Why do the kids cry?

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During the first few months, crying is the only form of communication for a baby. You can come to understand what he is trying to tell you and help calm him down.

This is a universal truth, all babies cry. They cry when they are hungry, when they are tired, and sometimes for no reason. When they are older they can make known through gestures or words, babies can only cry.

In these cases, trying to bear the cry of a baby can be exhausting, but if for now it seems impossible, you will soon be able to decipher the different cries of your baby and know what she really needs. Here are some tips for surviving those crying months that won't last long.


The key to figuring out what your child is trying to say through crying is to pay close attention to him from the moment he is born. Mothers are extremely receptive to signals from our children in the first 10 to 12 days of birth. Although each cry is particular, they can be classified into the following basic categories:

• PAIN: a high-pitched scream, followed by a brief period of apnea (no breathing), followed by another high-pitched cry.

• HUNGER: a short, low-pitched cry with an intensity that rises and falls. The baby sucks his fingers, he can hit her cheeks with his hands and the crying will not stop even when she picks him up.

• FATIGUE: a soft, rhythmic cry as the baby tries to calm down and sleep.

• BOREDNESS: a muffled tone that can lead to false crying. It stops as soon as it is lifted.

• DISCOMFORT: a moaning tone that sounds similar to bored crying, but does not stop when the baby is picked up. Examine your baby to see if her diaper is wet or dirty, or if she is hot or cold.


While you are dealing with your crying baby, her screams will seem endless. But he is probably not suffering as much as you imagine. Most babies cry between 1 and 4 hours a day. Babies who suffer from colic cry more (but we will talk about this in the final part) and a small percentage do not cry almost at all. But this is not necessarily a reason to celebrate, a too quiet baby can be naturally placid, but his silence can also indicate that he is sick.

Last data, crying represents much more than communicating a need, it influences the way in which your baby sees you and in which you see him.

Believe it or not, the cry of a baby can affect your marriage. Due to the upheavals that can occur inside a home caused by the unstoppable crying of a baby, parents may not be able to enjoy a fabulous marriage, at least for the duration of the crying period. These couples have been shown to have a slump in their marital lives not only during the crying period, but also months after the excessive crying has stopped.

One reason for this may be that mothers who cry excessively develop some resentment towards their husbands, since they feel that they have to bear the full burden of care and that they cooperate very little, (although this does not happen with the husbands of hive mothers hahahahaha), and if one of the partners is unhappy, the other usually tends to be as well.


• COLIC: Most babies are fussy at some point during the night, but a child who cries inconsolably for a long time is likely to suffer from colic. No one knows exactly what causes colic. It is possible that they are due to intestinal problems until the baby's need to vent a day on stimulant. Colic is not inherited and occurs with equal frequency in boys and girls.

• WHEN THE CRYING IS SERIOUS: call the pediatrician if your baby cries all day and does not calm down when being fed. A sick baby usually makes a high-pitched, unusual cry and has symptoms such as fever, breathing problems, or diarrhea. Crying alone is the main sign of certain particular situations.


1. Tuck him in warm sheets.

2. Use a charger for your baby. In my experience, babies who are loaded for a longer time cry much less than babies who are loaded little.

3. Put your baby's chair over the washing machine or dryer in operation so that he feels its vibrations, obviously you should stay there in case the vibrations make your baby move.

4. Sing to him, the songs work.

5. Go for a walk, a change of scenery and some fresh air can distract your baby.

6. Bathe him. Most babies love to play with water, they enjoy it and the warm bath water soothes them.

Finally I will tell you what to do and what not to do

If it should be done:

• Respond as soon as possible to your baby's cry. The longer you take, the more difficult it will be to calm him down.

• Ask someone to help you hold the baby so you can rest.

• Carefully examine your baby's clothing for sharp, rough, or tight surfaces that may cause pain.

• Relax and stay as calm as possible when caring for your baby.

You should not do:

• Do not ignore your instincts, you are the one who best knows what your baby needs

• Don't take crying personally. You are not a bad mother because your baby cries and he is not a bad son.

• Don't shake, hit, or yell at him.

• Do not lose your sense of perspective, remember that this phase will end faster than you think.

With these recommendations we will be able to take care of our children in the moments that they are crying, thanks to all the moms for reading my publications.

God bless you.

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1 year ago


Why do kids cry? It is normal for the baby to cry because they cry when they are hungry or maybe sleepy. Godbless you.

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1 year ago

Why do the kids cry?I don't know.But reading your article, I learned a lot.

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1 year ago

When baby 🍼🍼🍼 cry more, much better means the baby was healthy

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1 year ago

The babies first cry, is the mother's first smile. 😊

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1 year ago

Los bebés lloran por muchas raspones. Por dolores cólicos. Porque tienen el pañal mojado de pipí. Por hambre. Por frío. Son tantos los motivos. Debemos estar atentos y a la viva con nuestros bebés. La fuersa de su llanto muchas veses nos dise si es grave o no lo que tienen. Pongan mucha atención a eso mamás. Su llanto al ellos no poder hablar son su forma de decirnos que nesecitan nuestra atención y con urgencias. No esperemos ni un segundo al escuchar a nuestros pequeños llorar acudan rápido a ellos. Dejen todo lo que en ese momento Hasen y Ballan a donde el bebé llorando. Esa es su forma de llamarnos y decirnos que algo les pasa. Linda noche y mis abrasos

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1 year ago

Good thing my baby boy is not a headache to us for he only cried when his hungry and finds that I am not in his side

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1 year ago

Thanks for the tips

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1 year ago

When they cries it shows that my world I came. Anytime a child cries, there is always reason for it

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1 year ago