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They asked I answered | Birthday Questions

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1 month ago

The stars have aligned themselves again this year to celebrate my birthday!

Last Thursday, October 7th, was my birthday. The husbando was out working, I had the house to myself and I had all the time in the world. I figured, to entertain myself, I would ask friends and strangers in the platform if they have questions for me.

In return for asking me questions, I decided to give my newly minted rainbow boi NFTS to 3 of the most interesting questions.

Special Orpheo Trio

Gold -

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Stay tuned until the end to see who had the most interesting ones and gets to take home Orpheo.

Wow, this is a Miss Universe question deserving of a Miss Universe answer!

Given the chance to change the world, I'd wish for world peace... I would change the mindset of humans "being afraid of the unknown". Being afraid of the unknown has brought a lot of unfortunate events in the history of humans. But most especially it has brought racism to the table. My experience with racism was not as extreme as people of color (POC) in the other parts of the world experience.

As a Filipina in Japan, in the Japanese eyes, I am a foreigner-someone different from them. I may have fooled a lot of them with my perfect Japanese but when they squint a little bit harder, they will realize that I am not Japanese. The fact that my culture is different from theirs despite my efforts to embrace it makes them take a step backward and knowing that I am not a milk-skinned foreigner (a.k.a Western), they take another step and put up the barrier. I am not generalizing but that was my experience. Yes, there is racism in Japan if that's hard to believe. Our own Asian neighbor turning the other cheek because they do not know the other neighbor's culture.

That's it! Changing someone else's mindset is pretty hard if not impossible. But if I could do it with a snap of a finger, wouldn't that be great? It's a small world after all. Thanks for the question, Sydney!

The most important pivotal moment or turning point of my life was when I was still in college (International Studies majoring in Japanese language). I was one of the quiet students whose name people will forget seconds later after I introduce myself.

But I had the biggest passion to master the Japanese language (top of the class 😉) and I was very eager to speak like a native so when my teacher urged me to join the National Japanese Speech Contest and be within the top 3 for 2 years in a row, opportunities to be closer to my life dream of living in Japan came popping up and ultimately, I am living that dream now! Thanks for the question, @solumvis!

Who makes your heart beat besides your husbando?

What's the thing that your most afraid to happen to you?

Oh, Ruffie bebe, my husbando is my entire heart but what makes it beat is the pretty bois of anime (I'm looking at you Gojou). I think I have posted about it in my Meet The Artist post and said, "If it ain't 2D, it ain't for me".

And the thing that I am most afraid to happen to me is that I lose interest in making art, which almost happened a lot of times since I'm also married to art block. Those were the darkest years of my life yet. I am thankful, although the will to make art was not there at that time, the passion to make art and how art keeps inspiring me was always there. So if that passion and inspiration are gone, poof! It became Koko Krunch! I'm just an empty, hollow shell. Thanks for the question, @Ruffa!

Aside from my revelation here, I am an open book (much to my dismay though). But I've been told that I am a good listener, contrary to my resting bitch face. I guess that's one thing people should know about me.

I had to dig inside me to come up with an answer. LOL. But thanks for the question, @Meyzee!

I am just in my 20s and I'm embarrassed to say that I have not lived life to that fullest since I am always in my corner of the world. However, it has always been my dream to study animation and I thought that after my language course, I will go to an animation school whatever happens. I had my recommendations and all but I has to walk away from that dream because of financial difficulties.

It was very hard to walk away and accept that I may never have the opportunity to go to animation school again since there is a standard in the Japanese animation industry that you're already very late, career-wise if you start animation school after 20 years old.

I guess that is the biggest regret of my life, too. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, they say so I handled it by focusing on making art. Now, I got to create ArtPark and enjoy making artful fun with you guys. Thanks for the question, Yhani!

How this question was phrased is so beautiful. I love it!

There are two things that make me truly happy. One, finishing an artwork. They say "enjoy the process" and all but when I finally finish a piece, I could feel the world slowing down a bit and orchestra playing in my ears. Seems a bit dramatic, I know, but it makes me feel so much alive.

Two, when I show that artwork to my husbando and he sincerely appreciates it. My husbando is my biggest supporter and loves all I make but there is a different face that he makes when I show him an impressive artwork and he is just swept off his feet. Imagine looking at someone you love, loving the thing you made out of love. (There's so much love LOL) Thanks for the question, FarmGirl!

Can I ask for more wishes? LOL

Okay. 1. More fiat to invest in crypto. 2. Courage and resiliency to pursue the things I really wanna do. 3. World Peace Patience, patience, a little break, and more patience. Thanks for the question, @JLoberiza!

Not much of a night owl when I was in college but I still am, I guess.

My username is a combination of 2 of my favorite things, the color red, and owls. Thanks for the question, Jane!

Oooh! I was waiting for this!

My all-time Top 1 will always be Naruto. Top 2 and 3 will change from time to time but for now, Top 2 is Jujutsu Kaisen and Top 3 is Nana.

You're not asking but I'm telling anyway. Top 4 is Wotakoi and Top 5 is Romeo X Juliet. (Elemental Gelade is the sixth man of the team) I'm a sucker for Shoujo Anime. Thanks for the question @kushina!

I've been making art for as long as I can remember so I don't think I have an answer for why I make art. I just do.

With and Bitcoin Cash, I am already making money albeit small with art. I have sold quite a few NFTs of my artworks. But to make a living out of it? Well, I am in the process of building up my business plan and I am aiming to launch next year, whatever my art-based business would be. Fingers-tightly-crossed that I am able to pursue and launch because the industry for hobby/passion-turned-business is quite saturated now, especially with the pandemic going on and people choosing to leave their jobs and rethink of their careers. Thanks for the question, looserwin!

Another Miss Universe-esque question!

I have to be honest, @carisdaneym2. I've cracked my head many times so I can answer this one but I just cannot find a satisfying answer. The world is already a harsh place and that's one thing we cannot ignore. Also, I think you might already notice this but I'm a nosy bitch so there isn't much that doesn't escape my attention.

No matter how harsh that truth is, if it's worth discussing, I'll stick my nose into it. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. Thanks for the question, cutie

My short answer is I don't count so I don't know.

Watching too much anime, I have realizes that kindness has a lot of forms. It is not only giving something tangible, being friendly, polite or considerate. Depending on the situation but being angry at a person for their own good IS also kindness. Ignoring something for your and other people's mental health IS also kindness. Being stone cold, sacrificing something, and all the other unconventional stuff people do can be a form of kindness.

I may not be conscious when I do these things because "I have to be kind" towards another person is not the first thing that comes to my mind. But in ways more than one, extending a helping hand to a person in need is what just this cruel world needs, I am right? Thanks for the question, Bangs1803.

Yes, I've been 20s years old for some time. LOL. I don't think I understood the question very well but I'd like to share about my high school self.

It was the darkest years yet the most creative time of my life. I've always locked myself in my room and pour all my hormonal distress/depression/passion into writing novels that will never see the light of day and draw fanarts of my favorite characters. Decades later and there are still with me because all the emotions that the little crimsonowl felt then are what's keep the will of fire burning.

What I'm trying to say is learn to dance with the waves of the ocean called life. If there are troublesome days, there will also be happy days. Both are two sides of the same coin. Live and let live. Thanks for the question, Kubra01!

There you have it! I know you lost count on the quotes I have quoted in this article because I did. I really enjoyed answering your questions. Thank you again, for your well wishes and wonderful questions.

Now for the part that you have been waiting for.

FarmGirl - Special Orpheo Trio - Gold + 500 CandyMan

@solumvis - Special Orpheo Trio - Silver + 500 CandyMan

@Ruffa - Special Orpheo Trio - Bronze + 500 CandyMan

The following peeps will get 500 CandyMan each for participation. It isn't much but I hope you liked it. usernames (I will comment back on your comments in my original post)


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Written by   35
1 month ago
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Belated happy birthday!

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1 month ago

Thank you 😁 na entertain ako dun sa questions.. Pang Miss U tlga ang iba haha

Here's my address 0xf5d93eEce5bc27d5733d0aC0838F18F16C01075B

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1 month ago

Hulaan ko husbando mo sa Naruto, si Kakashi? Hahaha. Sa lahat naman ata ng bansa mag racism na nagaganap. Para bagang walalng karapatan na humalo sa kanila ang taga ibang bansa, aigooo. Buti dika nagpaapekto ano. May iba kasi, ang hirap lang iignorr pag ganon. Yong paramg ang tingin ng tao sayo ee dumi aigooo.

Pretty bois is lifuuu ano, pano if isa lang ang pipiliin mo sa pretty bois and arts? Alin ang mas matimbang? Hahahaha pahabol na tanong hahaha. Babalik at babalik kapa rin sa pagguhit talaga ano. Buti bumabalik pa, parang sa iba kasi lalo na pag depress affected pati pag guhit nila.



Yiehhh, thankieeeee na agad UwU 😘😘

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1 month ago

Wish you all the best on your upcoming launch. I believe you will do great with your supportive husband and thru Heaven's graces. Keep your soul glowing!

Many thanks for the prize😉 and I love your answers by the way. Very heart warming. I have a supportive husband too so I can relate :)

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1 month ago

Kindness, much like blessings, is infinite. But it must always come from the heart. So if you can count the kind deeds you've done, then it's not built in you to be kind. So, your reply was most appropriate. Happy Birthday!

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1 month ago

sayang i didn't get to send a question.. ma turn on nga notif mo sa noise

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1 month ago

Thanks for the sweet candy! I enjoyed reading!


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1 month ago

Naruto was my fave anime too. Anyways, happiest birthday to you @crimsonowlkk. More bch to come🎉

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1 month ago

Same! Naruto din favorite anime ko! Pero kung kasama Western animated series, dalawa silang number one ng Avatar: The Legend of Aang.


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1 month ago