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3 years ago
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Hello guys,
How are you today ? Im feeling soo happy ! Good news has been happening lately and I want to share it with you guys. But for the good seek of this article I will stay focus on the 2 big news of Coin Market Cap cause I think they have been growing in a good direction.

First of all there's a new Earning section, like Coinbase Earn, that you can listen to short video, answer to a small Quiz and get reward in the new coin they've been promoting.

Right now you can find 2 available campaign Orchid OXT and also Helium HNT.

1- In order to get your free crypto you will need to get a Binance account and find your ID address.
2- Listen to the video for each campaign
3- Take both Quizz

If you want to skip the second part and just get the answer for those Quiz you can find them for free on my Google Drive. You will get the money in your Binance account when the project will be launching.


Second thing I want to talk to you about is the new contest! You can win $10 000 in BTC if you predict the date and hour that the Bitcoin raise up to $20 000 USD dollars. Is that interesting ? I found this initiative really nice because right now everybody is talking about this and when it's gonna happen so I'm welling to enter the game and guess it too. Maybe just MAYBE I could be right, I will have a great amount in cashdown for my futur house :).

Well im still dreaming but everyone that invest in crypto should dream that is portfolio raise to the moon :D

I would like to know what do you think about this 2 news of Coin Market Cap ?


Stay Safe and earn money !


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3 years ago
Topics: Cryptocurrencies, Helium, Hnt, Orchid, Oxt, ...