Cat and Bird (graphic with pens-brushes)

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1 year ago

Hi friends!

I keep exploring the possibilities of my new pens Bruynzeel Marrakesh which which I bought recently.
I made a drawing Oriental house with pots with this pen set and want to drawing with it again

On this time I want to use it with usual white paper for drafting.

I liked this photo from Pinterest. I decided to draw it with a slight change in the scene.
Let the cat looking at... for example, at the bird!

The bird sat down on the bar in the wall and cleans the feathers
The cat is watching her

I started my work with drawing the main outlines with a brown rod (as you remember, these handles are double-sided)

In the next step, I outline the branches of greenery on the left and right.

Ivy greens on the left, I spend a lot of time above the door
There is a gap in the wall, so the space behind the leaves will be very dark (using a black and brown brush).
I paint ivy leaves in two shades of green.
Here I paint the door in a swamp color and part of the wall next to it.
I shade the inside with brown to make it look more shaded, and the outside with pink peach brush.

Now the window behind the cat...
I mix green, swamp and brown colors to get very dark color, but so that the black cat does not merge with it.
I paint the inner planes of the window with a pink peach rod with a strong brown shading (this makes a shadows and texture of a stone at the same time)

Now the main characters!
They are both, according to my intention, black, and they will have all the attention.
First, I outline with a black rod where the highlights will be.
Cats have a shiny coat, so even a black cat is light in places.
Then I paint over the rest of the shape with a brush.
I paint the bird the same way

Now I am finishing the right section of the greenery.
Sometimes I apply leaf-shaped strokes, and somewhere I do just a chaotic set of strokes.
These are climbing roses that have already faded.
Dry buds will be brown
Shadows under the foliage I paint in brown and swamp and make a texture of stones with brown rod.

And the last step.
I paint the front piece of the wall peach pink brush.
With black and brown rods I mark deep cracks and holes in the stones.
I also sharpen the break in the wall above the door, which is partially obscured by ivy.
I tint the door in green and darken the inner planes of the window with strokes with a swamp brush color.

And here's what in the end

Yes, I liked how this pens drawing on white smooth paper too!

Thanks a lot for your attention (and donation))) ) to my drawings!
I hope If art pleases someone, but it was not done in vain))
Have a nice and creative day!


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1 year ago


I love the drawing the way that cat looks and the warm colours. The Bruynzeel pens did a great job. Btw they make kitchens too.

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1 year ago

Many thanks! Yes, I liked this pens!

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1 year ago

Кот и птичка друг на друга смотрят,аппетит отменный есть у них: зёрнышки – такой у птички ужин,а кот смотрит этот фильм. Фильм и шоу происходит за окошком,Оскар не получит режиссер,но с успехом неизменным сериал идёт,когда его смотрит чёрный кот. Котик сериал живой посмотрит,облизнулся он на птичку из окна,после фильма что-то есть охота,покормите: аппетита власть страшна!...мои любимые животные, спасибо)))

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1 year ago

Восхитительные стихи! Спасибо))) Мне понравилось!

Думаю, кот домашний и сытый, просто смотрит на птичку, потому что у него природный охотничий инстинкт))

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1 year ago

Your collection of new pens is very good, and your picture is very beautiful and pleasant, as usual, you draw great, my friend, I love all the order and discipline that you do in your paintings... 👌

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot! I recently fell in love with graphics with pens or with ink and nib

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1 year ago