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1 month ago

Previously, Paul started a new career in a well-known real estate company and enjoys his role being a Chief Audit Executive. He enjoys weekend with his new found love, motorcycling!

One early morning, he was about to join a ride to Tagaytay when his grandma fell from the stairs. He needed to bring her to the emergency. Luckily no bone has been dislocated and they immediately went home. Since he can no longer join the group, he decided to just go to the mall and watch a movie alone. Yes, he loves doing things by himself and that includes watching movie alone! That time he was watching Up the movie.

He was too engrossed with the movie when suddenly he heard someone crying two seats apart from him. When he looked around, it was just him and the girl in that line. He felt uneasy that people in other lines might thought that they are quarreling or have some kind of misunderstanding so he approached the girl and offered her his handkerchief. The girl was shocked but because she really needed that, she accepted it. Paul immediately left the movie house and went to the nearest Starbucks.

He was busy browsing his phone when someone laid down a very familiar handkerchief in the vacant seat beside him. But he thought maybe it's just a coincidence so he let go of that thought and did not bother to look around. He was watching a funny episode of his favorite YT channel of Jokoy wen he heard an almost super quiet sob near him that he could not ignore. He looked around and to his surprise, the girl looks so familiar plus she was holding a familiar handkerchief. He slowly looked around and carefully examine this mysterious crying lady. She has a natural curly hair, fair complexion, and her nails are cute! Yes, Paul has a fetish with cute and clean nails.

Then Paul felt the urge to approach the girl and asked her what's wrong. He approached her and...

Paul: Hi miss, care to share?

Girl: Oh sure!

Paul: If I may ask, are you the girl crying over the UP movie?

Girl: Hmmn, yes. How did you know?(felt awkward)

Paul: Oh so sorry, I just noticed the handkerchief.

Girl: Oh yeah, it was handed over to me by a good samaritan. (She shyly smiled) wait, how did you know?

Paul: It's because I thought that's my hanky.

Girl: What? You're that guy?

Paul: I think so😊

Girl: Oh so sorry for that scene, I just can't help and burst there!

Paul: It's okay, no problem. You can use it, hope that it will help you ease what you're feeling now.

Girl: Thanks a lot, Kuya.

From that simple convo, Paul and the girl had a great conversation that they did not notice the time. They were laughing and even discussing things about food, politics, business, books and life. They were so at ease as if they have known each other for years! Paul was even teasing her about the scene at the cinema and the girl felt a bit awkward but chose not to discuss the matter with him. They were about to order another batch of coffee when Paul's phone rung. Their helper called and she said it's an emergency, his Lola could not stand alone.

As much as Paul wanted to stay a little longer he needed to check his Lola. Girl saw how worried he was so she said, it's okay you can go now. I'll just roam around and go home in a bit. Paul immediately picked something in his wallet and gave it to her; it's a calling card. You can call me anytime if you need an extra hanky or someone to argue with okay? Paul said while waving goodbye.

The girl smiled and waved back at him. She felt good and light after talking to this stranger. She put the card in her wallet. She went to the grocery for their weekly supplies then went home.

While she was sipping her hot choco before going to bed, she remembered the card that this guy gave him. She immediately checked it and saw that his name is Paul. She saved it and texted him and the text was:

Hi Paul.



Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this short story.

Keep smiling. Keep inspiring.

Lead image is from Unsplash.

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Written by   113
1 month ago
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This story is not complete I think. Girl should call him and their kindness should be changed into love that is what I was expecting. Anyway, a nice story.

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1 month ago

I'll try to create another one, next chapter😊

$ 0.00
1 month ago

-Waiting for the 3rd part Sis! Make it a book series hehehehe! Ang ganda ng story!❤🌷

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Heheh, salamat sis..isipin ko pa😊

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Ang galing mo talaga! 😊 tingnan mo nagawan mo ng part 2 si Paul. Kinikilig at napapangiti ako mag-isa. Hahaha. Sana mameet ko na ang Paul ko. Hahahaha.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Hahahahaha, salamat sis! Napapangiti ako habang ginagawa ko tong story..sama ko si @firenze sa next😊❤️

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1 month ago