Kev and Ivan joined my deck of cards in Raising Star play2earn crypto game

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_ Episode 32 _

April 2022


as you probably know my favorite play to earn crypto games are Raising Star and Splinterlands. The deck had 3 parts earlier but after latest debacle update I had to remove Pegaxy from my favorites. Who knows, some distant future may turn it back and closer to my heart again. Until then duo remains.

I have some important updates about my Raising Star status so that's what this post is all about.

First I want to mention there is currently special mission going on, actually two of them: Easter 2022 and Have Your Cake And Eat It.

Both missions end on April 30. If you want to finish Easter 2022 mission you will need Pascala card in your possesion (which I don't have) and certain stats like 300 Fans and Level 20. Rewards are limited edition instruments cards.

'Have your cake and eat it' mission is the 2nd birthday celebration of Raising Star game (so young) and this one is pretty good since reward is a Cake card which acts as energy boost but it needs only 12 hours to refill (if I got that correctly). However you need 30.000 Starbits tokens to participate and finish the mission and I don't want to do that.

I got few days ago Pizza Box to store pizza energy slices and it cost me 7.500 Starbits. I also spent all my stored tokens on two new cards.

It took me only a month to reach 300 Fans and I did that by buying a lot of cheap cars cards. My next goal in Raising star is have 1200 Fans as fast as possible. Here is why.

With 300 Fans I can do most rewarding Home Town mission Saturday Headline and with my current Ego of 12% I can get between 350 and 1246 Starbits tokens per mission. Since the energy refills 3 times a day (without pizza) I can earn in average 2.500 Starbits per day and that's $0.75 per day passive.

However with 1200 Fans I can do Local Mini Tour Support mission in Local Gig Circuit section where earnings are between 750 and 2650 tokens. That's in average 1.700 times 3 equals 5.000 Starbits or $1.5 per day. Passive. Not bad at all.

I got to mention Ego plays the role, lower Ego bigger reward and the requirement for Local Mini Tour Support mission is Level 55 and I'm on Level 32 right now. But I think I'll get there just in time when my Fans are collected.

That's why I bought two new rare cards RI70 KEV and RI86 IVAN. Together they cost me just below 14.000 Starbits or $4.2

Card are similar in stats 125 Fans, 100 Skills and 3 Luck. That makes my current total 550 Fans, 20 Luck and 855 Skills. I need more Skills.

So I'm really happy with this addition. I think it's important to reinvest early in the game as much as possible to advance faster.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading!

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