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Never Give Loan to These People

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1 month ago

I have my share of the cases where I gave loan to the people and suffered a lot. I realized that some of the time it can get pretty difficult with the loans.

So what can be done? I think mental framework model can be designed to handle some of such type of the people and we can push our life into another direction with the same.

Loans are often given with the hope of that money returning back to us. And that is something you have to work around with communication and your persona.

If you are asking for loan, make sure to return the money and keep good relationship.

Here's some of the observations that I have on whether to give the people of these types some loan or not. I hope this helps you Making Decisions.

People who drinks/do drugs

I am not saying that drinking casually few glass would hurt. But imagine there are people who take drinks every day. And they are now in the addiction category. If you give them money then that money is burned.

Something you would realize from the experience that burning money on addictive person would never go good for you. And that also means that such people can be bad as they are high on their addiction too.

Those who take drugs can make things worst for people around them. So they would burn money like water. Same with alcohol addiction people. So one has to avoid giving them any form of a loan.

People who didn't paid last loan

Let's say you gave loan to one person and that loan is not paid back yet. The person who asked for earlier loan is now back again and asking for another loan. So they are not even keeping track of their last debt.

Which means those type of the people are not responsible with their mindset. And this can get bad. You can end up being threatened and this can get pretty difficult for your life. Something you may find difficult later.

So if you didn't get the previous loan, make sure to not give another loan. Because if you do then this would become a loop. Where you may not be able to get yourself out of clutches of such people.

People who manipulate

Some people manipulate you based on how you work, how you make money and how you live your life. This leads to the life of the jail. Where you get manipulated every step of the way. Which is not the life you want to live.

Manipulation is something that happens to us every step of the way. Something you would find happening all the time. Not a lot can be thought about such scenario. Because you have to move on.

Toxic people manipulate. Some for survival and some for being a burden on others. And not a thing you can do about them. So make sure to not manipulate people and step aside and focus on your own life and avoid giving them loan.

People who talks big

I remember in MLM and networking, people talk about big things. I will do this and do that and things would be this if i do this and that. In reality over year and year the people who are into this remain the same.

They don't change. They just burn money and maintain the lifestyle they have just created as well. So make sure to not talk big and focus on the things they are doing. Because action speak louder than words.

Sometimes you never understand where the things may work but those people who talk a lot don't know about it. Talking big reduces your creativity and the action power. So one has to avoid giving such people loan in any form.

People who show off

There are people who show off all the time. Be it their clothes, their food, their kids, their family. And then they come to you or others for the loan. Something you have to understand while dealing with such people.

Make sure to focus on people who are playing show off card. Learn why they do what they do. Because you know that if they need money then they are doing something wrong and we do not have to give them loans.

These type of people are just the vessels making sounds. Something you have to learn to ignore and focus on what you can do instead to avoid getting manipulated by them. It takes time for you to get there but it will work.

What do you think?

I know we all get manipulated by people and we offer loan to those who we love and yet often don't get the money back. Some of the time this is something we have to learn to change by understanding people.

Do you give other people loan? Or do you avoid giving them loan?

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Written by   94
1 month ago
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Well done great nice to read

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4 weeks ago

All these categories of people you listed are not to be loaned because they can default on their promise

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I have not had such cases, but when someone who gives him 1, 2 times and he does not return then you do not give, because it is clear that he has no intention of giving you back

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1 month ago

I am giving loan to people I know but sometimes they take me for granted and didn't pay fkr their loans. It sad, but they can't loan again from me.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I am lending money to some people and yes, I experienced not being paid by some of them. Thank you for sharing these reminders.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

By discerning the type of people to give loans, like what you've mentioned here, avoid those who are addicted to vices, occasion drinking is fine but addiction is a red flag. Show off while buried in debts, I believe it's fine to show off but not from too much "pride from loan".

There are many factors to consider and thanks for reminding us.

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1 month ago

I also avoid giving loan to such kind of people.. they are likely those borrowers who never pays on time.

$ 0.00
1 month ago