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2 years ago
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A little over a week ago I withdrew all funds I had here because I really needed it. Since then I haven't made even a dollars worth from tips and Random Rewarder combined. So I haven't been able to boost my articles. I tried with the 16 cents I had at one time, but that didn't make much difference.

My point isn't JUST to complain lol....This experience has opened my eyes to how things work here currently.

As a result I have an idea I'd like to share with you....

Typically, I boost my articles. A least the ones I work the hardest on. I don't go crazy with it. Just a few dollars worth, up to maybe $5 per week gets spent on boosting. So anywhere from just a few hours to off and on for about a week for my best or favorite articles.

Even if it's just a few hours, boosting can explode your view count. Especially if you know how to appeal to your audience at a glance with good titles and thumbnails ect. Different times of the day I'm still experimenting with.

Anyway after over a week of only spending 16 cents on boosting, I've seen a stark difference in view count.

I worked very hard on all 3 articles that I wrote this week. But if people don't even see it on the list, they obviously can't click on it. Having a good amount of subscribers didn't ensure views either. It's common to have so many people that you're following that you don't always notice when even your favorite authors post. Especially if you haven't been online in a few days and your notifications box has several pages to sift through.

No system is perfect....

Improvements are also continuing to be made because this site has good people at it's core that are eager to learn from experience as they go. It also does this type of thing better than any other I've come across in my opinion. They also pay attention to the input of all of us more than ANY other websites I've seen.

We truly are a community that is trying to help each other improve in various ways. :}


So I have an idea....

I don't know how often people actually boost the articles of others, but I don't think it happens much. There are good tippers. The tip itself might actually be about the same as what you would earn from the Random Rewarder if it was boosted a few hours, but there are other benefits that come as a result of boosting....

More views on good content equals more quality subscribers. Even sponsors. As well as more potential tippers. New friends too!!

Tippers can act alone. Especially if they can afford a few dollars.

I have another idea of groups that can be put together to scan articles. Fishing for newcomers that show some talent. Plus others that have great articles that have been here a long time yet have very little views.

Working together they could organize and time the boosts in a way that makes sense after discussing what they each have discovered. Some articles are more time sensitive like news, while others are timeliness like art and poetry or short stories.

It could work sort of like the Random Rewarder, yet not a bot of course lol....

Instead of giving tips, they'd be boosting good content that is sadly getting missed by people that would actually click on it if they had just seen it on the list.

There's multiple ways this could be organized or even lack there of. Most of the ways that I have thought of ways would not only benefit the people they decide to help, but the site would benefit greatly in the long run.

I'm excited and very curious about how well these talented content creators could actually BLOSSOM....

Just imagine it....

Like if someone did this to an article I had worked really hard on and only got like 2 views... Wow.

Wow! I'd feel like I was appreciated. FEEL like I'm an active part of wonderful community that actually helps each other. While at the same time, bringing prosperity as well as quality work being put out there for the world to discover :)


Even though I don't have a job or even receive benefits....

I'm still very fortunate that I have even been ABLE to boost my articles AT ALL.

Just thinking now about all of the people that are trying SO HARD to get noticed for what they have to offer.... This is really sad, and my heart goes out to them because I have been in these types of situations a lot in my life.

I am eager to be an actual participant in this!! Working both alone and with a group. So if any of yall do decide to organize something like this PLEASE invite me to help to what capacity I am able at any given time. Maybe not financial help. YET. But in help searching, brainstorming how to organize this, ect....

I seriously want to be involved somehow though....

For THIS article to be actually seen enough to get more than a few views, I'll have to wait until I get a few dollars myself to boost it lol. But as soon as I can I will. So that more people can add their own opinions and ideas after reading this.

Looking forward to it!! Thanks ahead of time.;)

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2 years ago
Topics: Innovation


Greetings! I am from Venezuela and also new to the platform and I would love to be part of these projects to improve the visualization of the articles. For now I'm learning how to use it, and I think it's wonderful. I hope you take me into account to learn how to grow in it and to be able to offer you sobering and full of positivity contents.

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2 years ago

An exciting idea with a quiet caveat:
I first noticed this was possible when I was looking at someone's article.
I fooled around with the settings then clicked boost and off it went.
This was surprising because I thought only the author could boost it.

On consideration it occurred to me that perhaps the author might not want it boosted.
Or maybe the author had just posted something that
an hour or so later would realize was horribly incorrect.
(people do make horrific mistakes)
Or maybe wanted to target a specific timezone.
Or was waiting for some relevant event before boosting??

Once boosted, while the author is sleeping,
all kinds of events could be triggered by the 'Boost'.

I am not cautioning - simply pointing out you might want to
carefully consider what you "boost" before committing to the exposure.

For Authors you might consider adding a foot-line "Boost me anytime"
or "please only boost when the foot-line says you can boost now"
or whatever fits the circumstance

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2 years ago

For your first concerned--

I've edited my articles even a few months after publishing them. Plus boosting doesn't put it on a separate list, just at top or highlighted so higher chances of being seen. Most importantly, booting is very temporary. I usually can't afford to boost more than 2 or 3 hours for a decent percentage.


Asking first would be something we could practice out of courtesy ;)


When a person adds 'Sponsor Request' to their article they are actually inviting you to promote their article. If it were me I wouldn't want them to send message asking to because sometimes I come accross comments on an article that I didn't see for several weeks or more. Even though I TRY to keep up with them, I'm too busy at times. Imgine if I came across that question a month later.

I think if they have sponsor request we shouldn't waste time. Otherwise maybe we really should ask permission first though.

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2 years ago

Tipping might trigger the random rewarder some. Plus tipping has makes it to where they could boost the article themselves. But if they don't boost but a few cents or if they haven't experienced the huge difference boosting causes they may NEVER know what a difference it would make UNLESS someone does it for them. Might be another reason not to ask first.

How about, if first time boosting a person's content just do it for an hour or so?

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2 years ago

Another point is that when someone posts content that is available for anyone to come across or read, they are aware that people might also share it with others ending with similar results. Boosting does the same thing as sharing on social media.

Ultimately, negative things can happen in almost any situation. Yet in this case the positive results will overbearingly outweigh the negative.

Most importantly though.... I'm all about not infringing on anyone's rights, or 'impose'. In this type of situation that simply isn't happening because they posted to the public to begin with and can always delete it too.

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2 years ago

Thanks for participating!

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2 years ago

I'll probably try boosting someone else's article instead of tipping.

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2 years ago technique is perfect. You just need to find your way around it and make good use of it. But boosting is one good technique we should all take seriously

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2 years ago

In my opinion , Views means shown to the person on top And if they click then they come to our post. And they are counted as click. I usually get , 3-4 click on boost .

This is only in my opinion , I may also be wrong . My friend.

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2 years ago

I'm still new here and thank you for this information about boost. I'm going to try it next time. Doest it last for a day or a week or it depends on how much you boost an article?

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2 years ago

At top of page above article (for laptop / computer) you'll find the word 'Boost' along with other things like number of views icon ect.... After you click on it, a sliding scale will show up for adjusting both amount of time and another for price.

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2 years ago