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How Easy It Is To Maintain Your Freezer

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2 months ago
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Since I'm always doing the maintenance of our refrigerator (I'll be using the term freezer for ease of use), I decided to make it my topic today.

If you have a freezer in your home, you MUST know how to take good care of it, by performing good maintenance on it. Doing maintenance with your other home appliances in your home is also a MUST. I say this because it is more economical to perform maintenance on your home appliances and reap the benefits of having them to last longer, way beyond its covered warranty than having to buy a new one everytime or send it for repair. And in effect, you get the best return on your investment from your purchase of these home appliances and also to prevent you from buying a replacement two or three years in the future.

To do this, you must have the following:

  • An all-purpose cleaner (choose what works for you)

  • A cleaning rag/s (choose one that doesn't leave lint)

  • A vacuum (this helps on those hard to reach places)

  • A broom (alternative, if you don't have a vacuum)

Before you start your maintenance on your freezer, be sure to unplug your freezer from the power outlet. And give it ample time to defrost if you have a thick ice build up on the freezer compartment itself. As a practice, I usually do it when there is ice build up of a half inch in the freezer itself. Adjust the freezer's position into an area where you can have ample space all around the freezer. Now, if you have the things needed above at your disposal, you are now ready to do maintenance on your freezer.

Here's What You Do:

1. Using your vacuum (or broom), vacuum the condenser coils. Usually you can find dust build up, cobwebs or even animal fur (if you have pets) on the condenser coils of the freezer which makes the condenser work a lot harder in maintaining the proper temperature. In effect, this would cause you to pay higher electric bills, as well as, shorten your freezer's life. So to avoid such problems, perform this maintenance in a 2-week cycle.

2. Now, if you have given your freezer ample time to defrost. It is time to clean the drain hole and drain pan. You may have to perform multiple draining of the pan if you have a thick ice build up that needed to be defrosted from your freezer. But, if you have a self-defrosting freezer, which performs a daily defrost cycle, you dont have to do this chore. All you need to do is keep the drain hole clear of any obstruction and gunk build up. To do this use your cleaning rag with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe of such deposits on the drain hole and drain pan.

3. Next is to perform checking and cleaning on the sealing door. This is important to do as having a tight sealing door helps your freezer to maintain the proper temperature without overworking itself. To do this, perform a paper bill checking on the sealing door. Insert a paper bill between the sealing door and try to pull it out, if you can pull it easily, its time to replace the rubber gasket of your freezer. Repeat this action on the entirety of the sealing door. If the rubber gasket of the sealing door is still good, it is time to clean by wiping off the gunk in between the rubber gasket, do this carefully as not to damage the rubber gasket.

4. Lastly, is to perform an overall clean and wipe of the exterior of the freezer. Check for any cracks on the paint that can become a source of rusting of your freezer. Performing a wipe and clean would maintain the polished apperance of your freezer and in turn you the protection of the paint to your freezer.

After performing the above procedure and giving a last inspection of the maintenance done on your freezer, you can now plug back your freezer to the power outlet. Take note of having an adequate distance from the adjacent wall or other things to avoid overheating of the condenser coils.

Also, it helps to prolong the life of your freezer if you keep it full with your food and essentials. And avoid frequent opening and closing of the sealing door, as this action adds to ice build up in your freezer due to the air coming into the freezer that is hotter than the inside of the freezer causing your freezer to work harder than usual to maintain the proper temperature.

Final Thoughts

Like any investment you made, you want to have a return of your investment. Ensuring that your freezer works in its optimum will have its life expectancy longer and you benefit longer from its service, making your investment in buying the freezer a great one. And if you do maintenance also for your other home appliances, you reap the benefits of longer service from them.


If you have reached this part, thank you very much for reading. You can check my daily ramblings also on My account is bossben.


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Written by   19
2 months ago
Topics: Personal, Life, Home
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