What going on with my trades last week ?!?

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2 years ago

Hello guys !

It's me again ! :) If you had read my last post I told you that I was really happy because I got good news happening lately and its definitely true. Has you seen last week was a good week for most of the coin, beginning with the rise of the BTC to more than 18k and I think the rest of the coin just follow the vibe ! We ain't gonna complaint about this ! Of course NOT I made 2 good trade ! 

My first good trade was in BTC of course.
I enter November 14th and got out on November 18th
Bought at $16 367 BTC at $584.94 USD
Sell at $18 600 BTC at $664.75 USD
Profit : $79.81 USD / 104.40$ CAD / 13.6%

Second good trade was in XRP
I enter August 02th and got out on November 21th, so I stack it and made few more coins...
Bought at 0.32 XRP at $338,624 USD
Sell at 0.436 XRP at $461,38 USD
Profit : $122.75 USD / $160.62 CAD / 36.2%

For some of you will say it's not BIG amount and NO Im not rich yet but if I do continue to make good trade like this I will be in a medium or long term :) 

In the next post I will talk about a new Staking product that give you coin every single day ! STAY TUNES for the next episode :P

Keep hope and continue to trade my friend, no trade is a bad one if you don't learn something about it !



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2 years ago