Oriental house with pots (drawing with pen-brushes)

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1 year ago
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Hi friends!

Recently I purchased new art material - a set of capillary pens.

For a long time I had one subject in my head - a fragment of an eastern structure, a textured wall, a minimum of flowers.

Yes, I was inspired by the photoI saw on Pinterest
But I had no idea how to draw it
And now, taking these pens in my hands and looking at the colors, I realized that this is what I need!
These pens are double-sided - at one end it is a brush, at the other a regular capillary pen

For work, I chose bright yellow paper - it is associated with hot desert oriental countries

Sketch with pencil

I draw base outlines with brown pen and paint some main objects with pink brush.
I also outline initial shadows on objects. Then I will paint them in a different, darker color, since there is direct sunlight and the shadows are very harsh.

In this step I draw deep drop shadows with brown brush

I paint the texture of the walls and small details with the same brown pen, but with a different side, where a thin rod.
Along the way, I add other items where there are free places.

I add greenery - a fragment of a tree behind the wall.
Well, I will add some grass by the door so that there is a roll of color
So I added some items in khaki color (with a brush) and a door locks I draw the same color.

It's time to put the accents in the darkest color.
I do this very carefully in the darkest places, I emphasize the deepest shadows, where strong sunlight doesn't fall - ornaments in a wooden decor of the wall, iron details of the doors, left corner where the stack of wooden pieces...

Finally, I paint the entire wall of the house with a pink brush.
In some places I refine the texture of the walls with a brown brush.
A piece of ground in front of the wall I paint with a mix of khaki and pink.

Yes, I think these pens are great for this kind of graphics!
I like it!

I'll be very glade if you'll like my new tutorial too))

Have a nice and creative day!


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1 year ago
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Wow how bright!!! Oriental sunshine...what do we see in the picture? palette, plot...and most importantly - the artist's work... Looking at this picture, it makes you want to hide somewhere in the shade🕶🌳

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1 year ago

It's Marocco, Nothern Africa I think very hot over there.

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1 year ago

Im not good in paintings but I do appreciate it.. Nice painting.

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1 year ago

Many thanks for Your kind words)))

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1 year ago