New UME pool on USwap !

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2 years ago
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Hello guys,

If you read my last post you already know how to earn UME for free every single day. Would you like to earn more ? If the answer is yes your right at the good spot. Yesterday USwap release a new UME pool that generate UME. What's that mean ?!

The UME you earn when you claim your free lp token, you can now put it back in a pool that only take UME to farm more UME. Is this awesome ? YES Totally ! You no longer have to unstake, exchange, or put more coins to earn more UME with the UME you claim.

Some of you will tell me that the TRX / UME pool give a better speed rate than the UME pool and you will be right. So don't remove your staking from this pool just claim your UME once a day and put it back in the UME pool earn more UME without doing many transaction. You claim your token and put it back. IN and OUT really fast ! You know what I mean :P ahah

I know you didn't see my result yet, it's will be available in my weekly report next week, but I can assure you that those pool has been really profitable for the past day and I'm REALLY excited to share those with you guys. So stay tunes for my next posts you won't regret it !

Swap it's the future guys, don't let this opportunity fall,  join me to this amazing and strong community ! 



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2 years ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Swap, Ume, Trx, ...