Where did I go during my Health Break Part 1

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1 year ago

One thing that I think I should be grateful about this month is when we had a one week health break after Second term examination. I had a chance to breathe and rest a bit on Academics then fortunately, my sister planned for two days vacation on Baguio at that time so the all things went well on my schedule since I don't have to attend classes or do some school works during that time.

My health break is indeed amazing as I got a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries on Baguio and Atok Benguet then after that two days vacation on baguio I had a three consecutive dates with my boyfriend.


  • Lion's head

  • Mines view

  • Wright Park

  • The mansion

  • Kamiseta Hotel

  • Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park

  • Christmas Village


  • Northern Blossom Flower Farm

  • Strawberry Farm


  • Saint Joseph Cathedral (exchange gift and attend mass)

  • WalterMart (Jollibee)

  • Mcdo

  • San Jose Keg-keg


  • Friendship Supermarket

  • Central Luzon State University (Oval, library, grandstand, PCC)


  • On our house to meet my parents and siblings

Lion's Head

This is our first stop. If you're a tourist, the lion's head is one of the famous tourist attraction in Baguio, once you see that head you will automatically say that "oh! we're here on Baguio now!" Your trip to Baguio wouldn't be complete without capturing the good moments and taking photographs as souvenir. The Lion's Head is a 40FT high and it was carved by a Cordillera artist from a limestone boulder. Lions Club members of Baguio City thought of creating a symbol that would proclaim the presence of the group in this mountain resort city. Beside on that statue, there's a taho vendor who are willing to take pictures of you for free and if you are grateful with his kindness, you will automatically support his business and buy strawberry and classic taho. (Actually, it is also part of the marketing plan xd)

Mines View

For your information, this is my second trip to baguio and we don't really go here often as we don't have time or we are not complete as a family. But this time, most of the members of the family is present. Here on mines view, you will see many vendors of wonderful plants and of course, a souvenir shop. In mines view you will see the breathtaking sceneries of mountains and you wouldn't mind taking pictures again. yes, so if you're planning to go here and you love taking pictures, always ready your camera and power bank.

The Mansion and the Wright Park

Wright Park, which is located at the eastern part of the city and fronting the main gate of the Mansion, is one of the many scenic parks in Baguio City. You will see a long rectangular lagoon also known as "Pool of pines" then after the long walk, there's another long walk on the other side but I assure you that it is all worth it if you appreciate nature and bond with your loved ones or just simply enjoying yourself.

Kamiseta Hotel, Vanilla Cafe

(Click the name to see more pictures of kamiseta Hotel)

I was flabbergasted the first time I entered the gate of the Hotel and their entrance. They have elegant staircase and when I go down to see the interior design inside, I was like WOW, what a chandelier! It has classy and elegant vibe which I don't know why a person like me is there and I was like "wait a minute, is this real?" then I remember the cost of foods and dessert we have is all shoulder of my older sister and I was like flabbergasted again when I asked how much it cost per order that we had and my sister said the minimum solo order was about $8.8 or 500 in PHP so I don't have to worry about it ( while me thinking how many chickenjoy I can buy on jollibee with that money considering that we only order filipino common dishes such as chicken inasal, crispy pata sinigang, sizzling sisig, kare-kare, waffle and egg and more that I forgot) so going back to the view, I really love it an even the comfort room has chandelier lol, I think I can stay there for 24 hours. Kidding aside, the place is just so beautiful but we are just there to eat lunch. And here's my negative comments about kamiseta, they have poor customer service, the utensils is very un-hygiene like we never expected that and last but not the least, 90 percent of us (15 people in a group, agrees that their meals are not worth of the cost and it was not delicious like oh c'mon, is that it?) but anyways, I moved on to that and just think that the maybe we only pay for the place and not the view. Overall, I think their vanilla cafe is the famous one and not their heavy meals but still the experience to try this kind of place is such a very remarkable.

I did not insert pictures of myself and with my family because I am too shy to share it here but maybe i'll try to edit tomorrow and add only the sceneries but if you are follower on my Instagram or a facebook friend, you'll see a glimpse of it or I just add more on the next part since we have visited so many places and my article is getting longer and some of you don't want to read more than 4 mins of reading time.

See you on my next blog :)

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1 year ago


Ang ganda naman. Gumala pala kayo sis. Ang ganda nga ng Baguio sis nuh. One of my bucketlist talaga din ang lugar na yan.

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1 year ago

Sana all talaga na-enjoy ang Health Break, uwuuu. Ako kasi patuloy lang ang ka-ngaragan ih, huhu. Thesis is life 'yernnn? LOL. Pero mas sana all sa may jowa, when ba namin s'ya mami-meet para makilatis? 🙈

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1 year ago

Isa din sa bucket list ko ang Baguio City. Gusto ko din makapapicture sa Lion's Head at sa mines view. Syempre di ko rin palalampasin ang activity like strawberry picking at makapamasyal sa Burnham Park✨

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1 year ago

Sana magkaroon ng re-development ang Burnham park, di na namin pinuntahan since nagawi na kami don before and lol our experience is kinda traumatizing when we tried to ride the boat because there's one boat sinking, buti there's a boat riding beside them kaya na rescue sila agad and the water looks so dirty na parang canal😭

Pero bet ko pa din don anng ibang rides lalo na sa skyranch baguio try mo din😊

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1 year ago

Sana lahat talaga Carismatic huehue. I want to go to Baguio and try thsle what you mentioned here. Sana lang di problem ang kwarta ee kaso mo, ahahaha ambot. Ang glad that you enjoy your health break, you deserve that for being so masipag yuehhhh

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1 year ago

Buti nga nasabay sa health break ko at nakapag enjoy lalo na at ang two sisters ko ng aming sponsors hahha

Gora kana din at cash out kana baa, sasamahan pa kita😍🤣

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1 year ago

Haha sana all talaga re huehue. Di oa kaya, ipon pa muna huehue

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1 year ago

I haven't been to Baguio. My friends and I have a supposed trip to Baguio back in March 2020 but got cancelled due to lockdown. Hindipa din kami nakapunta even after 2 years. I remember we were planning our itinerary. I hope I can visit Baguio soon too. :)

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1 year ago

Opo enjoy pa rin sa baguio lalo na together with the fam or friends hope soon maka visit na kayo and try their products too :)

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1 year ago