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My personalities

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1 month ago

Recently I have published an article where I answered if my Libra traits were really my traits in real life. Majority of the Libra traits that I read from futurescopeastrology site were who I really am. Like I have said that astrogolical and Chinese zodiac signs are just guides for us. We still create our own destiny based on how God had planned and designed it for us.

But I feel like I still want to talk more about my sign, Libra, because as I read the whole page, I felt that some of it were really written for me.

Other than my traits, the site had also listed some personalites of a person born on October 17. This is the part where things will differ from other Librans. Let's see again how much of those personalities are intended for me.

[✔] Ambitious

I do not know if I am to agree or disagree with that because my dad told me that I never was ambitious that is why I do not want anything for myself. It is because most of my friends are busy hustling and grinding while here I am happy bumming around, chilling like a queen. I know I have read it also in some sites that Libra people are lazy. I remember my workmate was complaining to me about his daughter who was lazy because his daughter would not fix her bed after getting up even if she knew that they do not have any helper. I just smiled because I know that his daughter was a Libra and I am also guilty of not making up my bed. LOL. We may be lazy in doing some things but we alao excel in other areas. His daughter is an honor nursing student. Being lazy has got nothing to do with being ambitious. My dad may think that I do not have plans for myself but I do have a lot of dreams and a lot of plans that just need some execution.

[✔] Destined for many trials, difficulties

If you have been an avid reader of mine, you would know about the trials, challenges and difficulties that I have had in the past. Even a few months ago when I shared that I felt like the universe has been throwing a lot to me. I wanted to give up yet I managed to surpass maybe not all but most of it and I know I will be able to survive whatever it is that is coming my way.

[✔] Keep their balance

I can get mad, I can be sad but I see to it that I would not be like that for too long. I can also be problematic but I would think of ways to solve that problem. Maybe that is the reason why there were peolple who thought that I do not have problems because they cannot see it on my face.

[✔] Calm and balanced or boring and tedious

Both. LOL. It is said in the site that there are 2 types of people born on October 17, calm and balanced or boring and tedious. I say both. Sometimes I am calm and balanced and other times I am boring and tedious. I often really take risks but I ayill see to it that I enjoy my life.

[✔] Likes dramatic and full of life events

This is so me. I feel like my life is very dramatic that I like to share about it to anyone. LOL.

[❌] Biased in assessing their abilities. Use other people's ideas ideas in their work and pass them of as their own

Ooopps. This is NOT me. I always give credit to where credit is due. I do not own somebody else's work. It is my godmother whose birthday is also in October who loves to take credit even if it is not hers. I remember I shared with her how I prepared one dessert because she says that she really cannot perfect it. When she made it, it turned out to be perfect. Her sisters even praised her cooking and I was waiting for her to acknowledge me after all the pointers that I have told her but sadly, she did not. Recipe and procedure were all mine even some things that she needed to look out for since the dish was a little sensitive. Yes, I know she was the one who executed all of it but I think I deserve to be acknowledged. She owned it all. Now my aunts are saying that it was my godmother's specialty because she really had successfully made it perfect after getting some pointers from me. To think that it was actually one of my specialties.  It was not the first time that it happened because I know that my godmother also took credit from my cousin's idea. Oh well, there are really some people who does not know how to give credits to where credits are due.

[✔] Committed to tradition

Yes, I love traditions that is why sometimes I feel like nothing is new about my life. Or that I tend to do the same things over and over. Remember my birthday's eve or birthday salubong? It was only last year when I did not had any "salubong" because my friends/cousins cannot come. Our family also had a tradition of eating with my late uncle's family every New Year. It changed when my uncle died but we still had that family gathering although not on 1st day January but either before or after Christmas. It depends on her schedule since she only had a few days vacation in the Philippines as she is living and working in Singapore. Again, that tradition changed also because of this pandemic.

[✔] Act thoughtfully and carefully

I do. Just like how I am careful with what I am going to say to someone who wants some advice.

[✔] Mood can be terrible if their power is threatened or their intentions are called into question

I think any person would really have a change in mood if you are being questioned in what you do.

[✔] They will never admit that the direction chosen is wrong

LOL. Yes, I do not admit that something is wrong just like with my chosen career. I know my parents have told me many times about it but I stood by it and told them that there is growth in working in a food industry and that there are still a lot of career opportunities or positions higher than a restaurant manager. Though there are some instances were I would admit my mistakes but most of that time I really do stand by what I think and believe is right.

Those are the personalities for people born in October 17. 9 out of 10. Pretty accurate right? What makes this site more accurate is their forecast to my health.

I do not know what a healthy fear is but when I read the physical damage in internal organs, I was really shocked. Why? I do not have gallbladder, appendix and right fallopian tube. So this just means that I really have to take care of my health. I remember my gastroenterologist told me to eat healthy because I do not have a gallbladder anymore and my liver would be at risk. Well it is only now that I am trying to eat healthy again after many years.

How about the culinary abilities that was mentioned? It is so me right? And honestly, I really enjoy it when I am in the kitchen not only because I love eating but I really have this passion in cooking. If only I have a lot of ingredients, I would have had cooked a lot of dishes by now. Ever since I was in college, it was really hard for me to buy ingredients because it was very costly. So I would only cook dishes that had minimal ingredients or those that were available in our pantry and refrigerator.

What can you say about the forecast about me? Isn't it as if it was really written for me don't you think? If you are familiar with the Filipino celebrity, Bea Alonzo, she also took a short course on baking and pastry arts. We both have the same birthdays. I just do not know if she can relate to the personalities listed here with her personalities. Like I have said many timed that these are just guides and it is up to us whether to believe or not.

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Written by   176
1 month ago
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The big event is approaching, a few days to complete one more year, ;). I don't follow the zodiac signs, but it was very accurate in this case, it looks like you made it yourself

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1 month ago

Hahah. I like to read about mine too hahaha but I am afraid of what my zodiac sign would tell about me. As for you and based from what you have shared here, there are things really that tells about you hahah the love of food and the danger of health.

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1 month ago

Your birthday is fast approaching sis, advance happy birthday ka libra din ako .

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1 month ago

Lazy people are more creative. The inventors of products that make life easier, in my opinion, are lazy. I was born on October 10, too, I don't look at the zodiac signs, I don't even remember what sign I am, but I think it's scales.

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1 month ago