Simple Vegan Salad Recipe

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Baby Romaine Carrots Sesame Salad & Brown Rice Protein Lunch Pack

Well done! You are a step further of being a healthy person for your healthier-life-journey if you clicking this the post.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates.

During this to-be-vegan journey, I could feel in person that vegan diet is indeed gives impact to my daily life. I was mistakenly assumed before. I have been told through education system that human are categorized as omnivores due to their capability to obtain energy and nutrients from both plant and animal materials. So I assumed that we are compulsorily need to be dependence on red meat, poultry, fish; etc. for those amino acids and protein sources.

Until one day, Benn showed me a lot of documentaries and studies show, human can be living base on Vegan/Vegetarian diet. I was like, "WOW! Alright. But from where do we get protein then?"

Below video will enlightens you on that.

In this entry, I will share our favorite 100% Vegan based meals recipe, you can prepare it for lunch, dinner, whenever you feel like craving for healthy quick meal prep.

Tips: Start slow guys. Too fancy ingredients or too fancy preparation will just cause you lazy to start. So, take it slow. You are not in a Hell's Kitchen cooking competition.

Baby Romaine Carrot Sesame Salad Recipe

1) Carrot

2) Baby Romaine lettuce

3) Soy sesame sauce/oil/dressing

4) Japanese Cucumber

5) Chia seeds - you can replace with Black Sesame if you have, if not, doesn't mind

How to prepare: I love my carrots to be sliced small and easy to chew. So I will use multipurpose Vegetables Shredder for the carrot and cucumber. Cut your lettuce as you wish, add a little bit of soy sesame oil dressing (I normally add a lot cause I recently obsess with this sesame oil), and sprinkle 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of chia seeds into your salad.

Tips: To make it more interesting, add as well 200g of steamed tofu on top. Cut into cube. Yeah. A little bit extra of effort, but you may thank me later to those who never tried tofu on salad. IT'S MAGICALLY WONDERFUL IN TASTE. Crunchy fresh carrots with spongy tender tofu, juicy splashy cucumber, imagine that!

*Check my other entry for another 'tastelicous' Vegan Recipe !

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