$1,000,000 in 5 months. Stakeholders continue to invest in the commons using Flipstarter.

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3 years ago

EatBCH completed the first Flipstarter campaign in March of this year. Soon after that, stakeholders completed four Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node campaigns. With those first steps, Flipstarter demonstrated that stakeholder funding of the commons can work. However, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem is amazing and has taken that demonstration far beyond what we imagined. In less than five months, stakeholders have invested more than $1,000,000 in 12 campaigns. Each of the recent campaigns was created and operated by its team with no central authority. Not only that, but the campaigns cover a broad range of the commons and are not limited to technical projects.

A rough breakdown using today's price:

Thank you

To all the people who have worked hard to create campaigns, market them, execute them, and build the commons.

To all the people who have looked at campaigns, decided they are good investments, and held the creators accountable.

Improve Flipstarter - Do It Now

With the original Flipstarter campaigns, 7 more completed and many more in progress, we have collected a large amount of feedback about how to improve the Flipstarter experience for both campaigners and pledgers. Thank you to everyone for that.

Here is how you can improve Flipstarter. Anyone can do it, not only developers:

  1. Decide what you want to do:

    • Look at the issues for the flipstarter system, the plugin and the flipstarter.cash site.

    • Find one that you want to resolve. If your idea is not there yet, create an issue and describe it.

    • If you are independent and do not need funding, then just go for it. The remaining details are for people who need funding.

  2. Describe the problems and your solution:

    • What are the problems being solved?

    • Why is it valuable?

    • Who will do the work?

    • What deliverables will be produced?

    • How long will it take?

    • How much will it cost? (Note that Flipstarter funding will be focused on fixed price for deliverables.)

    • Etc.

  3. Approval / Funding:

    • Generally we recommend that you start with small deliverables and build up trust from there.

    • One of the Flipstarter maintainers will review your proposal and we will work with you to agree on the details. Flipstarter will pay for it using donations from very generous Bitcoin Cash stakeholders.

    • If we cannot agree on the details, you might even use Flipstarter itself to fund the project and do it your way.

  4. Execute. Earn trust and BCH.

Let's talk

We are happy to see the positive impact that Flipstarter has had and we hope it is just the beginning. Please join us on telegram to talk or if you want to talk privately, please contact:

  • telegram @emergentreasons

  • keybase @emergent_reasons

Lead image by David Mark from Pixabay.

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3 years ago


Great work.
Flipstarter has been a great venue for getting funding for projects in the Bitcoin Cash BCH ecosystem, thanks to its non-custodial and assurance contract mechanisms.
Thank you Flipstarter team for making it happen!

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3 years ago

There is a lot missing from the adoption number, at the very least.

Thanks to those who made flipstarter possible.

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3 years ago

I think you mean that we need a lot more in the adoption area? If so, I totally agree. Looking forward to all kinds of projects being funded. If there are some significant ones missing, could you check on Dagur's tracker and add an issue to the repository for any missing ones?

tracker: https://flipstarters.bitcoincash.network/#/

issues: https://gitlab.com/dagurval/flipstarters/-/issues

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3 years ago

Well for one you left out my flipstarter, which is listed in Dagur's tracker.

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3 years ago

Ah, I see. Yeah this was written from my incomplete personal collection of flipstarters which I stopped when I found Dagur's awesome setup.

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3 years ago