both meaningful and hard given the rough state of the user experience. (Edit 2020-March-09: We would like for this to run at least three or four weeks to give enough time for engagement to grow to the larger holder community beyond social media. That means we would like to start the campaign between 2020-April-04 and 2020-April-11.)

(Edit 2020-02-25: Note that this will be 6 independent campaigns with their own goals, deliverables, accountability and amounts. Flipstarter hopes for the total between them to reach $500k but there is no general campaign.)

Flipstarter will either be helping teams to run their own campaigns, or supporting an existing social media platform to run a platform for campaigns. That will be the topic of another article. For now, we will be conservative and commit to supporting a narrow list of six full node teams to run campaigns. This is obviously an invitation with no requirement. The teams are free to participate or not and to setup whatever amount that they want.

  • BCHD

  • Bitcoin ABC

  • Bitcoin Cash Node

  • Bitcoin Unlimited

  • Bitcoin Verde

  • Flowee

Campaigns for this set and future ones as well will need a good proposal. Let's experiment and find a good fit between projects and funders. Some thoughts to consider:

  • A full time maintainer with a clear mandate may enable you to attract many part time volunteers and make more reliable progress toward goals.

  • If you can name specific people who will do the work, it might help you to build trust with funders.

  • You could fund operational expenses such as a web site so that your team does not have to use personal funds.

  • You could fund ongoing maintenance.

  • If you can price your campaign in a global setting rather than a high cost place like Silicon Valley, it might make your campaign more attractive.

  • If you make yourself accountable, for example by providing concrete deliverables, a schedule and committing to regular updates, you will keep the project on target and build trust with funders for future campaigns.

  • Broad, abstract or overly ambitious projects are likely to meet resistance from funders. Consider making your campaign concrete with limited scope until you have built enough trust with funders to aim for bigger ones.

Even if you are not on this list, if you want to run a campaign, please start making your proposal now and let us know about it.

Let's talk

Please join us on telegram and have a chat.

If you want to talk privately, please contact:

  • telegram @emergentreasons

  • keybase @emergent_reasons

See you soon with the EatBCH campaign.

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3 years ago


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2 years ago

The advice in the article is spot on, I think!

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3 years ago

Genial. Espero que esta vez la iniciativa tenga éxito (reviviendo el proyecto Lighthouse).

Hey @MonicaHernandez, creo que esto podría interesarte.

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3 years ago

Thank you 🙏. The beginning will be difficult. We will go beyond lighthouse as fast as we can using smart contracts.

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3 years ago

Thanks to you. You guys are doing the hard work.

I will definitely support this as soon as it becomes available.

I might even make a video about it now that I'm experimenting with YouTube.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

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3 years ago

Nice article, keep donating!!

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User's avatar pio
3 years ago

I'd like to run a flipstarter campaign for BCH Latam adoption work in Latin America.

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3 years ago

Hi George. It is outside the current scope but I want to help you do that also. I can definitely describe the worst and best case if you contact me on telegram. Flipstarter will also post about this topic of future plans soon.

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3 years ago

We thank @Flipstarter immensely for helping campaigns and supporting social media platforms through economic financing for community-based execution. We would be totally happy and satisfied with our translation work to the Spanish-speaking community if, like @EATBCH, we were able to finance more projects of the Spanish-speaking community since our mission is to expand the use of Bitcoin cash throughout Latin America as the main point . We know that in the Spanish-speaking community there are too many projects waiting for funding to be executed and through this translation we want to reach them to encourage and complete the required requirements and contact the authors of this initiative through their contact information.


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3 years ago


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3 years ago

very cool

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3 years ago

Darn, I don't Telegram. :] Will be in touch in some other way though.

I'm sure the Bitcoin Cash Node project would like to use this. Let's see how far we get.

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3 years ago