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What improved?

@merc1er looked at the Current Priorities for Bounties and Proposals and made two more proposals:

  1. Make it more clear what "abstract" and "proposal" are when creating a campaign. This has been a common question among people creating a campaign.

  2. Verify that the content a user provides when creating a campaign is valid. @merc1er, campaigners and others spent significant time debugging problems caused by small details during campaign creation. This makes sure that the campaign does sanity checks on everything before finalizing the campaign content. The issues were things like correct formatting of a "bitcoincash:q...." address, formatting of content, and formatting of links.

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I've seen quite a number of campaigns coming out which malformatted Markdown (headings inlined in paragraph text due to lack of newlines) and spelling problems which could have been caught by a spellchecker.

I would suggest an improvement where the user setting up the campaign, can select some options to run their content through such tools as markdownlint and a spell checker (maybe more difficult because may need to autodetect - so probably best to use an external API), and if they come back with problems about the content, let the user correct until they're happy.

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So great and informative article.

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