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Reasons to get CCTV cameras

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11 months ago

If the first association with video surveillance cameras is funny video clips of accidentally recorded adventures, then you probably haven't even thought about the fact that security cameras have their purpose - the safety of family or employees, as well as personal property, private or business.

Go through the list of reasons why you may need video surveillance with us, and it is very likely that you will find at least one of those reasons that could make you consider buying video surveillance equipment.

You may still think that video surveillance is reserved only for the richest layer of society or for large companies, but it is not so. Today, security cameras are cheaper than ever, and for that good price you get top quality footage and the ability to easily control the video surveillance system remotely, wherever you are.

Private reasons for procuring video surveillance

It has probably happened to you once before that you are not sure if you left the front door of your home unlocked when you went outside. Or maybe you forgot to close the windows? If you are going somewhere, on vacation, or on a business trip, it is certain that you want to be calm and convinced that your house is safe. Sometimes a dangerous dog in the yard is not enough. Even if you wave your hand because you have insurance, keep in mind that with video surveillance you can avoid more damage.

Today, it is possible to connect to your video surveillance system from any part of the world, with the help of the Internet, and follow what is happening in your home. That way, you can notice all suspicious activities in time and report them to the police. Or if you think the police are reacting too hastily and hastily, you can definitely tell a neighbor to close a forgotten, wide-open window.

Video surveillance as a top solution in case of burglary

If there is a burglary, which is more, unfortunately, that is not strange today, then it will certainly be useful for you to inform the police as soon as possible. Fresh evidence is the best evidence and there is a greater chance that the perpetrator will be caught. You can also alert a relative or friend to remove valuables that have remained intact or to make your home safe in another way - by replacing a lock or a broken window.

When it comes to a crime, you will be secured with a video. It can be located on the memory card of the camera itself or it can be in the form of a recording on a computer or DVR device. In addition to helping the police find the perpetrator, this video will be important when it comes to insurance, but also as crucial evidence in court proceedings.

Child surveillance cameras

If you have small children and you work, there may be a need to hire a babysitter. Even if you rent it on a recommendation, you will probably be restless at first because you have entrusted your child to a stranger. Video surveillance cameras can help you with that. The very fact that the babysitter knows that you can watch her at any time of the day will force her to be more responsible. However, be careful, do not turn into an obsessive person who controls and comments on every movement. It is important to you that everything is fine with the child, and that the babysitter treats your home with respect. If you measure her every break and measure her every action, be sure, you will soon be left without her help!

You may not need a babysitter because of the age of your children, but you would still like to know how your children are and what they do while you are on a business trip. Video surveillance is a recommended option, especially if you have reason not to trust your children and their answers when you call them on the phone.

In addition, a security camera can be very useful if you have an elderly, sick person in the house, who cannot perform all daily activities without someone's help, so in that case audio feedback is not enough. Finally, you can also use security cameras to monitor your pets.

Video surveillance in the service of your business

When it comes to business-oriented video surveillance, then it is best to install both types of security cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras.

Outdoor cameras

Experts advise that outdoor cameras be as conspicuous as possible, because in that case, a criminal, thief or burglar is less likely to decide to rob your bar or office. In addition to potential thieves, outdoor CCTV cameras can detect any suspicious activity around your business premises and allow you to be alerted in a timely manner and alert if necessary.

Indoor cameras

Indoor video surveillance cameras are also there for several reasons. The most obvious is to prevent theft. If you are in the trade, and you do not have the space or means to cover every corner of your shop, focus the cameras on the part with the sale, the part with the cash register and the part with the most valuable things.

In addition to monitoring illegal activities, internal video surveillance can also serve as a kind of control of employees. It is very likely that employees will behave more conscientiously if they know that you can catch them lying. You can also monitor the implementation of new procedures and rules and make sure that the business environment is safe.

Also, state-of-the-art video surveillance systems have a number of advanced options, such as video analytics that can help you analyze customer behavior in your retail outlets, giving you information relevant to improving your consumers' user experience.

In accordance with the desired or necessary type of security cameras, you can choose only one camera or the entire video surveillance system, as well as the recording quality itself, more precisely, the resolution. You can also choose between black and white or color camera. It is recommended that you choose a camera that you can easily control via the commands you give via the application on your smartphone.

Whether you want instant, real-time video surveillance or your goal is to own footage in the event of an illegal activity, video surveillance is the right choice for anyone looking to improve security in their business and private facilities. In addition to the obvious security benefits, video surveillance will provide you with a calmer absence from home or work, and, of course, a more peaceful sleep.

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Written by   52
11 months ago
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A burglary took place in my neighborhood and the thief was caught because a neighbor's camera recorded everything.

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11 months ago

I have two cameras, and I can tell you right away we caught a thief

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11 months ago

Great, it's not bad to have CCTV cameras

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11 months ago