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1 year ago

Happy Sunday people, technically there isn't much happy about the Sunday but its courtesy to say happy Sunday on sundays lool, so I guess I'll just go straight to the point.

It was a bright and early day, like every other day, I was heading to a house I just bought up in the mountains. A nice house three rooms pretty big honestly I don't know what I need three rooms for but I love the design of the house and I have wanted to get away from the city for a while now and be able to focus on work, I'm a designer you see and all my work now I do online so I technically don't need to leave my new house so can't wait.

Driving through the mountain side, looking out the car window to the beauty of nature and I knew this was where I was born to be, I got to the house unpacked my luggage and all that I have moved my furniture and other things about a week earlier so everything is set.

My name is David and I like to wake up early, exercise have green tea, jog, among other things, really helps out with my physical state, keeping fit(I'm abit of a fitness buff). I've been living here for 3weeks now doing my early morning routine daily before heading to one of the rooms I set up as my office, get work done for the day , watch some TV, play some music, cook and all that.

One very night I notice I had a light moving at my backyard and I was surprised seeing as I wasn't expecting anyone, I took my baseball bat and went out to check to my surprise it was a lady standing out there with her phone in hee hand and her torch on.

David: hello, can I help you?

Carol: sorry I didn't know anyone was living here now, I saw the light from afar in the house so I came to check

David: oh yeah I just bought the place a while back and I moved in a few weeks ago, sorry who are you?

Carol: oh right my name is carol, I live just around the ridge over there, so you've been here for 3 weeks and u never noticed how weird.

David: I jog every morning and I never noticed your place also weird, I'm David nice to meet you.

Carol: my pleasure, anyway I should be on my way David I'll see you around

David: alright, do have a good night, it was nice to meet you

Carol: yeah same here.

She walked away, and I couldn't help but notice how pretty she is she has nice steppings also and a fit body, "David what are you doing stop checking her out". So I went back in and continued what I was cooking.

About a week went by and I didn't see no sign of her again, so I decided to jog around her place one morning and I saw her standing out doing some kind of yoga I hid behind a tree and watched her, damn she's pretty, her body was perfect. No way I was going to go back without saying hello so I went to her she was surprised to see me

David: hey

Carol: hi, David right?

David: yeah you remember cool, I was just jogging by and I said to stop by and say hi.

Carol: thats kind of you, hope you're settling in well here?

David: yeah sure I am um, well I better be going then, I'll see you around.

Carol: yeah sure, have a nice day

I was walking away quietly till I thought na fuvk it, I turned around and went to her.

David: carol um what are you doing tonight?

Carol: um I haven't made any plans, why?

David: would you like to have dinner with me, I'm a really mean cook (smiles)

Carol: um (looks back at her house), yeah sure I don't see why not.

David: (also looks at the house), um sorry is it a bad time?, I don't want to intrude or anything, you're not married are you or something?.

Carol: no I'm not(smiles), divorced actually

David: oh good good, oh I mean sorry about that, um I'll just go so this won't get more awkward, see you at 7:00?

Carol: sure 7:00 works real fine (smiles).

6:40pm, and I was abit nervous, been a long time since I was on my A-game, I didn't even remember when last I asked a lady out, I've never been able to settle down and have a family I'm 39, and no wife or child to speak of, well I'd make a terrible parent anyway, but I'm definitely getting down with this chick that's for sure.

7:04 and my bell rings, I open the door she looked stunning.

Wow!, you look so beautiful I said, come in please. We had dinner even went for dessert afterwards watched a movie while having dessert, it was a lovely night, we talked about a lot of things how she got married how she got divorced, the way I had never been able to have a stable relationship we kept talking for hours, she was so beautiful I badly wanted to kiss her but I decided to play the gentle man and leave it for our next date.

10:24pm, it's getting late 'she said', I should be on my way, oh right right 'I said', it does get really dark out there at night let me see you off.

I walked with her till we got to her place seeing as it isn't really far from mine.

Carol: I had a wonderful time

David: as did I, we should do this again sometime.

Carol: yes sure I'd like to go on another date with you, maybe this time we can visit a restaurant down in town.

David: yes of course, that should be fun.

I leaned in and pecked her on the cheek, have a lovely night 'I said', and you too 'she said'. And I left, I went home feeling nice, like I'd won a prize.

I was close to my place when I noticed the door was slightly open, and I remember vividly locking it, so I took a metal pipe just laying around close to my place and went it gradually, I saw someone standing far away searching for something so I snuck up behind him and was about to hit him in the head when something hit me from behind and I blacked out.

Okay people this is where I call it a day. You'll have to wait till the next part to figure out what's going on..... Probably wondering how this whole thing even connects with the topic yeah, so am I lool...

Thanks for reading guys, do have a lovely night... Bye.

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1 year ago


It's a nice story, I loved the escalation of events in it, the ending was unexpected, did Carol hit him from behind? I think I have to wait for the second part to find out.

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1 year ago

Thanks yeah, honestly I was just making the story up as I went along Lool, yeah exactly you have to wait. I was supposed to write it today but somethings came up, you'll get it soon though.

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1 year ago

Oh no, why will you just stop it here when I am enjoying it already. Well, I am patiently waiting for the next episode.

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1 year ago

Lool😁, Glad you enjoyed it.... Not to worry you'll get the next part real soon.

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1 year ago