Lesson or Test?

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1 year ago

"In the classroom, we are given lessons to prepare us for the exam/ test..., but reality gives us tests to learn from it". I remembered our pastor sharing those words which she wrote in her notebook after my sharing .

What do we need then..? Do we need a lesson..? Or do we need a test..?

This Covid thing has been a test to some of us..., As I have shared, we are trying to contact and call COVID Confirmed Patients and here are some bits of some conversations...,

Conversation with a patient's wife

Me: what does he (referring to the patient) do to ease boredom?

Wife: he is a spiritual leader, that's why he takes time reading the bible and studying it and taking notes.

Sana all....

As what is said in Joshua 1:8, hope I can also do it... hope I can meditate on the book of the Law day and night..,

The husband has been using his time properly getting to know more about God...

Conversation with a 41 year old business owner

Me: How are you doing sir?

Businessman: I am feeling better compared to the previous days where I experienced anxiety disorder. That resulted to me having a hard time sleeping. But for the past three days, I was able to sleep properly.

Me: that's good to hear sir

Business: yes, I was advised by my Doctor to take my isolation as my time to rest and regain my strength. Time for time-out in my business. The doctor also told me that I am already blessed I have survived the 1st week of my isolation where I did fell ill. I am now trying my best to regain my strength.

For some, they may experience couple of symptoms that made it hard for them. As what his doctor told him, this are just trials in our life which we can surpass. And we have a great healer ☝, so why feel down...,

Conversation with a Korean (Since he doesn't know how to speak in Tagalog, I have tried my best to communicate in English 😥)

Me: (my introductory phrase of introducing myself and the reason of the call)

Him: You are the 4th person who called me asking how am I doing. I already told them I am fine and my partner is fine. I don't have symptoms.

Me: (didn't know how to anwer back) That's good to know then sir. Maybe the previous calls you have received are the contact tracers, barangay officials and health workers. Our office is tasked to call and ask if we can be of help po sir.

Him: No, I'm fine. I'm ok..,

Me: if that's the case sir, thank you for your time then. I'll end this call then not to disturb you anymore.

Writing it is easier compared to the time I'm trying my best to explain everything to him..., All I can do is laugh remembering how I did stammer suring that time.. hahahaha

There are some who are independent enough who can take care of themselves on their own.

Conversation with a Mother

Me: (my introductory phrase)

The mother: I am feeling down, I think it's depression.

Me: what do you think is the reason for that?

The mother: It's ok if I am the only one who turned positive with Covid,but my son was also a confirmed case. Have you heard cases of children who survived this?

Me: Yes ma'am I have this call where a mother shared that all her children also turned positive. But all have recovered already.

The mother: Hopefully we can also overcome this. It's hard for me being a solo parent and we don't have other family here in the city

Me: (tried my best to make her feel better)

Mother's love is really commendable. Parents would usually say "let me take the sickness and make my child feel better". This mother's emotional state was tested.

Conversation with a single with dependents (as how he answered when asked about his civil status)

Him: My concern is that I cannot got to work, I cannot earn to support my children.

Me: how about other family members who can support you for the meantime?

Him: My parents are vendors at the province but does not sell regularly.

Me: How about the mother of your children? (The curious me asked...)

Him: I have no idea where she is.

Me: Why not try to contact her and ask for help, for the sake of the children.

Him: No need, she left our children that easy which means she has no plan of looking after them.

Me: what if she has reasons behind before. What if she can now support them?

Him: No ma'am. I don't want to contact her. I don't want to communicate to her. We might fell inlove with each other again. (Followed be a laugh)..,

They say love is sweeter the 2nd time around. Why not give chances to other people. Since I did not have the complete info as to their separation, I did not dig into it anymore.

At times, we need lessons to prepare us for the test..., and at times, we need tests to teach us lessons.., either way, what's important is we learned something from it.

We just have to stay strong and be hopefull that whatever tests that comes into our life, we can still overcome it.., we can overcome it with the help of others (Almighty God, family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers)..,

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As always Stay Healthy and Stay Safe..., not for our own but for our loved ones 😊

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1 year ago


Can't imagine the boredom during the quarantine period of those who caught the virus. They're lucky to have someone like you who are willing to talk to them...

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1 year ago

It's part of our job... Nyahahaha... at times I enjoy talking to them, but there are times I am bored... Nyahahaha

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1 year ago

Hahahaha. I also laughed at the guy's answer about trying to reconnect with the mother of his children.

I also would want that Bible reading with some notes. I was actually planning to do that when I started reading the Biblr again but I don't have any available notebook where I can write my notes.

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1 year ago

Me too.., I realized, I should have also done it when I was on a quarantine..., atleast now, I'm trying my best to take notes...

I have invested on notebooks for me to enjoy taking notes.., that's why I also bought some for our young people at the church..,

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1 year ago